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Video: Muhyiddin kata Najib akui RM2.6b dalam akaunnya 2015-07-30


How Jho Low & PetroSaudi schemed to steal money from the people of Malaysia via 1MDB 2015-07-20

Najib Razak - 'Bapa' financial scandals

Investigators Believe Money Flowed to Malaysian Leader Najib’s Accounts Amid 1MDB Probe - WSJ 2015-07-02

No Difference! - We Prove How The Allegations Of "Tampering" Are Lies 2015-06-26

'Haram’ money used by Umno to win GE13? 2015-06-21

If non-Malays expelled, Dr M wouldn't be here 2015-06-13

Why Hadi and Najib appeal to the Malays 2015-06-12

1MDB: burying a festering deep wound by treating it as a simple sore – J. D. Lovrenciear 2015-05-10

Prime Minister or Emperor? 2015-05-30

‘Taman Medan protest another sign of growing intolerance’ 2015-04-24

IGP’s brother leader of church protest in Taman Medan 20-04-2015

Shahrizat, NFC is not a family limited company 2015-04-04

Altantuya murder – the missing links 2015-04-06

A week of ignoramuses galore 2015-04-02

In memory of Tunku and LKY 2015-04-03

Why Anwar should be pardoned 2015-03-01

1MDB PetroSaudi deal a con job, says Tony Pua 2015-02-23

Thirteen Questions for Najib to answer to salvage the credibility, independence and professionalism of Malaysian judiciary 2015-02-12

Love for M'sia got Malott to push Anwar petition 2015-02-12

White House Petition: Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for US policy toward Malaysia

I will not be silenced, I will fight on and I will never surrender 2015-02-10

1MDB: What Is The Fuss All About? 2015-02-02

No country has spent its way to prosperity 2015-01-20

PTPTN defaulter can't leave M'sia, but Sirul can 2015-01-18

Will 20 police officers go and arrest Mashitah 2015-01-14

Paulsen arrest: M’sia a human rights disaster zone 2015-01-13

In Charb’s Horror, is a defence needed? 2015-01-09

Malay leaders with their one-track minds 2015-01-06

In the land of endless possibilities, priority for flood victims please

VIP jet lands in Bangkok after trip around the world 2015

In QZ8501 tragedy, AirAsia boss harnesses Twitter to show public leadership 2015-01-02

Choose between Caesar and Rome, Umno told 2015-01-02



Malaysia PM Najib slammed after photos show him playing golf while over 100,000 flee floods 2014-12-26

World leader criticized for playing golf in Hawaii 25-12-2014

So Ridhuan is saying we should all join Taliban? 2014-12-18

Commission: Project IC 'probably' existed 2014-12-04

That’s why they call him ‘false democrat’ – Kee Thuan Chye 2014-12-03

Judging Najib and Umno with the wisdom of Solomon 2014-12-03

Is it wrong not to support BN? 2014-12-01

Advice for Umno – Aslam Abd Jalil 2014-12-01


Right on cue, non-Malay bashing in Umno meet 2014-11-27

Seat increase is BN’s secret weapon for unity and strength 2014-11-24

Now buying books online can be seditious 2014-11-23

'Datukship for iron ore' - no one is surprised 2014-11022

Cops intimidating buyers of Zunar’s book, says lawyers 2014-11-22

Alarming level of foreign workers without permits 2014-11-19

The price of RON97 petrol drops to RM2.55 per litre 2014-11-19

Why haven’t we found MH370 yet? – Denis Thomas 2014-18-11

Tony Pua: Najib Is Creating The Biggest Scandal Ever In The History Of Malaysia (Video) 2014-11-16

Surat terbuka kepada ahli Parlimen – Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah 2014-10-31

What happened today in 1987 that scarred the Malaysian media 2014-10-27

The main actors in Anwar’s 16-year sodomy saga 2014-10-28

Burning Bibles is not okay (#NotInMyName) 2014-10-18

Don't tax Chinese, then we'll stop demanding 2014-10-13

When a minister is just a messenger, not a leader 2014-10-13

PM’s Department gobbles up 25% of budget but lacks accountability, says lawmaker 2014-10-12

Students the biggest losers in Budget 2015 2014-10-11

Where are the ambulances? – A Malaysian Doctor 2014-10-10

More Qs than As in reporting on ISIS 2014-10-03

Malaysians Post The Most Sarcastic Tweets In Response To The Petrol Price Hike 2014-10-03

A tyranny of ideas 2014-10-01

My anti-BN booster 2014-09-27

Make your choices known, says Uber to M’sians 2014-09-27

Expert: Even Queen Elizabeth can't choose PM 2014-09-24

‘Anyone other than Azizah is travesty of democracy’  2014-09-19

The age of sedition 2014-09-11

What is democracy to you, prime minister? – Nadilla Jamil 2014-09-11

How far back do we go before being seditious becomes ridiculous? 2014-09-10

Wake Up Mr PM 2014-09-09

Something’s rotten when opposition leaders get prime-time focus 2014-09-07

Betrayal and deceit in House of Pakatan 2014-0-06

Anti-Sedition Act voices get louder 2014-09-06

IGP has got his priorities all wrong, again 2014-09-02

Trains, AirKiasu and car-pooling fatwas 2014-08-31

....more headlines HERE



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2014 news continued

Nasi lemak: The one dish that unites us all 2014-08-31

Putrajaya using Sedition Act to silence critics, says Bersih 2.0 2014-08-27

Here’re Insider Reasons Why Malaysia Airlines Bailout Will Not Work 2014-08-12

Has Selangor MB Position Been Cursed? 2014-08-11

Aussie suppression order covers M'sian PMs

43 M'sians were on ill-fated MAS Flight MH17 2014-07-18

The product of racial indoctrination – Joshua Wu 2014-07-17

Open your mansion to the poor, Ku Nan told 2014-07-04

Feeding the homeless an issue to the gov’t? 2014-07-04

In KL, feeding the ego, not the poor 2014-07-04

Without religious freedom, Malaysia will suffer 2014-06-25

IGP takes law into own hands while AG’s sleeping 2014-02-12

A hollow victory for BN, a lesson for DAP 2014-06-01

Teluk Intan, a gift from PAS 2014-28-2014

'If I am toilet bowl, Utusan is toilet paper' 2014-05-26

More elegant silence as Umno mobs run wild 2014-05-25

The Malay Phobia: Isma fearing its own shadows 2014-05-19

Malaysia's endangered minds: a Teacher's Day essay 2014-05-18

Isma more likely to cause a May 13 2014-05-17

Some observations about the Terengganu drama 2014-05-14

KiniNews: Zaid: Najib, cabinet, Pakatan, all wimps 2014-05-13

Mice-fed chicken and MAIS-fed students 2014-05-11

Isma shows while Malaysia burns, Najib sleeps 2014-05-11

Dr M, ask your billionaire sons to share wealth, too 2014-05-09

Christian-o-phobia runs wild in Malaysia 2014-05-08

Stopping those who spew hate in the name of religion 2014-05-07

The insolence of Gani Patail 2014-05-06

Fight to keep Malaysia secular 2014-05-05

Dr M’s sons are rich, so all Malays are rich? 2014-05-04

Who speaks for Malaysians? Not Utusan, for sure 2014-04-27

In ignoring Anwar, Obama puts politics first 2014-04-23

MP: No common sense in Sodomy II judgment 2014-04-19

Langkawi MP unrepentant, continues insults on late Karpal, says Facebook user 2014-04-19

From second-class citizens to second-class religions 2014-04-18

Karpal committed to a broader, inclusive Malaysian identity, says columnist Karim Raslan 2014-04-17

