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Education in Malaysia

myMalaysiabooks shares with you what's it like to study in Malaysia and Singapore. This page outlines briefly the Education System in Malaysia and Singapore. Students, kids, teachers and educators are invited to check out myEducation subdomain for more information and numerous references, guide, study help, scholarships, careers, school calendar, etc.


Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education in Malaysia

preschool kids graduation, Sungai Petani, Malaysia

Education System in Malaysia

Education in Malaysia is the responsibility of the federal government. Primary and Secondary education in Malaysia comes under the purview of the Ministry of Education (Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia). Tertiary education comes under the  Ministry of Higher Education  (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi). Primary Education and 5 years of secondary education in public schools is free for Malaysians.

Department of Higher Education (in Malay)

Calendars - Schools terms + Public Holidays

More Malaysia and Singapore education at

myEducation website


Preschool Education   Most parents send their children to private preschools (registered by the Ministry of Education) before the age of six. (though not compulsory). There are state (government) run preschools (by KEMAS) which provide affordable pre-schooling to those lower income in some states. 

Primary education in Malaysia starts at the age of six (child must be over six yrs to be admitted). Primary education is compulsory and lasts six years. All government or public schools  must admit pupils of Malaysian citizens. Parents are required to register their children at a local school before they reach this age to be ensured of a place. The medium of instructions in public schools are Malay or Chinese/Tamil with Malay. English language is compulsory and Science and Maths are taught in English. Assessment/national examination at year 6: UPSR (Primary School Performance Examination) 

School Calendars for Malaysia and Singapore

2013 School Calendar

2012 School Calendar

2011 School Calendar

ALL Calendars and holidays



All about Training and Education in Malaysia and Singapore at




Secondary Education    Secondary Government schools are open to all Malaysian citizens. Secondary schooling normally begins at the age of twelve and is 5 yrs (up to Form 5) or 7 years (up to Form 6). The medium of instructions in public schools is the Malay language. English language is compulsory with Science and Maths taught in English. Main assessment of Students nationwide:

Year 3 (Form 3) of Secondary school PMR (Lower Secondary Examination)

Year 5 (Form 5) SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education)

Year 6 (Form 6) STPM / similar to A Levels Exam


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Tertiary Education for many students starts at the age of 18.   The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia overseas admission to public colleges and universities, and management of higher education - or polytechnics, community collages, private collages and private and public universities.

Entrance to university:

The main entrance requirement is the results the CGPA for diploma holders, the matriculation examination or STPM.

     All applicants to public universities are also required to sit for the Malaysian University English Test (MUET), which stared in 1999, administered by the Malaysian Examination Council (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia). Grades (called bands band 1, poor to band 6 high) of this exam is just to determine the competency of the student in English and whether they need to take extra English courses. However, entry to public universities is very competitive and a higher grade is required for entry to professional courses, such as medicine and pharmacy.

For STPM and MUET examinations in Malaysia:

Malaysia Examination Council (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia)


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Links to Information on Education in Malaysia

External links to education websites:

Public and Private Universities in Malaysia

Private Institutions and Universities

One stop education hub for Malaysians

Higher Institutions in Malaysia (in Malay)

Private Universities in Malaysia (in Malay)

Polytechnics and Community Colleges (in Malay)

National Accreditation Board

Malaysia Examination Council (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia)

Department of Education (in Malay)


Check SPM Exam Results:

Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia (Malaysia Exam Board)


Some scholarships website:

Malaysia government U study loans

TAR Foundation

Other details at the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia  website.


For Foreign Students planning to study in Malaysia:

Studying in Malaysia (in English/ Arabic)

Education in Malaysia (Chinese)


Learn about Malaysia

My Malaysia

Where to stay in Malaysia


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My Malaysia Store


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Small small World Malaysia

smallsmallworld - online stor for kids


Education in Singapore

Details of pre-school, primary, secondary, post secondary and pre-university in Singapore are at the website: Ministry of Education, Singapore

National Institute of Education      

National University of Singapore 

Nanyang Technological University   

Singapore Institute of Management University


Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

Singapore Polytechnic 

Temasek Polytechnic

Nanyang Poltechnic


Foreign students planning to study in Singapore can get details at:

Foreign Student Information website


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For more information on education and references for kids, students and educators, go to myEducation at


Libraries and other external links

Libraries in Malaysia

National Library Malaysia   

myKedah library - Kedah

Sultan Bahiyah Library, UUM, Kedah

Malaysia digital library


My travel store


Libraries in Singapore

National Library Board 

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

National Institute of Education 

National Library of Singapore 

National University of Singapore 

Singapore Polytechnic

SAFTI Military Institute Library 

Temasek Polytechnic Library

Nanyang Technological University 



Some Professional qualifications and organisations


ACCA global accountancy qualifications, exam registration, training and careers


Institution of Engineers Malaysia

Institution of Engineers Singapore


Malaysian Bar Council

Singapore Academy of Law


Malaysian Medical Association

(check exam at Private Medical Colleges and Ministry of Health, Malaysia)

Singapore Medical Association


Pharmaceutical Division, MOH Malaysia


Other Links





Other links

News Media in Asia

Books on Malaysia and Singapore

English-Malay Dictionary 


Transportation in Asia




Food in Malaysia and Singapore

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Hotels in Malaysia

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Hotels in Asia

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For more information on education in Malaysia and Singapore, go to

myEducation website


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