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Travel from Singapore to Malaysia by AIR and ROAD

myMalaysiabooks links you to Malaysia and Singapore. Get great tips and advice on how to travel by plane, bus, train or ferry from Singapore to any part of Malaysia and from Malaysia to Singapore. 


 Singapore to Malaysia Vice Versa 

Travel Essentials Singapore-Malaysia

Before travelling to Malaysia and Singapore or cross the Malaysia-Singapore border, check visa and custom requirements for both sides of the border. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and fill in the required departure forms (white card).

 Warning : Trafficking in illegal drugs carries the mandatory death penalty in Malaysia and Singapore. 

Resort World, Sentosa

Thousands of Malaysians and Singaporeans crosses the Singapore-Malaysia border daily,  so be prepared for long queues and crowds during public holidays and school holidays, and even the start and end of working hours daily. Book your travel tickets and hotels early!

 Air travel tips : Check for $0 or RM0 air fare offered by Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia, during their promotion periods or off peak seasons. Offers are only for online booking - check Airlines flying Malaysia-Singapore

 Hotel booking tips : Compare rates from multiple websites before booking. Use free hotel search tool available HERE

View from Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Gardens By the Bay, Singapore

Customs and Visa regulations


Visa, Customs, Missions Embassies


Customs, immigration & checkpoint


Map of Malaysia


Border crossings between Singapore and Malaysia

The Singapore - Malaysia border checkpoint crossings with customs and immigration:

1. Changi Airport - airlines flying worldwide and from Singapore to Malaysia.# Flights from Singapore flies to KLIA or other international airports in Malaysia.  Changi has 4 Terminals currently in operation, i.e. Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, and Terminal 4


2. Selatar Airport - scheduled/chartered flights from Singapore to Tioman island (Malaysia) and Batam (Indonesia). minor crossings

3. Johor-Singapore Causeway link from Woodlands checkpoint (Singapore) to Johor Bahru city, Johor (Malaysia), by road (and rail). A major crossing which is very crowded during morning & evenings (before and after office hours); expect very long queue during public holidays of either countries. Local buses (SBS and Causeway link bus) use this route. #

4. Second link at Tuas, Singapore - road links to the North-south (PLUS or toll) expressway in Johor - by road; most express coaches/ buses (that travel to major towns in Malaysia) that travel out of JB, travel this route. #

5. Railways - Woodlands (Singapore) to Johore Bahru (Malaysia) railway station you can travel to KL, until Padang Besar and on Thai railways up to Bangkok. #

6. Ferry terminals and checkpoints - from Singapore to JB:  Changi Point Ferry Terminal (CPFT) at Lorong Bekukong and Tanah Merah terminal. minor crossing

7. Singapore Cruise Centre, Harbour Front Centre, at Maritime Square - for cruise ships going to Port Klang, Penang, Kuching or Langkawiminor crossing

Note: denoted by # - major crossings used by Malaysians and Singaporeans


Other border crossings into Malaysia:

From Malaysia to Thailand   From Malaysia to Indonesia


By Air

Fly direct from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang or Langkawi or East Malaysia and travel to other parts of Malaysia. Or fly from Johor Bahru (just across the border from Singapore) and connect to other states in Malaysia. Daily flights from KL takes you to other parts of Malaysia (domestic airports) - in West Malaysia and East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak). Air tickets purchased in Malaysia may be cheaper compared to that from Singapore, because you pay in the Ringgit (Singapore$1 is around RM2.50). If you travel by Malaysia's budget airline (Air Asia) you may get a much lower fare if you book online before departure.

Budget air  - Check for flight deals from Air Asia, Tiger Air, Jetstar and Firefly flying from Singapore to KLIA2 or other parts of Malaysia! Air asia flies from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore to Kuching and Singapore to Kota Kinabalu.

 Airports in Singapore  

Changi International Airport, Singapore is where all flights to and from Singapore lands and takes off. There are four (4) terminals (Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4) currently in operation, so before flying, check where your airline flies to or from the Changi Airport website.


