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2014 News

Court ruling affirms religious authorities are limited by law 2014-12-31

21 deaths recorded following floods in three states, say police 2014-12-30

AirAsia relatives distraught as bodies found in sea 2014-12-30

Malaysia PM Najib slammed after photos show him playing golf while over 100,000 flee floods 2014-12-26

Number of flood victims in 4 states hits 103,000 2014-12-26

Dr M fear-mongering, playing race card to keep Umno in power, say analysts 2014-12-22

Rafizi: ‘Umno dinosaur’ out of touch on race 2014-12-21

It is Umno, not Malays, who has become beggars, says DAP 2014-12-21

Johor Catholic priest detained, 30 hymn books with ‘Allah’ seized 2014-12-14

Kit Siang wins defamation suit against Utusan 2014-12-10

World watching Malaysia on human rights, Sedition Act, UN rep says 2014-12-10

Interfaith dialogue needed more than ever, say religious leaders 2014-12-09

Stamped Bibles an act of bad faith, say angry Sarawak Christians 2014-12-09

Going beyond royal awards and titles 2014-12-04

Sabah RCI report anti-climatic despite proof of ‘Project IC’ 2014-12-04

Commission: Project IC 'probably' existed 2014-12-04

Major flaw in computing bumi equity target 2014-12-04

Allow immediate audit of klia2, DAP tells Malaysia Airport 2014-12-04

Turn the other cheek, lose sight of the future 2014-12-02

25 years on, peace treaty’s promises to ex-communists still not kept 2014-12-02

Umno general assembly is like a circus full of clowns 2014-11-29

Do not challenge our ‘special rights’, Khairy tells non-Malays 2014-11-26


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PAC takes airport firm to task for ‘unfriendly’ klia2 2014-11-25

Perkasa’s Bumi-only loan let-off draws flak from students 2014-11-25

Fear and loathing in Malaysia, thanks to vested interests 2014-11-24

The rich enjoy more subsidies than the poor, says Khazanah report 2014-11-23

'Datukship for iron ore' - no one is surprised

Subsidies cut for RON95 and diesel from December 1 2014-11-22

Report: After greasing Malaysian palms, China firm now mining benefits from Bukit Besi 2014-11-20

Along with wealth inequality, poorer Malaysians eat less protein, study finds 2014-11-19

'1MDB spent RM838mil to secure loan guarantee' 2014-11-19

MACC officer linked to Teoh Beng Hock’s death promoted 2014-11-18

Rafizi submits proof for motion against Ahmad 2014-11-18

Umno's extremism drove support away, decries MCA 2014-11-18

Tony Pua: Najib Is Creating The Biggest Scandal Ever In The History Of Malaysia (Video) 2014-11-16

Going the Taliban way to keep grip on Malaysia 2014-11-15

Muslim prayers at Negri school, say sources 2014-11-15

Japan keen on bidding for KL-Singapore high-speed rail link – Bernama 2014-11-14

On Twitter, Malaysians praise Azmin over return of Bibles 2014-11-14

Putrajaya to sue NFCorp over RM250 million loan 2014-11-05

Sarawak leader says Christian items grab reflects rising religious extremism 2014-11-01

Is God a democrat or a dictator? He is tolerant and loves diversity 2014-10-31

The main actors in Anwar’s 16-year sodomy saga 2014-10-28

What happened today in 1987 that scarred the Malaysian media 2014-10-27

Penang bans foreign cooks at hawker stalls 2014-10-24

Ridiculous to stop non-Muslims from using ‘Allah’, says Muslim Brotherhood leader 2014-10-19

After RM700 million spent, automated traffic enforcement system now useless 2014-10-17

Malaysia 19 years behind South Korea, complacency, graft among culprits 2014-10-17

Malaysia, Angola, New Zealand, Venezuela elected to UN Security Council 2014-10-17

In rare march, lawyers press Putrajaya to show door to Sedition Act 2014-10-16

Najib called to account for Sedition Act by Commonwealth lawyers 2014-10-16

‘Fundamentalist’ Malaysia insulting Muslims by barring Indonesian scholar, say critics 2014-10-15

Social media users up in arms over Najib’s call to Chinese 2014-10-13

Utusan forced to say sorry after running fake story of Catholic priest’s conversion to Islam 2014-10-12

'Nancy Shukri should quit as defacto law minister' 2014-10-12

PM’s Department gobbles up 25% of budget but lacks accountability, says lawmaker 2014-10-12