Karpal killed in accident near Kampar 2014-04-17

Law of the jungle rules in custody battle 2014-04-16

Foreign media gets a dose of BN’s medicine 2014-04-04

In hot water over ‘family extermination’ posting 2014-02-31

An open letter to Dr M – Ice Cream Seller 2014-03-30

Countries' cloak & dagger slowing down jet hunt 2014-03-29

Questions now over Subang ATC response when MH370 went missing 2014-03-28

A lie to cover-up another lie from RMAF 2014-03-27

Confirmed: MH370 went down in Indian Ocean 2014-03-25

Australian satellite image shows debris in waters off Perth 2014-03-21

Australia says satellite imagery in plane search ‘indistinct’ 2014-03-20

Deputy minister’s statutory rape comments insensitive, says DAP’s Sivakumar 2014-03-19

‘US Navy won’t act without evidence’ 2014-03-14

‘Chaotic’ handling of tragedy 2014-03-13

Who Can Believe Malaysia Now? 2014-03-13

Updates on MH370 at Astro Awani

Stolen passports adds twist to MH370 mystery 2014-03-09

Missing MAS flight: Passenger and crew list 2014-03-09

Beijing-bound MAS plane carrying 239 people missing 2014-03-08

Anwar’s conviction marks return of authoritarian rule, says lawyers’ group 2014-03-08

MCA and Perkasa - strange bedfellows in politics 2014-03-07

Costlier medical bills after hush increase by gov't 2014-03-04

Syabas holds S'gor to ransom with incompetence 2014-02-26

MAS Falls as loss widens 2014-02-20

Zahid, the face that launched a thousand slaps 2014-02-10

Nauseating and disgusting, Ahmad Shabery? 2014-02-06

'Naked' nasi lemak exposes Malaysia Airlines 2014-02-05

DAP falls for Umno's 'Allah' trap 2014-02-05

Bishop Sebastian Francis responds to provocative banners, molotov cocktails 2014-01-29

This country needs you! Let’s kick out Umno from Putrajaya – Sakmongkol AK47 2014-01-23

Raising of toll by operators is highway robbery 2014-01-22

Taib Mahmud’s son has shares in 49 companies, worth more than RM1 billion, Syariah Court told 2014-01-22

ALTANTUYA SHOCK: Acquitted killer Sirul may have gone 'MISSING', fears grow for his SAFETY 2013-01-22

Najib fiddles while Malaysia burns 2014-01-21

Net censorship: BBC story on kangkung fiasco blocked? 16-01-2014

Najib rapped by netizens for ‘kangkung’ statement 2014-01-10

Comango rep dares authorities to arrest her

Iban Christians say Jais raid blatant attempt to curb worship 2014-01-12

How we wish Malaysia had a better IGP 2014-01-12

Dear Prime Minister 2014-01021

Jais behaving like Gestapo, says bishop 2014-01-03

Jais raids Bibles Society, seizes Malay bibles 2014-01-02

Stuck without an intelligent reply, Umno veterans take silly way out 2014-01-02


August / Dec 2013

Discontent over living costs floods PM's Facebook 2013-12-30

'Najib's family living beyond means warrants MACC probe' 2013-12-28

Gov't must explain why tax money goes to Perkasa 2013-12-27

Disclose gov't funds spent on Perkasa, Najib told 2013-12-26

Rakyat paying for BN's gross mismanagement 2013-12-26

'Taxpayers should know gov't pays BN MPs more' 2013-12-19

Asking the right questions on DBKL rates hike 2013-11-27

Sg Limau shows money can't buy everything 2013-11-06

Is Najib saying, 'Let them eat lobsters?' 2013-10-29

More pain than gain for the middle-class 2013-10-26

No Allah in Malaysia 2013-10-27

Three dead after Cameron Highlands dam gate opened 2013-10-23

Mukhriz's loss: Apa lagi bapak mahu? 2013-10-21

Najib, Taib need not declare assets? Shocking! 2013-10-20

Allah and the practice of my faith 2013-10-20

How to become a non-Muslim 2013-10-20

All the president's men keep Mahathir at bay 2013-10-20

In the name of God, Malaysia stands alone 2013-10-19

Islam not under siege, but portrayed so by court 2013-10-19

In Malaysia, selling a book can bring infamy 2013-10-19

A letter to PM trends hotly in cyberspace

Mukhriz proves racism can be hereditary 2013-10-11

Ambiga tells MCA and MIC to 'have self-respect, quit BN' 2013-10-08

Zahid now trains guns on dailies, threatens closure 2013-10-06

What will Zahid do about Unsatisfactory Management in Police HQ? 2013-10-06

Sugar, flour subsidies may be cut after Budget, says minister 2013-10-06

Murum Dam blockade: Penan arrested 2013-10-04

I TOLD YOU SO! Dr M gloats at 'forever U-turning' Najib over PCA amendments fiasco

101 on how to make Malaysians stupid. Part One - Abdul Haleem 2013-10-03

IGP, missing weapons are no joking matter 2013-10-03

Felda’s pricey London hotel buy sparks probe, Umno disquiet 2013-10-03

Hickory dickory dock, RTM paid RM3,810 for a clock 2013-10-02

Will taxpayers have to bail out Tanda Putera, again? 2013-09-30

Najib’s son Nazifuddin becomes substantial shareholder of ’1Malaysia Paint’ supplier SerSol 2013-09-27

DAP polls - what more does ROS want? 2013-09-27

Najib panders to Umno's right-wing 2013-09-26

Chin Peng, anti-colonial revolt and Merdeka 2013-09-24

Hiking fuel prices defies economic logic 2013-09-24

Chin Peng’s Farewell: A Letter to Comrades and Compatriots 2013-09-21

MCA: Muslim terrorists buried here, why not Chin Peng? 2013-09-21

“I was apolitical before… May 5, 2013, changed it all” 2013-09-14

Cheated on 6P, terrified migrants ride out raids 2013-09-11

Hindu Temples and Malaysian Indian Leadership 2013-09-04

I told you so, says Batu Gajah parliamentarian 2013-09-03

Biggest obstacle for Umno is Mahathir 2013-09-03

Born to an Umno family, but now DAP rising star 2013-09-01

Wrong for cops to quiz kids without presence of parents 2013-08-30

Welcome to Malaysia announcement for incoming flights - Ice Cream Seller 2013-08-29

Parent: OCPD's denial of student questioning is a lie 2013-08-28

Tanda Putera - using our tax money to sow racism 2013-08-25

'Altantuya decision runs according to script' 2013-08-24

Scorn explodes in Twitterjaya over Altantuya ruling 2013-08-23

Former UMNO spin doctor turns against Najib's community of advisors 2013-08-23

Bus safety back in spotlight following Genting tragedy 2013-08-22

Apa lagi Mahathir mahu? 2013-08-21

Gov't pulls plug on 'Buddhist surau' owner's PR 2013-08-17

Which part of DAP's explanations did KJ not get? 2013-08-17

Taib has 'last laugh', strengthens grip on S'wak 2013-08-14

Umno leaders defend race-based policies, say Malays still need help 2013-08-10

Zaid: Racial affirmative action tripping Malaysia 2013-08-09

Down Under in Najib's open house 2013-08-09

Fiddling away while Rome burns 2013-08-08

Just apologise and move on, Selangor MB tells Seri Pristana headmaster 2013-08-08

