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Malaysian kueh or cakes


Pulut Udang - recipe here

Onde onde Malaysian Kueh

Kuih Muih Malaysia

You can buy an assortment of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nonya (Nyonya), Thai and western cakes in the streets, shops, bakery or cake houses all over Malaysia. Typical Malaysian cakes, commonly referred to as kueh (or kuih) made by the Malays and Chinese are usually steamed and some fried. Most are made from rice, rice flour, wheat flour.

    Popular Indian bread, pancakes and snacks are made from flour or an assortment of beans. Pancakes are usually served with gravy or a curry dish. Many kueh or kuih  in Malaysia and Singapore are similar.

   Cookies are popular during the major cultural festivals in Malaysia. Cookies are offered to guests or given as gifts to friends and relatives. Malaysians cookies are a combination of biscuits, snacks and sweets of all types - of Chinese, Malay, western or Indian origin.  (Check out Cookies or Biscuits recipes for the festive season)

Some Malaysian and Singapore favourite.

ang koo

Nyonya steam cake made from glutinous rice flour with a filling of sweet beans.

kueh koci

 steamed, made of rice flour and served with fresh grated coconut


steamed, made from rice flour with sweet fillings of coconut

kueh lapis

layered, colourful steam cake of rice flour cooked with coconut milk

Assortment of Malaysian kueh moon cake, Malaysia Ang Koo Kuih / Ang Koo Kueh  

selection of kueh

Chinese moon cake

ang koo kueh


Curry puff/ kari pup

typical Malaysian curry puff is deep-fried pastry with a filling of spicy hot potatoes with meat or chicken.


sweet sticky cake made from coconut

pisang goreng

banana fritters

jemput pisang

steamed rice flour with banana, wrapped in banana leaves

kueh bengkang

steamed mixed of tapioca flour cooked with coconut milk and sugar.


spring rolls with fillings of vegetables, usually served with a chilli sauce

pulut udang / pulut panggang

rice wrapped in banana leaf with filling made from grounded dried prawns and grated coconut

Sugee cookies

Bee Koh, sweet glutinous rice cake

Pulut Panggang and Lemang - Malaysian cakes/ kueh

huat kueh

steam cake made from rice flour, green pea flour and coconut milk

kueh bulu / kuih bahlu

sponge cake usually made into small bite size shapes. Popular Hari Raya and Chinese New Year kuih.

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Chinese cookies and Cake recipes

Malaysian Recipes here

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Malaysian bread, pancakes and cookies

There are bakery or cake shops selling a variety of western bread, cakes and cookies. The most popular Malaysian bread or pancake is of Indian origin - roti canai (roti chanai/ called roti prata in Singapore)

Bread and Pancakes

Favourite pancakes are: Roti Canai/ Chanai (called Roti Prata in Singapore), Chapati, Toseh, Murtabak, etc.

Pandan Bun and sausage rolls recipe here


Indian snacks such as muruku, vadai, etc.  

Malaysian chips: Keropok

Malaysian Recipes here 

More Malaysian Food

Cookies and Cake recipes



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Kueh kaya or kuih kaya - malaysian kueh / malaysian cakes

Cinnamon rolls

muruku - indian snacks, mmalaysia mee koo, Chinese-Malaysian bread chapati and toseh, Malaysian-Indian pancake


mee koo

capati and toseh

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