PM’s Dept takes the cake with highest-ever spending 2014-10-11

Income tax and corporate tax reduced – Budget 2015 highlights 2014-10-10

10 hurt in Jalan Bukit Bintang blast 2014-10-09

Sedition crackdown deplorable, says The New York Times 2014-10-07

JPJ enggan dedah ‘anggota pentadbiran kerajaan’ menang bidaan BMW 2014-10-07

Pay cuts for MB, state exco as people are suffering, says Azmin 2014-10-03

Uthaya walks free after 485 days in prison 2014-10-03

Lawyers’ sedition protest march on October 16 2014-10-02

Stop being in denial, pay gap causes graft, Perak Sultan tells Putrajaya 2014-10-01

Learn from 'tear gas-happy' PDRM, HK cops told 2014-10-01

Barisan won’t profit from suppressing rakyat, says ex-Umno leader 2014-10-01

Malaysia one of the most corrupt nations, survey shows - See more at:
Malaysia one of the most corrupt nations, survey shows - See more at:

Malaysia one of the most corrupt nations, survey shows 2014-10-01

Another varsity lecturer faces sedition charge 2014-09-30

Syndicate uses computer virus to break into ATMs 2014-09-29

Walk the talk, social media users tell Najib over his UN speech 2014-09-28

Public Services discrimination? 2014-09-27

Politicians come and go, the people remain 2014-09-27

Make your choices known, says Uber to M’sians 2014-09-27

Make interfaith dialogue about the common good, not heaven or hell, forum told 2014-09-25

Azmin’s appointment as Selangor MB is flawed, says lawyer 2014-09-24

1MDB’s RM1.38 billion Penang land quandary 2014-09-20

Malaysian Bar holds EGM to decide on march against Sedition Act 2014-09-19

It was always one name for MB as nobody disputed me, says Dr M 2014-09-19

Azmi Sharom’s lawyers apply to court to review Sedition Act’s constitutionality 2014-09-17

Sedition rap has turned Malaysia into a police state, says Ambiga 2014-09-13

PSM: Najib setting record as 'Sedition King' 2014-09-13

Najib hostage to extremists, says Guan Eng 2014-09-13

Lawyer Edmund Bon investigated over alleged seditious comment 2014-09-12

PM: Gov't won't replace Sedition Act in a hurry 2014-09-12

Outrage over leaked UPSR papers 2014-09-12

Sedition blitz ‘persecution’, not prosecution, says former A-G

What is democracy to you, prime minister? – Nadilla Jamil 2014-09-11

The age of sedition 2014-09-11

Bar tells A-G to drop sedition charges against Azmi Sharom, others 2014-09-10

UM lecturers reveal how freedom relates to a country’s maturity 2014-09-10

‘Chauvinist’ Hadi betrayed Pakatan’s trust, says PKR Wanita 2014-09-07

New book reveals ties between ‘militant’ gangs and Umno 2014-09-06

Muslim students group take Sedition Act protest to Putrajaya 2014-09-06

Zahid accuses non-Malays of getting arrogant 2014-09-02

Rayer arrested over involvement with anti-crime patrol unit 2014-09-01

Musa Hitam blames Putrajaya for Malay dilemma 2014-08-31

Police to arrest PPS members if activities continue, says IGP 2014-08-30

Putrajaya using Sedition Act to silence critics, says Bersih 2.0 2014-08-27

Rayer sedition charges an insult to democracy, says DAP 2014-08-27

Sultan says I am still Selangor MB, says Khalid 2014-08-27

Now, Khalid Samad’s turn to be charged with sedition 2014-08-26

A minute of silence, a lifetime of mourning for MH17 2014-08-22

RoS hauls up PKR over Khalid’s sacking 2014-08-20

PAS says either Wan Azizah or Azmin Ali for Selangor MB job 2014-08-17

Grand betrayal of rakyat if PAS joins Umno 2014-08-13

Here’re Insider Reasons Why Malaysia Airlines Bailout Will Not Work 2014-08-12

Dismissed excos say sacking illegal, will carry out duties like normal 2014-08-12

Sultan turns down Wan Azizah’s request to explain Selangor MB crisis 2014-08-12

Causeway ‘war’ takes toll on Singapore employers 2014-08-11

Khalid’s sacking allows PAS to agree to new Selangor MB, say sources 2014-08-11

Najib, Pak Lah and Mahathir also named in banknote graft case, says WikiLeaks 2014-07-30