Badawi: Now, there's no control over Utusan 2013-08-08

Zaid: Malay rights are opium of the people 2013-08-07

Badawi: Now, there's no control over Utusan 2013-08-07

Don't probe us, probe Scorpene deal, says Suaram 2013-08-05

Minister slammed for presuming dog trainer's guilt 2013-08-05

DAP: Muhyiddin should act on Bernama and NST 2013-08-04

NGO: Probe 'barking up wrong tree' DPM for sedition 2013-08-01

May / June/ July 2013

Ringgit weakens, raises concern 2013-0730

Apologise for that lie, Penang’s Chief Minister tells Umno assemblyman 2013-07-31

Students ‘forced’ to eat meals in toilet area

Rafizi shows Umno racial politics deeply ingrained 2013-07-22

Lim: AG's inaction on Perkasa fuelling racist remarks 2013-07-21

Those in whose name we fight and in whose name we betray - Sakmongkol AK47 2013-07-20

Filipino becomes M'sian after being given Muslim name 2013-07-18

Mahathir back in the saddle? 2013-07-18

'Umno engineered Muslim population boom' 2013-07-17

‘Mahathir-Daim team taking control as Najib sits idly 2013-07-17

Why do we need a RM1.2bn ‘eco-tourism attraction’ in Langkawi? 2013-07-16

Reflections on Ramadan: Beyond The Fast

Archbishop Marino walks into a religious firestorm 2013-07-14

Now Malay NGOs demand Vatican embassy be closed, envoy expelled 2013-07-14

Perkasa and Jati want M'sian Vatican office to be closed 2013-07-12

Seriously, when will Umno stop blaming the Chinese? 2013-07-08

Mini-mart chain 'killing our livelihood', claim retailers 2013-0707

Will MCA, MIC dare to vote against conversion bill? 2013-07-02

Thieves strike KJ's home in broad daylight 2013-06-30

Both parents have equal rights in conversion of minors 2013-06-29

High drama as both MCA and DAP 'defend' Jonker Walk 2013-06-29

Federal Court rejects Zahid Hamidi's plea 2013-06-27

Malacca CM's Jonker Walk statement a 'lie' 2013-06-27

Malacca CM killing goose that lays the golden eggs 2013-06-26

Haze Alert: What are current pollution levels like? 2013-06-25

So the ex-home minster's action not treasonous? 2013-06-23

Port Klang at hazardous level, Selangor 'very unhealthy' 2013-06-25

SMOG HAZARD: Muar’s API reading soars 2013-06-23

DAP desak Akta Kualiti Alam Sekitar dipinda untuk hukum pesalah jerebu 2013-06-21

Supporters gathering for Black 505 in KL 2013-06-22

Smog alarm: Singapore’s index surges past 400, Johor still hazardous 2013-06-21

'Voters made to swear to back BN' 2013-06-18

Lessons from Turkey for Muslim Democrats in M'sia 2013-06-17

What's wrong for a Malay to join DAP? 2013-06-16

Dr M's interference an insult to PM Najib, says Karpal 2013-06-16

'BN's petitions give EC more reasons to resign' 2013-06-14

Gale wreaks havoc in Penang, Umno HQ's antenna torn off 2013-06-14

- Video storm

No agreement between MRT Corp and hotel owner 2013-06-12

Selangor lends PI Bala's wife and children a hand 2013-06-13

Muhyiddin, so the Chinese need not pay taxes?

Pakatan would've won under proportional system 2013-05-08

Dr M at best a hypocrite, at worst a racist 2013-05-08

Jeffrey: Double Six tragedy fallout continues 2013-06-08

Kit Siang calls Dr M ‘No 1 racist in Malaysia’ 2013-06-07

Two brothers, one struggle, different fates 2013-06-06

With Zahid as home minister, the worst has yet to come 2013-06-05

Penang CM: Federal gov't values racists over investors 2013-06-04

Tanda Putera screening is reconciliation, Najib style 2013-06-04

'Father of Pendrive' mulls legal action against Utusan 2013-06-03

Management of oil and gas 'poor and opaque'Management of oil and gas 'poor and opaque' 2013-05-29

Stop dreaming of cheaper cars under BN 2013-05-29

Tian, Tamrin and Haris re-arrested after four days 20 2013-05-29

'Gov't would rather arrest rally-goers than illegals' 2013-05-28

Plight of Orang Asli - the dumped community 2013-05-27

Four Pakatan leaders charged under PAA 2013-05-27

Magistrate rejects remand request, Tian Chua, Tamrin, Haris released 2013-05-24

'Khalid Abu Bakar is the most political IGP' 2013-05-24

Azmin: Crackdown a return to Mahathirism 2013-05-24

Malaysian Opposition face full force of the Sedition Act 2013-05-24

Tian Chua, Haris Ibrahim, Tamrin Ghafar arrested 2013-05-23

Adam Adli charged with sedition 2013-05-23

Non-paying Sabah foreigners incur RM21.7m government healthcare since 2007, RCI told 2013-05-21

Sarawak leaders get fat pay hikes – Janji ditepati? 2013-05-21

Raja Nazrin: Integrity, commitment to fight graft can improve BN’s image 2013-05-20

Kewujudan pengundi hantu cemar integriti SPR dan JPN, dakwa Rafizi 2013-05-20

Umno veterans calls for AirAsia boycott 2013-05-19

Don't import Umno culture into Selangor PKR 2013-05-19

Umno’s unpardonable sins against the Malays 2013-05-19

The Launching of “Cartoonists Against Election Fraud (CAEF), Pelancaran gerakan Kartunis Lawan Penipuan Pilihanraya 2013-05-18

New home minister wants 51pct to find new home 2013-05-18

'If you meant transformation, why say jihad?' 2013-05-17

Cybertroopers hijack online polls on Anwar 2013-05-17

GE13 : The "Tsunami" Aftermath - An Open Letter To The PM, To Pakatan Rakyat and To Fellow Malaysians 2013-05-17

What more does Umno want? 2013-05-17

For confused and ignorant Christians, an ‘Allah’ fact sheet 2013-05-16

If vernacular schools go, so must UiTM 2013-05-16

Transformation cabinet looks more like a recycled cabinet 2013-05-16

Najib has most 'fake' Twitter followers, analysis finds 2013-05-15

The demonisation of Chinese in 1Malaysia 2013-05-14

Umno not only racist, it's also corrupt 2013-05-13

Sack ex-judge from MACC panel, urges PKR veep 2013-05-13

Why import chicken when we have a surplus? 2013-05-11

'Apa lagi Umno mahu?' 2013-05-10

Graft, clueless GLC chiefs behind NEP’s miserable failure, says Malay chamber 2013-05-09