Transport from Changi airport: Travel by Singapore airport shuttle service, Limousine Taxis, Taxis / Cabs, Car Rentals, Public Buses or Trains (MRT)


 Airlines flying to Singapore  

Several airlines fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur daily. Major airlines are Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and Singapore Airlines.  Besides KLIA (Kuala Lumpur), these airlines flies to other Malaysian airports - Penang, Kuching, Langkawi, etc. You can buy tickets online from Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and Singapore Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Scoot, SilkAir, Jetstar and others fly daily between Malaysia and Singapore


Singapore Airlines:  You can fly with SIA daily to any of Malaysia's International Airports (see above).  The most popular route is the Singapore to Penang service. Book early especially during the Malaysia - Singapore school holidays. Website:; Contact nos: Singapore- +65 6223 8888 (24 hours call centre); Kuala Lumpur - 603-8776 6425 (airport)  603-2692 3122 (reservations)

Daily Flights from Singapore to: KLIA, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching


    Booking tips: Before booking your flight, check flight offers and compare air prices for flights to and from Singapore from online flight booking website and airlines: 

Asia Airlines and airport links

Air transport in Malaysia


Flying from OR to any part of Malaysia


Flying from KLIA or other parts of Malaysia to Singapore

You can fly to any of the domestic and International Malaysian airports from Singapore daily. The main air shuttle route with more than one flight daily are KL-Singapore, KL-Penang, KL-Kuching. These routes (several flights daily) are served  by Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Jetstar and Tiger Air. To get cheap airfare, book online on Air Asia flies, Jetstar, FireFly or Tiger Air which flies from Singapore to KLIA beginning 1st Feb 2008!

asia air links.

Senai International Airport


Flying from Johor (Senai Airport, Malaysia)    

Johor is just adjacent to Singapore and many Malaysians go to Singapore by flying to Johor, then cross over to Singapore by road (linked by the causeway to Singapore). This is because flights between Malaysian airports are usually cheaper.   In Johore, you can also fly to other parts of Malaysia on Malaysia Airlines (MAS), Fire Fly or AirAsia. For MAS you can check-in at Senai Airport or at their Singapore office (be there at least 3-4 hours before flying time). Beware: The causeway may be jammed at certain times of the day when workers travel to and from work and on public holidays.

     To fly by budget airline such as AirAsia or FireFly (low cost airline by MAS), you have to check-in at the Senai airport in Johor --- catch the airport coach at the Johor Bahru city bus terminal (Terminal Sentral Kotaraya) at least 2 hours before flying. If you travel from Singapore start 3-4 hrs from there.

Flying in Malaysia

Where to Stay

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By Road

Free Road Map of MalaysiaYou can drive across to Malaysia through the causeway or through the second link. However, it is a hassle to drive from Malaysia into Singapore if you do not know the many road payment requirements in Singapore. Singapore requires some payment to be made by prepaid cards, etc. , so be prepared. It is easier to take a taxi into Singapore, though rather costly.   

     From Singapore, the causeway take you into the heart of Johor Bahru city. The second link bypasses the city JB and takes you in into the toll/ PLUS expressway that passes through the length of the Malaysian peninsular, and this expressway goes up to the Malaysia-Thai border (a good option if you are not visiting Johor Bahru).


Road to Malaysia from Singapore

a. Causeway links to Johor Bahru city centre. Drive through the city to join the plus expressway following the signboards which shows 'Lebuhraya PLUS'. Johor-Singapore Causeway, built in 1923, is a 1,056 metre causeway that links Johore Bahru (Johor), Malaysia to Woodlands, Singapore. This link, across the Straits of Johor serves as a road, rail and pedestrian link, and also carries water piping line into Singapore. Over 60,000 vehicles  crosses the causeway daily. This link goes into the heart of Johor Bahru city centre and joins the Federal highway. Beware of massive traffic jams at this causeway during the holiday season and even weekends. Thousands cross the JB to Singapore causeway daily.

Word of caution: The new custom and immigration terminal at JB is a MESS of confusion - creating bottle neck jam especially for vehicles, so drivers beware!!

b. Second Link - linking Singapore highway direct to the PLUS expressway (toll highway) bypassing the city. Malaysia-Singapore Second Link (Laluan Kedua Malaysia-Singapura or Tuas Second Link), of 1,920 m length, opened in January 1998. This bridge from Johor to Singapore was built to reduce traffic congestion at the causeway. It is a dual-three lane carriageway linking Kampong Ladang, Tanjung Kupang in Johor to Tuas, Singapore. Most coaches from Singapore to Malaysia uses this link. (Second link website: Second Link)

Malaysia 's Expressway: The Plus expressway or North-south expressway, a highway that takes you from Johor-Singapore border right to the Malaysia-Thai Border, cuts through all states on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.

plus expressway (toll expressway) is a road link from Johor to Kedah at the Malaysia-Thai border

Second Link - Malaysia-Singapore link

Trunk Roads: Or federal roads is a system of well-paved roads that also cuts through every state and links towns and villages in Malaysia to the expressway. 

 More about Roads in Malaysia



Driving: Malaysia & Singapore follows the British system of driving on the left side of the road. Its easy to drive into Malaysia with your own car. You need only your passport, a completed entry/departure form and pay by cash. On the Singapore side, Singapore-registered cars have to comply with payments and petrol tank requirements. Just be prepare for road signs in the Malay language.