Growing inequality a threat to Malaysia’s future, says UN report 2014-07-24

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine, 295 on board, third incident in area 2014-07-18

MAS flight MH17 with 295 on board shot down over Ukraine, Interfax reports 2014-07-18

Sabah’s security problems are a consequence of Dr Mahathir’s ICs handout 2014-07-17

Kidnappers demand ‘10 million’ for policeman’s release, says report 2014-07-17

Muslim scholars show where Umno lawyer went wrong in sexist remark 2014-07-17

Foreign vehicles entering Johor to pay entry fee, says Najib 2014-07-17

Putrajaya under fire for snubbing UN rights official over Allah ban 2014-07-10

Global economic report damns PM Najib for lacking will to reform 2014-07-09

Muslim groups fight for Church’s right to use Allah 2014-07-09

I did not resign, I was sacked, says UM’s Prof Redzuan 2014-07-05

Homeless speak up, grateful to soup kitchens for survival 2014-07-04

'Close the rumah urut, rumah ayam ...not soup kitchens" 2014-07-03

Leave city centre by Monday or face the penalty, Tengku Adnan tells soup kitchens 2014-07-03

Who are these 6 new highways for? 2014-07-02

Acts of religious provocation must end, ex-mufti tells leaders 2014-06-30

What civilised gov't deprives mother of child? 2014-06-28

‘Allah’ judgment a blow to fundamental liberties – Kim Quek 2014-06-27

Award-winning American Muslim scholar on Allah ruling: ‘We are laughing at you’  2014-06-26

Call on Umno members to emulate terror group shows Najib’s desperation, say analysts 2014-06-25

Latest ‘Allah’ ruling gives more bite for states to curtail non-Muslims’ freedom, warn lawyers 2014-06-25

Malaysian court to Christians: You can't say 'Allah' 2014-06-24

Najib’s call for Umno to emulate militants major blow to democracy, diplomatic ties 2014-06-24

When civil servants decide they’re bigger than the system 2014-06-14

Civil courts take precedence over Shariah law in custody battles, say lawyers 2014-06-12

Cronies benefitted when Mahathir ruled, says MP 2014-06-10

Rising debts will rob Malaysia of its competitive edge, warns economist 2004-06-09

Slight increase in Malay support for DAP in Teluk Intan, but Chinese, Indian votes plunge 2014-06-01

In Teluk Intan, Chinese angst with Malays trumped anger for BN 2014-06-01

Raja Nazrin proclaimed as the 35th Sultan of Perak 2014-05-29

Japan lifts Thomas Cup in debut final, stunning Malaysia 3-2 2014-05-26

Umno fiddles while the country burns – Sakmongkol AK47 2014-05-24

A desperate government will create crises to hang on to power, Pakatan tells Penangites 2014-05-23

Bosan dengan kesilapan kendali MH370, Hishammuddin dituntut letak jawatan 2014-05-25

Interfaith dialogue undermined by Putrajaya’s inaction on hate speech, say observers 2014-05-23

Fed up, families demand Hishammuddin step down over MH370 military blunder 2014-05-23

An aging Umno battles the new face of tomorrow – S. Ramakrishnan 2015-05-22

Judiciary comes under attack for not respecting the rule of law 2014-05-22

Up to 39pct electricity tariff hike in 18 months? 2014-05-21

Hishammuddin now says military told to keep an eye on MH370 2014-05-20

It’s Dr Mahathir who duped Malays, not us, says Kit Siang 2014-05-20

Safety fears in klia2 with bumpy taxiways, sinking aircraft parking bays 2014-05-20

Government should not bail out MAS – Lok Wing Kong 2014-05-18

The audacity of a tainted politician heckling a political novice 2014-05-19

Shahrizat an example of how Umno has failed women, says Dyana Sofya 2013-05-18

Ipoh-born wins MasterChef UK with nasi lemak, wanton soup 2014-05-17

Putrajaya’s unity council calls for action against extremists behind racial slurs 2013-05-17

Puncak Niaga and Syabas accept S'gor takeover offer 2014-05-17

In face of bankruptcy, union urges Najib to restructure MAS’s ‘incompetent’ top brass 2014-05-17

Najib threatens to sue Malaysiakini over ‘defamatory’ comments from readers 2014-05-16