Penangites are not cheapskates! 2013-05-09

120,000 show of force at post-GE13 rally 2013-05-08

Najib shows true colours in defending Utusan 2013-05-08

'Pakatan deserves to be in Putrajaya' 2013-05-07

More than half of Malaysians have rejected BN 2013-05-06

Bersih to set up tribunal to probe election fraud 2013-05-06

An urban tsunami - what now for BN? 2013-05-06

In GE13, BN wins Malay heartland, Pakatan the cities 2013-05-06

EC reports record 80pct turnout of voters 2013-05-06

Malaysia decides, long queues at polling stations 2013-05-05

'Father of pendrive' backs Pakatan for a better nation 2013-05-03

VVIPs behind gangs out to cause trouble during polls 2013-05-03


PKR questions fishy diversion of ballot box shipment 2013-04-25

Police stop DAP ceramah at KK - location 'unsuitable' 2013-04-24

Why keep 1MDB's RM7bil in the Caymans? 2013-04-24

'Ghani - from Malay gentleman to extremist' 2013-04-23

BN supporters assault Pas ‘bridge builder’ Abdul Rahman Kasim 2013-04-21

Penang BN still trying to get its act together 2013-04-21

Confirmed: Umno is under the thumb of Perkasa 2013-04-21

DAP’s Esplanade rally draws 50000 2013-04-20

Naughty, dishonest ROS 2013-04-20

Why we must vote for change: An open letter 2013-04-19

Why did 1MDB put RM7bn bond redemption in Cayman Islands outfit? 2013-04-19

ROS action sparks confusion, uncertainty 2013-04-19

RoS move pushing DAP to ditch Rocket logo, affect Chinese votes 2013-04-18

EC sits on sidelines as BN abuses gov't machinery 2013-04-18

BN, too, offers free water in bid to recapture Selangor 2013-04-18

Umno turns Gelang Patah into a racial battleground 2013-04-18

Malaysiakini goes free from tomorrow for GE13! 2013-04-16

Clowns, angpows and beer – Enjoy, Amigos! 2013-04-15

Muhyiddin's 'order' to Tamil teachers shallow 2013-04-15

MCA shaping up to be biggest GE casualty 2013-04-15

Top Umno leader beat me up, alleges man


Shame on you, EPF! 2013-04-12

BN is clearly a coalition of one party 2013-04-10

PKR challenges Najib and Co to return official cars 2013-04-10

Why the long period from dissolution to nomination day? 2013-04-10

GE13: Nominations on April 20, polls on May 5 2013-04-10

Info Dept vehicles used at BN Batu ops centre launch 2013-04-08

What we dream of 2013-04-07

Malaysia’s independent radios jammed, sites hit by cyberattacks 2013-04-07

Battle of titans in Gelang Patah? 2013-04-07

Umno and its lackey Perkasa — Ali Kadir 2013-04-07

Taib: I won't cooperate with naughty, dishonest MACC 2013-04-04

It's on, finally - Parliament dissolved today 2013-04-03

Jing-a-ling-a-ling! 2013-04-03

Ubah TV 2013-03 (Streaming Video)

Chaos at GE13? Watch out for Umno thugs 2013-04-01

Radio Free Malaysia 2013-04-01

A Malay’s dilemma — An Anonymous Malay 2013-03-31

Second Objective of Battle of Gelang Patah – Target 19 of the 26 Parliamentary and 30 of the 56 State Assembly seats in Johore 2013-03-30

Suaram: We want justice for Chan Chin Te 2013-03-29

Zul Noordin asks why Hindu gods did not stop flood 2013-03-29

Harian Metro rejects Penang gov't adverts 2013-03-29

The sheer arrogance of Shuhaimi Baba 2013-03-28

BN parties want recall of all Sabah MyKad 2013-03-25

Anwar: Probe Najib over meeting with Kiram brother 2013-03-26

Sultanate: 8 terror accused are Malaysians, not Pinoys 2013-03-23  (Inside Malaysia’s Shadow State - A film by Global Witness 2013-03-23


Our Leaders and their followers need to know: All the glitter and promises galore cannot whitewash the sins of corruption and greed 2013-03-21

Salute Kit Siang for going for broke 2013-03-21

PM's 1.7pct poverty claim blatant fraud, says PKR veep 2013-03-20

'Sulu army leader Azzimudie a Malaysian' 2013-03-20

Inside Malaysia's Shadow State (Video) 2013-03-19 Related: Singapore is new ‘Switzerland’ for investors to dodge taxes, says Malaysian lawyer 2013-03-09

Umno leader defends 'family-held' S'pore condos 2013-03-19

Pahang Raub Ban Cyanide in Gold Mining Action Committee 2013-03-16

Najib instructed Cecil on SD2, Bar AGM told 2013-03-16

Bala’s death leaves quest for justice unresolved 2013-03-16

Police raid Suara Keadilan office 2013-03-15

PI Bala passes away in Rawang 2013-03-15

So it is now seditious to criticise Umno 2013-03-15

Faekah exposes Dr M for who he really is 2013-03-15

NOT Bullshit - Bala's 1st SD - 2013-03-14

Federal Court upholds lifting ban on SIS book 2013-03-14

Najib fails to master Chinese art of wooing 2013-03-13

Sedition charge for Tian Chua over Umno-Sulu link 2013-03-14

A pattern of Sultanate deception — William M. Esposo 2013-03-12

Hisham's remark more irresponsible than Chua's 2013-03-12

Does a caretaker PM have authority to dish out cash? 2013-03-12

Equal pay for cops, military; civil servants to get wage hike 2013-03-11

Take Fama to task for barring non-Malay reporter

Suaris Interview: The Future of Malays #7 2013-03-13

Non-Malay reporter barred from Fama event 2013-03-08

Dr M targets emergency rule? 2013-03-08

Open Letter from Lord Ahmed to the Malaysian Attorney General... 2013-03-07

Police arrest dozens of “Mykad” Sulu to gather info 2013-03-07

End blasphemy laws threatening minorities: U.N. faith expert 2013-03-07

Initial miscalculation may have cost lives 2013-02-06

Putrajaya has imported Moro militancy into Sabah 2013-03-05

'M'sian-trained' Moro fighters to aid Sulu invaders 2013-02-05

Bombing begins at Kg Tandou, villagers flee area 2013-03-05

Umno Incorporated (part 2) 2013-03-05

BN supporters disrupt Teluk Intan DAP ceramah 2013-03-04

MB: 28pct of half million new voters in S'gor unidentifiable 2013-03-04

Umno Incorporated (part 1) 2013-03-04

Focus on ending the bloodshed, not on Anwar 2013-03-04

Tunnel-highways project: Guan Eng responds 2013-03-03

BN using Anwar to confuse voters? 2013-03-03

Conservative Pundits Wrote Malaysian Propaganda 2013-02-03

Lahad Datu siege ends with 14 dead, 3 wounded 2013-03-01


Jan/Feb 2013

500,000 blue ICs issued to immigrants under Mustapha Harun’s orders, says ex-Umno member 2013-02-28

'I processed thousands of ICs for Sabah illegals' 2013-02-28

Survey: M'sians convinced 'Project IC' has not ended 2013-02-27

In Sarawak, a village of hidden desolation 2013-02-27

Writing on the wall for MCA as crowd yells “No! No!” to Yen Yen 2013-02-27

‘Reveal the 1976 Sabah air crash report’ 2013-02-26

Malaysian government's debt to approach RM1 trillion by 2020 2013-02-25

Gangnam-style picket at Kangar CIMB 2013-02-25

PI Bala returns, vows to help oust BN 2013-02-25

The irony of a biased media 2013-02-24

'Instant citizens' may contain subversive elements, RCI told 2013-02-22

Umno unleashes its politics of fear 2013-02-22

No respite from Evil of Government 2013-02-22

Hero's welcome for Nurul Izzah at UM forum 2013-02-20

So a 'schoolboy' had run the country for 22 years 2013-02-20

Malicious plan behind May 13 film, claims Bersih 2013-02-19

PH claim to Sabah ‘dormant’ but KL pays annual rent 2013-02-19

KiniBiz goes live today! 2013-02-19

Taib under fire over 'missing RM11bil' 2013-02-18

Australia demands Xenophon’s release 2013-02-16

Religious insults: One law for Teoh, another for Ibrahim 2013-02-15

Twins of evil 2013-02-13

Winner of Freedom Film Fest
M-C-M' Utopia Milik Siapa? (28Jan)


Psy, BN and Penang

Picking up the pieces the morning after Psy 2013-02-15

Winners and losers in the Psy show 2013-02-13

Najib: Are You Ready For BN? People: Nooo! - CNY @ Penang , PSY- Gangnam Style 2013-02

PSY refused to toss 'yee-sang' with Najib , BN.

