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Transportation in Malaysia

myMalaysiabooks shares with you local knowledge of how to travel to Malaysia and Singapore and to Asian destinations. Travel economically by road or rail in and around the two countries. Learn how to travel around Malaysia and Singapore like a local.


KLIA, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Selongar


Travellers can travel to Malaysia by air, road, rail or sea into Malaysia. In Malaysia the most common mode of travel is by road, rail and air.

Learn how to get to Malaysia here:

How to travel to and around Malaysia

- Immigration and Border Checkpoints

- travelling by Air in Malaysia

- travelling by Road in Malaysia

- travelling by Rail in Malaysia

- travelling by Sea in Malaysia


Baling, Kedah

How to travel from Singapore to Malaysia

How to travel from Thailand to Malaysia

How to travel from Indonesia to Malaysia

Free Maps and Brochures

Free Malaysia Road Maps

Hotels and Tours

Airlines and Airports in Asia


Singapore transportation

myMalaysiabooks provides you details of how to travel from Singapore to Malaysia or vice versa.

Transport around Singapore

How to travel from Malaysia to Singapore or vice versa

Most Asian Airlines fly to Singapore, so check

Airlines and Airports in Asia

Travel tips:

1) Before booking your air tickets, check out flight deals travel to and from Singapore and compare to airline rates from websites of Asian airlines.

2) For hotels in Asia check rates from multiple website at Hotels combined free hotel search tool. Compare hotel rates before booking. Rates depends on promotion or peak seasons in Malaysia and Singapore. Check calendar of holidays in both countries. You can expect hotels to be fully booked during school holidays, hence book early during school holidays of both countries.


Asia's transportation

To make your check-in and transfer easy, travel to Asia -Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China and the rest of Asia by Asian Airlines.

Air Asia, Malaysian budget air

Asia air transport

Travel by road, rail or train from Thailand

Travel from Singapore to Malaysia

Travel from Indonesia to Malaysia and Singapore




Other travel links

Learn how to get around to specific towns or states in Malaysia at our pages:

Tourist attractions and destination in Malaysia

Tourist attractions in Singapore

Hotel accommodations and tours





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