Isma is a disgrace to all Malaysians, says Ramkarpal 2014-05-16

Najib’s ‘human rights-ism’ a bogeyman to cover up human rights abuses 2014-05-16

Time for A-G to explain his decisions on charges against opposition leaders, say lawyers 2014-05-15

Two Catholic nuns viciously attacked on church grounds 2014-05-14

Terengganu deadlock as Ahmad Said quits Umno hours after resigning as MB 2014-05-13

Hudud in Malaysia can be applied to everyone, says Islamic scholar 2014-05-11

Home Ministry officer arrested on suspicion of embezzling more than RM200,000 2014-05-11

MH370 probe team was stuck in hotel watching TV' 2014-05-11

LCCT officially closes as klia2 takes over – Bernama 2014-05-09

Najib lied about repealing the Sedition Act 2014-05-08

Academic freedom should not be used to promote hate speech, say Christian bodies 2014-05-08

Civil groups want Putrajaya to take action against varsity over ‘Christian agenda’ forum 2014-05-07

This is Putrajaya’s way to cripple opposition, Teresa Kok says of sedition charge 2014-05-06

The insolence of Gani Patail 2014-05-06

Questions over MH370 cargo emerge again following new information 2014-05-05

After GE13, some now relegated to political wilderness 2014-05-05

Rescue centre should've been alerted after 30mins 2014-05-03

Irregularities in MH370 audio recordings indicate possible editing, say experts 2014-05-03

MH370: Police have no plans to reveal findings of investigations – Bernama 2014-05-03

An unethical proposal on hudud – Ahmad Farouk Musa 2014-04-29

Australian exploration company claims it may have found MH370 wreckage, says report 2014-04-29

To be a reformer, one must reform and not conform 2014-04-28

Obama courts Malaysia while nudging on rights 2014-04-

Malaysia cannot succeed unless equal opportunity given to non-Muslims, says Obama 2014-04-28

Malaysia cannot succeed unless equal opportunity given to non-Muslims, says Obama 2014-04-27

Obama arrives in Putrajaya for talks – Bernama 2014-04-27

Karpal Singh a political man of his times 2014-04-23

Putrajaya awarded RM100 million to company rejected by banks, says PKR 2014-04-22

In state eulogy, Guan Eng hails Karpal’s great fighting spirit 2014-04-20

Thousands line Penang roads to bid farewell to Karpal 2014-04-20

Karpal Singh dies in road accident, son injured 2014-04-17

First foray of mini-sub finds nothing of interest in MH370 hunt 2014-04-15

In aftermath of Jais raid, Bible society moves to KL seeking better protection 2014-04-15

Putrajaya, MACC sued for ‘unlawful’ death of Customs assistant director 2014-04-04

Putrajaya seeks stiffer penalty against Karpal for sedition 2014-04-04

Petronas has been bailing out Putrajaya financially since 1985, says Ku Li 2014-04-04

Kidnapping in Sabah deals another blow to Malaysia-China ties, tourism, says news portal 2014-04-03

Peter Jackson’s jet joins search for missing MH370, says report 2014-04

Tenaganita’s Irene Fernandez dies of heart failure 2014-03-31

Can flight MH370 lead to political change? 2014-03-29

Interpol hits back at Malaysia’s stolen passport database claims 2014-03-29

Dr Mahathir was in Kuala Lumpur during 1985 Memali incident, says Musa Hitam 2014-03-28

Politicians have failed religious minorities, so ordinary folk must stand up, says Muslim group 014-03-28

MH370 search area shifted on ‘new, credible lead’, says Australia 2014-03-28

Questions now over Subang ATC response when MH370 went missing 2014-03-28

Planes, ships race to beat bad weather in search for flight MH370 2014-03-27

Internet will be censored if I am PM again, says Dr Mahathir 2014-03-26

After the traumatic news, time to answer questions on MH370 mystery 2014-03-25

Confirmed: MH370 went down in Indian Ocean 2014-03-25

'Plane's drop in altitude indicates emergency' 2014-03-24

Doing well despite unusual moves in Kajang 2014-03-24

Chinese relatives of those on board MH370 turn unruly at 2nd Beijing briefing 2014-03-22

Australia says satellite imagery in plane search ‘indistinct’ 2014-03-20

New data from Thai military show MH370 changed direction before co-pilot’s sign-off 2014-03-19