Soaring property prices: Profits vs Basic right to housing 2013-02-13

A tight slap in the face for Najib 2013-02-12

PM asks: Are you ready for BN? Crowd says 'no!' 2013-02-11

Thousands come for Psy, not so much for PM 2013-02-11

In the name of Allah, The Gracious The Merciful... 2013-02-10

Mahathir’s Tall Tales on Sabah! 2013-02-10

‘BN leading Malaysia to destruction’ 2013-02-09

2013 – Time for a new government 2013-02-09

Psy’s Gangnam parody in Penang: Oops, joke is on BN elites 2013-02-08

MPSP asks Yen Yen: So, it's okay to break the law? 2013-02-04

Sabah CM admits he is related to Filipino conman 2013-02-03

‘My Side of History’ by Chin Peng 2013-02-02

Bumis are biggest losers in citizenship-for-vote scam 2013-01-30

Stand by for a dirty election 2013-01-30

Son of Lynas CEO charged with insider trading 2013-01-29

Residents fail bid to challenge Lynas TOL decision 2013-01-29

Tok Guru Nik Aziz meets Bishop Sebastian Francis  2013-01-28

Bibles of any language still a Bible, Perkasa told 2013-01-26

Burn the Bibles, and pay the price 2013-01-25

Fast-track citizenship only if you're a Muslim 2013-01-20

'Gov't covered up instead of cleaning voters roll' 2012-01-19

Bawani: Students forced to attend controversial forum 2013-01-19

'Pakistani and Indian citizens became instant Malaysians' 2013-01-18

Citizenship-for-votes is treason of the highest order 2013-01-18

EC chief: No comment for now on RCI proceedings 2013-01-17

Explain 'citizenship-for-votes', Ambiga tells EC 2013-1-17

Allah is not the problem, mankind is 2013-01-17

We were wrong, says UMNO blog over land-for-MB allegation 2013-01-17

Allah and Freud’s borrowed kettle ― Alwyn Lau 2013-01-16


Lesson of 'listen, listen, listen' 2012-01-16

[Video: Dance Remix: Listen! Listen! When I Speak, Listen!  ]

[Namewee Tokok] 009 Listen 聽我說 15-01-2013  ]


Berjaya gov't allowed 73,000 Filipinos to settle in Sabah 2013-01-14

Video of forum speaker insulting student goes viral 2013-01-14

Rosli Dahlan magnanimous in victory against The Star 2012-01-14

'Najib placing interest of cronies ahead of rakyat' 2012-01-14

Hisham, resign for being proven wrong 2012-01-13

112 rally a truly 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah' day 2013-01-13

80,000 swarm Stadium Merdeka for bumper rally 2013-01-12

Group: M'sia only country to restrain use of 'Allah' word 2013-01-11

How 'Brahma' became 'Allah' 2013-01-11

Selangor water crisis: The folly of privatisation 2012-01-10

Sultan’s decree on Allah and response to IKIM — Ng Kam Weng 2013-01-09

Cecil Abraham refuses to comment on SD2 allegations 2013-01-10

Awan Megah's Puspahanas two years overdue 2013-01-08

Privatisation of government land: Ways of skinning the cat — A. Kadir Jasin 2013-01-08

Did we hear 'let them eat croissants'? 2013-01-08

Only one man stands to gain from Bala's second SD 2013-01-07

Kadeep, Laba, Bijan - expose, Deepak-style

'Black Rose' unveiled online in fairytale-style 2013-01-06  [The Black Rose 1.0]

Honesty and humility must always remain qualities of DAP leaders — Lim Kit Siang

'Najib abused power in defence centre award' 2013-01-04

'Black Rose' to be released as ebook instead 2013-01-02

The Deepak delusion — Pete Abraham 2013-01-02

In final leg before polls, Bersih to train Malaysians to spot GE13 fraud 2013-01-01

Only one man stands to gain from Bala's second SD 2013-01-01


November / December 2012

What now for 'Allah' row, ban Sikhism as well? 2012-12-30

Sikh group: Fatwa on Allah ban 'illegal and void'

The Election Commission should resign for condoning vote-buying by the BN 2012-12-28

Stop demanding religious equality, says ex-Fatwa Council chief 2012-12-28


We were all losers on May 13 2012-12-17

May 13: The victim's stories - The Edge 2012-12-14


Cosy ties between leaders, underworld reason crime on rise, says Musa Hassan 2012-12-28

Sabah’s economy on ‘Death Row’ 2012-12-26


Why should MACC provide alibi for lawyer?

Malaysia's education disaster - time for change 2012-12-21

Malaysia blessed until 'cursed' by Dr M 2012-12-21

A few fatal flaws in AES 2012-12-20

Must DAP be truly multiracial? 2012-12-18

Ibrahim Ali is doing Umno's dirty job 2012-12-17

To know the economy, ask the housewives 2012-12-16

Aunty Mei vs Adnan - gila, binatang and RM50 notes 2012-12-14

Chua Jui Meng was pushed, shoved after meeting with NRD: Witnesses 2012-12-13

'Home Ministry sec-gen also interferes with police' 2012-12-10

Who turned up for Najib’s visit to USM? 2012-12-09

May 13 call - sign of a desperate leader 2012-12-09

'Why haven't Najib, Rosmah denied Deepak's claims?' 2012-12-05

Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT costs a few times more than Hangzhou Metro? 2012-12-05

Zaid: PM must apologise over May 13 reference 2012-12-04

Malays will continue to hold power in Pakatan: DAP 2012-12-02

Walkout proves BN reps back sexist remarks 2012-12-01

After speaking to media, ‘Carpetman’ finds himself unwanted in his companies 2012-11-30

Right on cue, Umno regurgitates May 13 script 2012-11-30

'Bala's U-turn foiled Anwar-Umno's Altantuya expose' 2012-11-30

PAS veep to PM, explain Altantuya link 2012-11-29

Rare earth plant not good enough for Perth or Pekan? 2012-11-27

March leaders to set up camp near Dataran 2012-11-25

'Umno rep's sexist remark insult to all women' 2012-11-23

Education Ministry patches botched written reply 2012-11-23

As Green Walk continues, World Bank warns of 4C global warming rise 2012-11-23

Praise for SDMC's handling of 'religious images' 2012-11-20

Hadi shoots down Dr M's 'hudud for all' demand

Senior citizens in 'long march' hailed 2012-11-17

Beggar-Malaysians queue for rice, oil and flour, thanks to BN 2012-11-16

Australian lodges report over 'vile' Utusan, NST articles 2012-11-16

Does 'God' need help? 2012-11-14

Law is not profit-making enterprise – Mohamed Hanipa Maidin 2012-11-14

Blogs: Pak Lah said Muslims can leave religion 2012-11-13

Cops revisit Malaysiakini, leave with writer's email 2012-11-10

Bolehland drivers being leeched by AES

Syed Mokhtar, an Umno cash register? 2012-11-09

Government debt soars – and that excludes contingent liabilities 2012-11-07

My 1Bangsa Malaysian dream 2012-11-06

Pua cries abuse for being pulled into ROS dragnet 2012-11-06

How did Batu Caves condo project escape MIC? 2012-11-05

‘Tens of thousands’ brave rain as Negri Sembilan awakens 2012-11-04

Batu Caves condo: Ignorance is not bliss 2012-11-04


Nov 2012

Caves temple committee actions unbecoming 2012-11-04

Youth arrested over Facebook posts on Johor Sultan 2012-11-03

Nurul: There should be no compulsion in choosing faith 2012-11-03

NGO activists stopped, while terrorists free to roam 2012-11_01


Oct 2012

Kohilan washes his hands off Batu Caves condo 2012-10-31

The timber mafia is larger than you suspect 2012-10-29

No BN leaders listed in Tmn Manggis purchase -RM2 company set-up to purchase! 2012-10-29