    But to enter Singapore using a foreign-registered vehicle, be sure you know details of the requirements, or you will be stuck there. Foreign-registered vehicles must pay two charges. Pay toll charges using a Singapore cash card (cash may not be accepted) on arrival and departure at Tuas checkpoint and on departure only at Woodlands checkpoint. You also have to pay VEP fees upon departure at both Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints. (VEP Vehicle Entry Permit). It is not advisable to drive into Singapore unless you know about all the payment system. For other requirements and details, check: Land Transport Authority Singapore - motoring guide.

     If you are travelling through Malaysia to Thailand, check how to travel from Malaysia to Thailand here.   



Taxis in Singapore and Johor Bahru crosses the border (causeway) daily. Not all taxis crosses the border, so phone the taxi companies to check. You have to book the taxi when in Singapore. In Johor Bahru, Johore taxis to Singapore are available at the Sentral Kotaraya bus terminal or the airport.  You can also travel from the airport to any other parts of Singapore.

     It is much cheaper to take the taxi to the customs checkpoint on both sides of the causeway and take the bus through the causeway (from checkpoint to checkpoint) than to take a taxi across the Malaysia-Singapore border. But be prepared with loose change of the correct currencies.


Singapore - China TownBUS OR COACH

Local Buses to JB, Malaysia - There are many buses plying the route Malaysia-Singapore daily through Johor. Singapore Bus Service (SBS) buses and the Malaysian Causeway Link Yellow buses is available almost every 15 minutes. These buses takes you across the causeway to Johor Bahru (JB) city centre or to the Larkin Bus Terminal, Johor.

Express buses to JB or major towns in Peninsular Malaysia - Express buses or coaches from Singapore to Malaysia are available from tour companies located at Golden Mile complex, Singapore or from express bus companies located at Lavender Street bus terminal (and one at Novena MRT). At Lavender street there are several bus services. There is a bus every hourly to Melaka (Malacca) and several buse services per day going to Kuala Lumpur. There are buses going right up to Alor Star daily (from there you can also travel to Langkawi).

   Go to Larkin Bus Terminal in Johore Bahru if you want to have more choices of express buses or coaches that go to all parts of major towns in peninsular Malaysia. (Be aware that you many not be able to get bus tickets easily during school holidays or public holidays - book ahead) Express coaches in Malaysia normally stop at JB, Melaka, Seremban, KL, Ipoh, Butterworth, Penang, Sungai Petani and Alor Setar. Advise: be sure to book your bus tickets weeks before the school holidays!

Bus Terminals in Singapore

Bus terminal for local Singapore-Malaysia yellow bus or SBS buses - Kranji MRT/ Woodlands/ Jurong East interchange. Bus terminal for express buses or coach (intercity Singapore and Malaysia buses) - Golden Mile and Lavender Street bus terminal.

To JB, Malaysia, see below.

Bus Terminals in Johor Bahru (JB)

There are two major bus terminals in JB. The Larkin Bus Terminal, has express coaches that takes you to all major towns in West Malaysia and some local buses to other parts of Johor. Other local buses  (buses travelling within the state) picks up passengers at JB Kotaraya Sentral (City terminal/ JB Sentral). Bus routes usually cover the entire state.

The Singapore SBS bus that also operates the Johor-Singapore route starts from the Larkin terminal, but you can also board at the CIQ terminal (JB Customs terminal) at Johor Bahru. The major operator is the Causeway link bus that operates from Larkin Terminal, JB customs, and other locations to Singapore (Kranji, Newton Circus, Jurong East, etc)


Advisory note on travelling by road:

Melaka - travel from Singapore to Malacca1. The causeway link is the busiest link between Malaysia and Singapore, and used by workers travelling from Malaysia to work in Singapore. Visitors on holidays should avoid travelling during the start (early morning) and end of working hours (7-8 pm).

2. The start of the holiday season in Singapore will see many cars and people travelling out of Singapore to Johor. Check the holiday calendars of Singapore.

Other travel advice:

1. The favourite destination for Singaporeans and tourists is Melaka (Malacca). You can travel by bus straight from Singapore to Melaka every hour of the day! Get to Melaka in about 4 hours by coach just for the weekend. There is no rail link direct to Malacca.

2. Search and compare hotel rates from multiple websites. Book hotels online and get best last minute booking at low rates. Check Best rates here

3 Get to know the places you visit. For details of how to travel to the states in Malaysia, check out details on other destinations of Malaysia

4. Look for discounted air fares from local websites and compare rates with offers from other airlines - air flights offer links




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