MMA: Statutory rape claim 'shocking beyond belief' 2014-03-19

Maldives residents report seeing low-flying aircraft on day MH370 disappeared 2014-03-19

Malaysia lets slip chance to intercept MH370 2014-03-17

Radar data suggests MH370 plane flown deliberately toward Andaman Islands 2014-03-14

Chinese researchers say ‘seafloor event’ may have been linked to MH370 2014-03-14

US says lost MH370 flew on for hours, flight data given by Malaysia 2014-03-14

Malaysia sends search aircraft to possible crash site 2014-03-13

Malaysian authorities slammed for contradicting statements in search for MH370 2014-03-12

From patience to anger over MH370 search and rescue boo-boos 2014-03-12

Updates on MH370 at Astro Awani

Agonising wait by family of passenger made worse by rumours of hijack 2014-03-07

Two more Europeans passengers with suspect identities onboard missing MH370 2014-03-09

Missing MAS flight: US firm says 20 employees on missing Malaysia plane 2014-03-09

A future without Anwar 2014-03-09

Two passengers on MH370 using stolen passports, say reports 2014-03-09

Beijing-bound MAS plane carrying 239 people missing 2014-03-08

Anwar’s conviction marks return of authoritarian rule, says lawyers’ group 2014-03-08

Top lawyer under probe for statutory declaration on Altantuya’s murder 2014-03-07

Private clinics, hospitals to charge more after minister gazettes new fee structure, says report 2014-03-04

Air quality in Port Klang deteriorates as more areas register unhealthy API levels 2014-03-04

Costlier medical bills after hush increase by gov't 2014-03-04

Under Najib, Malaysia not a progressive society for religion, says Asia watcher 2014-03-02

Najib opens second Penang bridge, naming it after the King 2014-03-02

Kit Siang wants silent majority to take on extremists and ‘save Malaysia’ 2014-03-01

Act against Utusan editor for defying reconciliation plan, Najib urged 2014-02-26

Nizar wins defamation suit against TV3 2014-02-26

Malays disgusted with pigs but don’t care if food is bought with ill-gotten gains, says Kadir Jasin 2013-02-25

School-based assessment on hold until further notice, says education ministry 2014-02-24

'1MDB must explain Cayman Islands fund' 20-02-2014

Unity council chief rebukes Perkasa, says aim to restore racial, religious harmony 2014-02-20

Tony Fernandes expresses shock over MAS’s losses 2014-02-19

We are a volcano waiting to erupt over hate issues, Islamic coalition warns Malaysians 2014-02-19

Malays losing out in unfair drawing of electoral boundaries, say analysts 2014-02-15

MyWatch persoal sumber KM Melaka bayar RM200,000 untuk nombor plat kenderaan 2014-02-14

Why is Putrajaya so afraid of Anwar Ibrahim? 2014-02-13

What would Tunku Abdul Rahman do in light of raging racial tensions? 2014-02-11

Netizens poke fun at Zahid after his dismissal of slap threat by protesters 2014-02-08

Dismissal of 22 from PKNS resulted in RM7 million savings, says Khalid 2014-02-06

Toll rates unchanged thanks to people power, stronger opposition 2014-02-06

Kajang by-election to be held on March 23, nominations set for March 11, says polls body 2014-02-05

Delays expected for klia2 as terminal fails fire, safety checks 2014-02-05

Najib to meet supporters tonight to stem party revolt 2014-01-29

History and constitutional guarantee allow Christians to use ‘Allah’, say law experts 2014-01-29

Putrajaya condoning racial and religious tension, says Ambiga 2014-01-29

Molotov cocktails thrown at Penang church 2014-01-27

Shariah police conflicts with Federal Constitution, experts warn 2014-01-27

Himpunan TURUN 2.0 di Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang 26/1/2014

In fresh challenge, two Sabahans sue Home Ministry over Herald seizure 2014-01-26

DAP brands Najib a ‘lame-duck prime minister’ 2014-01-25

Allah row a bid to convert Muslims in Sabah and Sarawak, says ex-chief judge 2014-01-24

Public accounts panel raps BOMBAstic spending 2014-01-24

Putrajaya must not allow spiral of violence to start, says DAP

This country needs you! Let’s kick out Umno from Putrajaya – Sakmongkol AK47 2014-01-23

Inflation more than double last year’s rate, ringgit weaker 2014-01-23

Two photos of pigs in International New York Times blackened out 2014-01-22

Umno, NGOs lodge reports against The Malaysian Insider, lawyer Bon and Facebook user 2014-01-22