Operation Lalang and the lust for power 2012-10-28

Batu Caves condo: Will Kohilan resign if wrong? 2012-10-27

Liu shows proof it was all BN’s work

Malay behaviour: Survival replaces greed 2012-10-26

The day of the dictator – Oct 27, 1987 2012-10-27

Mahathir Mohamad, the last Nazi? 2012-10-23

Jingga 13 Questions Top Leader on Ex-Maid's House in Indonesia 2012-10-22

MPPP freezes approvals for new high-density projects 2012-10-22

Umno's pot of cash - defending the indefensible 2012-10-21

The happiest PM in the world 2012-10-16

No man can get rich in politics unless a crook 2012-10-14

Auditor-general should lay bare Scorpene 'commission' 2012-10-10

The extraordinary hypocrisy of Mahathir 2012-10-08

Defaming Penang CM akin to Nazi Germany tactics 2012-09-28

'Najib switches Petronas' investment to benefit cronies' 2012-10-04

Malacca state agencies 'sponsored' mega kenduri 2012-10-03

Taib is richest person in Malaysia, says Shahnaz 2012-10-02

Penang’s women lead local democracy 2012-10-02

Secularism is the way to go 2012-10-02


September 2012

What is driving up property prices? 2012-09-30

Chinese chambers disappointed with Budget 2012-09-29

Previously yellow T-shirts banned, now V-necks 2012-09-29

Budget 2013 at a Glance 2012-09-28

What Dr M told war survivor Soros 2012-09-27

Stop persecution of Suaram 2012-09-26

NST given 48 hours to apologise to NGOs

Staged water shortage filmed in secret in PJ 2012-09-24

Audit report delayed to stifle opposition’s Budget 2013 debate 2012-09-24

PERSECUTION IN MALAYSIA - Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malaysia 2012-09-23

Umno's nation of traitors 2012-09-23

Speaking up for Suaram 2012-09-22

IPP deals: Billions for tycoons, peanuts for the poor 2012-09-22

'FOC briyani for ‘LGBTs’ 2012-09-17

Nizar: A bigger tsunami taking shape in Umno 2012-09-17

Housing for the rich? 2012-09-17

Ads by our affuliates


  Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

Track them and mark them 2012-09-16

When will Hisham and Najib condemn political violence? 2012-09-16

Sabah Umno veteran Ibrahim Menudin defects ahead of polls 2012-09-15

Penang DAP HQ attacked, third time in 13 months 2012-09-14

Selangor government in public vs private interest tussle 2012-09-13

Selective prosecution by the police 2012-09-11

IGP must act to stop the pre-election violence 2012-09-11

Tsunami over FELDA — Sakmongkol AK47 2012-09-11

Butterworth ring road land: Another ‘cheap sale’?

Anwar: Mahathir is right, Umno-BN is the devil 2012-09-08

AELB - a case of dumb and dumber? 2012-09-08

A picture that launched a thousand comments 2012-09-08

Will DAP dominate PR? — Sakmongkol AK47 2012-09-07

Batu Kawan land: “Cheap sale” 2012-09-06

'Gov't not disclosing audit report on NFC' 2012-09-06

'Saiful not like a normal sexual abuse victim' 2012-09-04

The political vendetta against Suaram 2012-09-04

'S'gor sultan's private-sec did not inform state' Sep 2, 2012

Attack on Ahmad Farouk Musa egregious 2012-09-02

Phantoms hit Twitterjaya #Merdeka55 tweet-up 2012-09-01

August 2012

Show of defiance on Merdeka eve in Dataran 2012-08-31

Rafizi’s ‘NOW’ centre to make whistleblowing Malaysian culture 2012-08-30

Attack on Ahmad Farouk Musa egregious 2012-08-30

WWW1: Utusan told to pay Nizar damages 2012-08-30

Statutory rape: 'Can a child consent to sex?' 2012-08-30

Courts must put victims first, not rapists’ future, say child rights groups 2012-08-29

Consensual? What then is statutory rape? 2012-08-29

Suaram to Utusan: Who's giving you money? 2012-08-28

Home minister must go if he can't tackle crime 2012-08-27

Here's what Dr M said about the rulers in '93 2012-08-27

Anti-hopping law: ‘Do it for the people’ 2012-08-22

Tunku Aziz - hoist with his own petard 2012-08-22

Who says Penang BN never sold state land? 2012-08-22

Umno Youth are frauds – Lucius Goon 2012-08-21

Whatever the alternative, BN has to go 2012-08-20

An open letter to Tunku 2012-08-20

On Facebook, Umno Youth risks igniting religious firestorm 2012-08-19

Demonising PAS, are we? — Ali Kadir 2012-08-19


Bishop accuses Hasan of playing judge and jury 2012-08-16

Didn't we have a part-Indian PM for 22 years? 2012-08-15

Stop114A 14-08-2012

Today is Internet Blackout Day 2012-08-14

Utusan boss: Yes, my paper is biased

Let Penang government take over Penang port 2012-08-10

What price justice? 2012-08-10

Shahrizat humiliated? So are we 2012-08-07

'George Kent bid akin to Ali Baba venture' 2012-08-07

MB: Syabas admitted Selangor not in water crisis 2012-08-06

Exodus from national schools and country 2012-08-02


July 2012

'Trespassers' at cemetery forced to kneel and apologise 2012-07-30

Malaysians do not owe Proton a living 2012-07-30

'Give us tax rebates for money spent on guards' 2012-07-29

'Is Teng Chang Yeow childish, lazy or just a liar?' 2012-07-26

DPM's track record on water tariffs found wanting, says exco 2012-07-24

People’s ballot rejects Lynas Corp’s rare earth refinery 2012-07-23

M'sia among 20 capital flight countries, says researcher 2012-07-22

Race drives politics in Malaysia 2012-07-19

Ling: I would not dare cheat Dr M 2012-07-17

To spin a fact is to lie, Utusan 2012-07-15

Utusan editor: Spinning to attack opposition is okay 2012-07-15

Documents confirm PM's hand in LRT deal 2012-07-10

Chua loses on flaccid excuses in rematch 2012-07-09

Desperate housewives on MCA Lane, minus the wit 2012-07-08

Soi Lek and son - epitome of leadership shortage 2012-07-08

The loud silence of 'Beng Hock' 2012-07-07

‘S’gor underpaid RM9.1m for Talam’s debts’ 2012-07-07

Probe Scorpene scandal firms instead, says Suaram 2012-07-04

'George Kent abysmally rated for Ampang LRT project' 2012-07-03

That Perkasa ‘brush’ against Guan Eng in Teluk Bahang

No prize for guessing who's behind the cyberattack 2012-07-01


June 2012

French probe did unearth Scorpene links to Altantuya 2012-06-29

Two different worlds 2012-06-28

Treason is giving away citizenship for votes 2012-06-27

Police report against MP for 'hang Ambiga' call

10000 gather in Butterworth for Pas show of strength 2012-06-24

Ibrahim Ali bags inaugural sexist award prize 2012-06-23

Apologise for misleading Penangites, BN chief told 2012-06-21

It's politicians, not the people, who create instability 2012-06-21

Burning state files is peaceful transition? 2012-06-21

Borders slams Jawi for victimising its Muslim staff 2012-06-20

The dark passage to Lynas 2012-06-20

Well, Najib, what do you have to say about this? 2012-06-18

Dr M is at it again - sowing fear 2012-06-18

Minister, don't gamble with air travellers' lives 2012-06-16

RM2.9 million spent on PM's trips to UK, US 2012-06-15

Scorpene-Altantuya: Who is Razak Baginda to Najib and Umno 2012-06-14

DPM shuts door on new Chinese independent schools 2012-06-14

RM3mil spent on PM's short trips abroad 2012-06-14

Musa Aman – UBS AG Bank Faces Criminal Complaint In Switzerland 2012-06-12

PM's future son-in-law accused of US$20mil swindle 2012-06-12

What is ketuanan Melayu? 2012-06-12

Why give Raja Nazrin space? — Lucius Goon 2012-06-11

UN to M'sian gov't: Stop those intimidating Ambiga 2012-06-08

Anything but pork 2012-06-09

Did Liow abuse his connections? 2012-06-07

BNM saga reawakened 2012-06-07

'Khaled must quit if he ordered Unisel loan freeze' 2012-06-06

Rais has just buried Umno 2012-06-05

Why is the Government so desperate to sell down its stake in Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH) to raise RM5.5 billion for itself? 2012-06-04

