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Learn about the people of Malaysia, its history the lifestyle in Malaysia


People of Malaysia

young malaysians, Malaysia by mymalaysiabooks

Population: 27 million  (Urban -  62%)

Malaysia has a multi racial and multicultural population. Though there are many ethic groups in Malaysia, most of the population is classified into 3 major ethnic grouping: Malays, Chinese and Indians (a legacy of British administrative convenience)

People: Malaysians.  The Malays make up about 57% of the population and the largest minority group is the Chinese (25%), followed by Indians (7%). Other ethnic communities include the Thai, Burmese, Sikh, Eurasian and others.

Languages: the Malay language or Bahasa Malaysia is the national language. English is the second language and is taught in schools (check English to Malay). Other Languages spoken are Chinese (Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka, Cantonese, Khek, etc), Tamil, Thai and others.


street stalls, Malaysia

preschool kide, Malaysia

coltural dance, Sarawak, Malaysia

Culture and Religion


Holidays and Celebrations

Religious freedom is practiced. About than 50% of the Malaysian population are Muslims (Sunni) and the others are mainly Buddhist Hindu, Catholic, Christians, Taoist and others.

There are mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, churches and other places of worship in most major towns.

Cultural and Religious Celebrations



Visitors can check out the holidays and celebrations in Malaysia to join in some of the celebrations.


Cultural and Religious Celebrations

Chinese Festivals and Celebrations





Hotel tips: Find lowest rates from multiple websites before booking.
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Travel advice: If you are travelling during the school holidays, be sure to make your travel arrangements early as many Malaysians and Singaporeans travel during this period.

Calendars for Malaysia and Singapore

Hotels in Malaysia

Hotels in Singapore

Masjid Zahir, mosque, Alor Setar

Chinese temple and clan house, Penang

Indian temple, Penang

History and Heritage



To understand the people of Malaysia, learn about the history of Malaysia and the cultural heritage of its people.

Malaysia is a federation of 13 states, each state has a history linked to a kingdom or sultanate which was one independently ruled. Colonial influences (British, Portuguese, Dutch) and migration has shaped and influenced the population and cultural lifestyle of the various communities in Malaysia today

About Malaysia

States in Malaysia

History of Malaysia

English to Malay

Heritage sites

Map of Malaysia

Hotels in Malaysia

Transport in Malaysia






Malaysian Food


Food Culture

nasi lemak / coconut rice with sambal, Malaysia

kuih muih, Malaysian cakes or kueh



Malaysia is the best place to have a food adventure! The Malay peninsular was once the centre of the spice trade and a stopover for traders travelling between China and India - linking the East and West. Migration and settlement of Indians, Chinese, Arabs and other races have led to a diverse and mixed array of food and cuisines in Malaysia. Check out some typical Malaysian food and recipes:

Food in Malaysia and Singapore

Malaysian food

Malaysian kueh or cakes

My Malaysia home-cooked food recipes

Penang food

Chinese New Year cakes and cookies


Malaysian local fruit - dokong






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