Taib Mahmud’s son has shares in 49 companies, worth more than RM1 billion, Syariah Court told 2014-01-22

Malaysia tidak tunaikan janji pembaharuan, kata badan hak asasi antarabangsa 2014-01-22

Putrajaya’s appeal hits snag as cop acquitted of Altantuya murder goes missing 2014-01-22

Najib's last days in power? 2014-01-22

Proton insists it will survive despite revised automotive policy 2014-01-21

Umno falling back on extremism when responding to criticism, say critics 2014-01-20

Anwar Ibrahim barred from entering Japan 2014-04-20

Activist lodges report against KL senior cop for ‘slanderous’ comment 2014-01-20

Glum Chinese New Year sales a signal of a less prosperous year? 2014-01-20

Putrajaya acting irresponsibly for saying Christians subject to state legislation, says law expert 2014-01-19

Penang Umno threatens ‘May 13’ retaliation over PKR’s kangkung flash mob 2014-01-19

Kangkung now hot topic in comedy and satirical humour 2014-01-18

BBC page blocked over #kangkung buzz? 2014-01-16

Putrajaya imposes ‘very high’ restrictions on religion, global study finds 2014-01-15

Najib rapped by netizens for ‘kangkung’ statement 2014-01-10

Gani should be sacked over PKFZ prosecution fiasco, says DAP 2014-01-14

They came seeking answers on the ‘Allah’ row 2014-01-14

Idris Jala unfit to be Christian if he remains silent on 10-point solution, says Christian leader 2014-01-14

Malaysia most vulnerable to external shocks, says The Economist 2014-01-13

Seizure of Alkitab and Bup Kudus invades Iban Christian’s rights, says Sarawak 2014-01-12

Anwar, Azmin discharged in Bersih 3.0 case 2014-01-13

Gross governmental failure over religious issues 2014-01-10

Lead by example, analysts tell Barisan leaders as excesses put off Malaysians 2014-01-08

It’s city council’s turn to harass Bible Society of Malaysia 2014-01-07

At least 60 KL cops under probe in biggest anti-graft ops ever 2014-01-07

Lavish ministerial parties as Putrajaya, Malaysians tighten belts 2014-01-06

Producers of Hollywood movie linked to Rosmah’s son threaten to sue blogger 2014-01-06

Progressive Muslims defend Klang church 2014-01-05

The day religious officers policed another faith in Malaysia 2014-01-05

Muslim-Christian ties deteriorate while extremists celebrate 2014-01-04

Bar says Jais has no power to regulate other faiths, its raid on the Bible Society was illegal 2014-01-04

Rejoinder on job ‘apartheid’ – Koon Yew Yin 2014-01-03

Of mad mullahs and mangled muftis 2014-01-03

Selangor Islamic authorities raid Bible Society of Malaysia, 300 copies of Alkitab seized 2014-01-02

Stuck without an intelligent reply, Umno veterans take silly way out 2014-01-02

Tolls and hikes short-circuiting Malaysian future 2014-01-02

Marina Mahathir raps Putrajaya for keeping mum on serious issues 2014-01-02


In Putrajaya’s budget trim, a story of too little, too late 2013-12-31

Discontent over living costs floods PM's Facebook 2013-12-30

Umno’s caveman politics – Sakmongkol AK47 2013-12-30

Top online portals team up for press freedom 2013-12-27

Putrajaya funded Perkasa to promote racist policy, 2013-12-26

Right about Islam, Christianity’s common ground, but who seeks to keep Allah exclusive? 2013-12-26

Najib’s proposal for cost of living lab met with derision in cyberspace 2013-12-23

Journalists' groups slam suspension of The Heat 2013-12-20

'Taxpayers should know gov't pays BN MPs more' 2013-12-19

When will they ever learn? Can they ever learn? – Sakmongkol AK47 2013-12-19

Allah banner for Iban Christian gathering removed by Kuching authorities 2013-12-16

Oh, We Moderns – Farish A Noor 2013-12-14

RoS insists DAP operate with last year’s CEC pending full report on recent election 2013-12-14

The Shia card: Destroying Pakatan through Mat Sabu

In Bujang Valley, activist fears ancient temples doomed, says more secretly destroyed 2013-12-03

Kedah state government issues stop work order at Sungai Batu heritage site - Bernama 2013-12-03