Lynas’ Thorium Radioactive waste – A RM 2 - 4 trillion money spinner? 2012-06-04


Najib has lost support of Middle Malaysia 2012-05-03

Umno ulamas’ racism is revolting — Ahmad Farouk Musa and Ahmad Fuad Rahmat 2012-06-02

English medium schools and national unity 31-05-2012

USM budget – RM1.2bn; Penang government budget – RM0.7bn 2012-05-31

French 'bought' top secret document from M'sian Navy 2012-05-31

Shahrizat’s case closed, Azmin’s case re-opened 2012-05-31

Asrul touched by M'kini readers, CM offers help 2012-05-26

Shouldn't the other 249,997 people be charged, too? 2012-05-23

'Then there was Hang Tuah, now Hang Samseng' 2012-05-23

Anwar claims trial to Bersih 3.0 charge 2012-05-22

Anwar claims trial to Bersih 3.0 charge 2012-

United by hate for Barisan Nasional 2012-05-22

Canadian author: M’sia lost its tolerance 2012-05-20

The Scorpene Sting On Malaysia - The Great Malaysian Robbery (Video) 2012-05-19

A lesson for Muhyiddin from 'Three Kingdoms' 2012-05-19

Rise against feudal Umno 2012-05-17

Beyond Government and Opposition: The Human Side 2012-05-17

'Butt exercises': State-approved harassment 2012-05-16

Najib heckled by Malaysians in London 2012-05-15

English medium schools available - but not to all 2012-05-13

So it's okay to protest outside Najib's home 2012-05-13

Utusan concedes error, apologises to Aussie senator 2012-05-12

Bar EGM denounces police brutality at Bersih 3.0 2012-05-11

Mr Straw Hat - ordinary man, extraordinary feat 2012-05-11

‘Independent panel’ … really? 2012-05-11

'EC's job is to help BN steal the elections' 2012-05-08

Netizens publish pix of 'wanted' cops 2012-05-07

U must not oppose (acronym: UMNO) 2012-05-07

Paris Papers: Perimekar just a travel agency 2012-05-05

'Protester assaulted and dumped into a drain' 2012-05-05

Artists call protest to save heritage buildings from MRT 2012-05-05

PKR deputy division chief charged for violating Bersih court order 2012-05-04

Pointing gun at unarmed protesters - another SOP? 2012-05-04

French prosecutors: Najib sought US$1bil for Perimekar 2012-05-03

Scorpenes deal: Najib’s US$1b ‘condition’ 2012-05-02

Umno hawks playing the race card 2012-05-03

PDRM - the armed division of Umno 2012-05-01

“Authoritarian attitudes at the highest levels”: Fact-finding group 2012-05-01

Oasis of yellow in Perth 2012-05-01

'PM, we fear BN's long-term occupation of Putrajaya' 2012-05-01

April 2012

Tear gas blitzkrieg 'pulverised' peaceful rally 2012-04-30

PAS: Police spread rumour of officer’s death to rile up force 2012-04-29

Lawyer claims he was attacked by cops 2012-04-29

Bersih Video links

Bersih 3.0 Last leg sit in by thestaronline

Bersih 3.0 28 in Kuala Lumpur April 2012 - 1500hrs-1700hrs by FMT 2012-04-28

Police car hits and injured spectators

Police Violence at Bersih 3.0 2012-04-28


My fellow Malaysians — Ambiga Sreenevasan 2012-04-28

Live coverage of Bersih 3.0 from anilnetto 2012-04-28 2012-04-27

Bersih Global is in 71 Cities, 29 Countries 2012-04-27

EC chief, deputy are 'registered Umno members' 2012-04-27

770 settlers in Pekan sue Felda for RM422mil 2012-04-26

Unjustified 66 Days Suspension of UNIMAP student 2012-04-24

Bersih 3 more peaceful than Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2012-04-24

NFC's 'all in the family' rental deal exposed 2012-04-24

Alarming amendments to Election Offences Act 2012-04-22

Let's raise funds to help Zahid go to Paris 2012-04-22

Keep talking Dr M 2012-04-21

BN could suffer for attack on students 2012-04-21

Prostituting Islam 2012-04-21

The state is God? 2012-04-20

Samsengs assault ‘Occupy Dataran’ students 2012-04-19

We'll settle our loans when Tajudin pays his 2012-04-19

Race, religion and now the royalty card 2011-04-18

Moderate Malays must speak out 2012-04-17

Stop the hatred towards LGBT communities 2012-04-17

150,000 flyers to shoot down 'Umno's lies' 2012-04-17

Between the 1948 massacre and Altantuya's murder 2012-04-16

Syed Mokhtar eyes RM5 billion KGNS land 2012-04-16

The race whisperers of 1Malaysia 2012-04-15

DIDPs face bleak future 2012-04-15

Islamic university holds rare forum on homosexuality 2012-04-14

Mosque committees ordered to attend PM function 2012-04-14

 No electricity, but old folk get laptops 2012-04-13

Dataran Merdeka belongs to the rakyat, says Ambiga 2012-04-13

EPISODE 26: The invisible web (of deceit) - part 2 2012-04-12

EPISODE 25: The invisible web (of deceit) - part 1 2012-04-12

Submarines and murder: 'I can connect the dots' 2012-04-11

8.6-magnitude quake off Sumatra, strong aftershock 2012-04-11

New leads require reopening of Altantuya murder case 2012-04-11

Smile, you are on AES cameras! 2012-04-11

March 2012

Mahathir and Malaysia’s State of Confusion 2012-04-03

Lynas Corporation for dummies (and Australians) — Ryan Albrey 2012-03-31

Copgate: Here’s what you must do, Phang tells cops 2012-03-29

Najib bows to Shahrizat's wish to stay as Wanita chief

Anwar: Christian threat is Umno propaganda 2012-03-28

Automatic voter registration; compulsory voting; no party hopping — Aliran 2012-03-25

‘Mafia developers’ control Penang 2012-03-24

Roads To Riches – Richard Riot MP, EXPOSE! 2012-03-23

High national debt due to BN's mismanagement 2012-03-23

98 Malaysian academicians abroad demand voting rights 2012-03-22

Lessons from Bukit Merah 2012-03-22

Yazid hails 9/11 attackers as 'marketers of Islam' 2012-02-21

Scorpene subs case to open in France, finally 2012-03-18

The ignored truths to Altantuya’s murder 2012-03-17

EC behaving like an Umno branch 2012-03-15

Defence minister's 'sexist joke' shocks activists 2012-03-13

NFC boss claims trial to 4 charges 2012-03-13

Spotlight On Masing – CORRUPTION EXCLUSIVE! 2012-03-12

Taib's son told to list assets within seven days 2012-03-12

Bizarre case of ex-IGP, AG and an underworld boss 2012-03-11

Who ordered the killing of Altantuya? 2012-03-09

A murder most foul yet no interest in motive? 2012-03-08

Altantuya judgment: Murder motive 'not essential' 2012-03-07

Malaysia's racial divide deepening 2012-03-07

Orang Asli families feel brunt of BR1M rejection 2012-03-07

Mong Dagang is no man of principle 2012-03-07

1991-2008 - RM500mil missing from Yayasan S'gor, says GM 2012-03-06

1MDB RM8.5bil acquisition could trigger economic crisis

Double Six tragedy: ‘Putrajaya must reopen probe’ 2012-02-03

Government is Confused and is Misleading the Public in relation to the Lynas Rare Earth waste Management Problem

'NFC directors have taken out RM81.4mil from company'

ISA detainee quizzed on M'kini, asked to join Umno 2012-03-02

What is the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) talking about “expanding” to Singapore when the Singapore Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority doesn’t even approve raw beef imports from Malaysia?

Put up or shut up, MCCBCHST tells Hasan Ali 2012-03-01

February 2012

EPISODE 15: One disaster to cover another disaster (part 3) 2012-02-29

The Superhumans of Malaysia — Sakmongkol AK47 2012-02-29

Christians, Muslims are siblings of the same calling 2012-02-28

Umno violence: The worst is yet to come 2012-02-27

15,000 swarm Kuantan for anti-Lynas rally 2012-02-26

Insulting the people by denying poverty 2012-02-26

Tell us everything, Najib 2012-02-25

Is Tajudin squeezing someone powerful? 2012-02-23

Felda’s listing a threat to settlers – Razaleigh 2012-02-23

A systemic lack of accountability 2012-02-22

EPISODE 10: How to milk a cash cow 2012-02-20

‘RM2.2b project reward for retaking Perak’ 2012-02-20

EPISODE 9: The reward for giving Perak back to Umno 2012-02-20

Umno veterans meet Perkasa in 'near secrecy' 2012-02-20

Umno supporters throw stones at Anwar's car 2012-02-20

Malaysia plundered: From Mahathir to Najib 2012-02-20

Grounding Those High-Flying Kampong Boys 2012-02-19

More a ceramah than a debate 2012-02-19

Forget the debate, Chua owes Chinese an apology 2012-02-19

When diplomacy can be dismissed to backseat 2012-02-18

For Curtin, it's 'I help you, you help me' too 2012-02-18

DAP: RM97b in hidden loans pushes public debt over legal limit 2012-02-16

EU 'disappointed' by Malaysia deportation of Saudi blogger 2012-02-15

Voter audit reveals 200,000 dubious records 2012-02-14

Do Malays have rights and privileges? — Hussaini Abdul Karim 2012-02-14

Talibanism in Malaysia — David Martin

Tough love for Muslims on Valentine's Day 2012-02-13

Malaysian diplomat compares Penan to zoo animals 2012-02-11

Muslims told Valentine’s Day can invoke wrath of God 2012-02-11

Izmir (NFC) lying through his teeth? 2012-02-10

1Care health scheme an additional tax 2012-02-10

EPISODE 3: Ku Li talks about the mysterious plane crash in Sabah 2012-02-08

'EC chief is all bluff and bluster' 2012-02-07

Pakatan mourns third year of Perak putsch 2012-02-07

Overseas Malaysians, be the cause in the matter and vote 2012-02-07

Sweet deal: Cronies take profits, gov't take liabilities 2012-02-05

Shahrizat, like Caesar's wife, must be above suspicion 2012-02-04

‘Umno warlords will not let Najib succeed’ 2012-02-02

Rosmah spree: Blogger discloses email exchanges 2012-02-01

People Housing Programme: simple math don't look right 01-02-2012

White ang pow: The state has failed us 2012-02-01


January 2012

'Racists MCA and Perkasa are brothers' 2012-01-31

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West Coast Expressway 2012-01-30

REMF 2012-01-30

Apologise for white 'ang pow', Perkasa told 2012-01-30

An Open Letter To Tun Dr. Mahathir: The Future Is Not Bleak In The Absense Of Race-Based Policies 2012-01-29

TAK NAK 1CARE! 2012-01-29

Edited 'MCA CNY video' with a difference turns viral (The Video) 2012-01-28

Mahathir, who is to blame if not you? 2012-01-27

Malay NGO: Penang BN responsible for land scam 2012-01-27

The most powerful prime and finance minister in the world 2012-01-26

Khazanah sold Proton for no profits? 2012-01-25

Penang house prices becoming more unaffordable 2012-01-25

Columnist defends Rosmah's shopping spree report 2012-01-24

Interview with a gay Muslim 2012-01-25

Cops in cahoots with rowdy mob, alleges ABU 2012-01-24

Keong Hee Huat Chai - Happy Chinese New Year (Video) 2012-01-23

What we dream of 2012-01-22


Who pays for sodomy appeal - Saiful or taxpayers? 2012-01-22

Dedicated follower of fashion 2012-01-21

AG's Chambers files appeal against sodomy verdict 2012-01-20

'Brother Ah Jib' proves too hot to handle 2012-01-18

TBH vs NFC: The winner is? 2012-01-18

Taib To Be Sued By His Own Constituents – Exclusive! 2012-01-17

Bishop calls on PM to match words with deeds 2012-01-18

That 'scared cow' just cannot be slaughtered 2012-01-16

DPM, Noh Omar have no business in NFC probe 2012-01-16

Stop embarrassing Anwar, says Nik Aziz 2012-01-16

10,000 flock to Pakatan confab finale in Alor Setar 2012-01-15

A tiger may change its stripes 2012-01-15

Flip-flop shows EC under Umno's thumb 2012-01-14

Gov't shakes fist at Jln Sultan landowners 2012-01-13

Gov't urged to freeze NFC assets before EGM 2012-01-12

Penang CM and state exco members declare assets 2012-01-12

PKR shows proof of zakat abuse by Jamil Khir, two others 2012-01-11

Sodomy II verdict: Anwar NOT guilty! 2012-01-09

So EC regulations are above the constitution? 2012-01-06

RPK is his own casualty, says political analyst 2012-01-06

Najib's meeting with Church leaders an eyewash 2012-01-06

'It's not about Anwar, it's about injustice' 2012-01-04

Sodomy verdict tests political landscape 2011-01-04

Why the outcome of Anwar's trial matters to every Malaysian 2012-01-03

DAP moves closer to PKR with new Malay recruits 2012-01-03

I have resigned as MCLM president 2012-01-02


December 2011

Cowgate: The culprit turns into a victim 2011-12-30

Civil service as Umno’s fixed deposit or game buster 2011-12-30

Ministry calls up editor on use of word Allah 2011-12-29

Ketuanan Melayu and the 'big bully' mentality 2011-12-26

The protester and civil disobedience 2011-12-25

Super-luxury condos: MACC, where's the beef? 2011-12-21

Dr M concedes World Bank loans taken under his watch 2011-12-21

Senators 'traitors' for not killing Assembly Bill 2011-12-20

So, this is Malay leadership 2011-12-20

7,000 Facebook ‘likes’ over Najib flag incident 2011-12-20

World Watch: N.Korea leader Kim suffered heart attack on train 12011-12-19

Open letter to Education Minister over CBN — Dr W. Vinita Perera 2011-12-18

It took one year for Muhyiddin to see the light 2011-12-17

The way we were in 1957 — Kua Kia Soong 2011-12-17

Why not in Penang? 2011-12-15

NFC scandal: MACC blind to corruptions 2011-12-15

Najib risks Malaysia's reputation in his treatment of Anwar Ibrahim 2011-12-14

Political gimmicks to con voters 2011-12-14

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