Centuries-old temple ruins in Bujang Valley furtively destroyed 2013-12-01

Najib takes arrogance of power to a new low – Michael Xavier 2013-11-27

Netizens slam ‘traitor’ Junaidi’s treason threat 2013-11-27

Ceiling at ICU for babies at Serdang Hospital collapses 2013-11-15

GST will hurt middle-class, youths, poor the most, says think tank 2013-11-08

Absence of Johor financial report may lead to crisis, DAP warns 2013-11-08

Was AG responsible for Batu Puteh blunder? 2013-11-07

Gov't executive jets cost RM490k per flight 2013-11-07

Najib vows to defend use of Allah as exclusive to Muslims 2013-11-06

Another blow for Mukhriz as Sungai Limau rejects Barisan Nasional 2011-11-05

PAS lawmaker says Allah issue only an Umno issue, not worldwide one 2013-11-02

New policy robs disabled of a Happy Deepavali 2013-11-02

Malaysiakini wins, gov't fails in appeal 2013-10-30

Why do banks fail to implement two-guard rule? 2013-10-30

Investors who 'lost RM12mil' fume at Najib in London 2013-10-30

PM and deputy’s official homes spent RM3.5 million on water and electricity last year 2013-10-28

Slaughtering cattle and educational values – Dr Kua Kia Soong 2013-10-28

Imposing GST akin to killing the golden goose 2013-10-28

'Subsidy removal gives sugar tycoons RM1bil more' 2013-10-28

At RM16.5bil, Najib oversees most expensive PMD yet 2013-10-27

Putrajaya stops the distribution of latest Herald in Sabah 2013-10-26

BR1M extended to households earning RM3,000 to RM4,000 2013-10-26

GST targets a bigger group but poor hit most, say economists 2013-10-26

Three dead after Cameron Highlands dam gate opened 2013-10-24

Award-winning American Muslim scholar on Allah ruling: “We are laughing at you” 2013-10-23

Teenager found dead in suitcase 2013-10-23

Nazri to Chin Woo school: Fight me and I'll 'kill' you 2013-10-22

RM270 million paid to train teachers in English is absurd, says DAP 2013-10-21

Playing God, the Umno way? 2013-10-21

Standing up for the right things, not the stable ones 2013-10-21

Sulu sultan who ordered Lahad Datu incursion dies 2013-10-20

School no place for slaughtering cows 2013-10-20

Threat to Malaysian students backfires as Anwar draws bigger crowd in Australia 2013-10-20

Winners and losers in Umno polls 2013-10-20

“World’s best hospital” turns unprofitable for Petronas, that’s RM1 billion gone, says DAP 2013-10-19

Denying economic bubble brings more trouble for Malaysia, says financial analyst 2013-10-19

Allah decision binding on all Malaysians, says retired AG Abu Talib 2013-10-19

Lawyer feels vindicated after winning defamation suit against NST, MACC 2013-10-18

Income tax reduction unlikely after GST implementation - Bernama 2013-10-12

Taib Mahmud’s son has more than RM1 billion in assets, Syariah Court told 2013-10-11

Zahid: I'm doing this for humanity and Allah 2013-10-10

Lawyers’ group calls for Ahmad Zahid’s arrest over shoot-to-kill remark 2013-10-10

Average bumi won't benefit from ASB2 scheme 2013-10-09

Stop playing the race card, Ali Rustam and Ahmad Zahid told 2013-10-09

Ambiga tells MCA and MIC to 'have self-respect, quit BN' 2013-10-08

Malaysian Bar slams Zahid for bringing nation into disrepute 2013-10-08

Why Umno leaders are singing such a vile tune these days 2013-10-08

Auditor General makes plain what Zahid and Shabery got wrong 2013-10-08

Kelantan, the most Malay of states, is into studying Chinese – Singapore daily 2013-10-07

Of running dogs, misunderstanding and proving the phrase 2013-10-07

Zahid now trains guns on dailies, threatens closure 2013-10-06

The man they call the next Lim Guan Eng 2013-10-06

After petrol hike, sugar and flour prices next? 2013-10-06

MCA, Gerakan MPs slammed for being 'coffeeshop heroes' 2013-10-04

A “black day” for Malaysia as PCA passed, and the debate goes on 2013-10-03

'K-Pop event now RM67mil: What else is gov't hiding?' 2013-10-03

Amendments to Prevention of Crime Act passed with 2-year detention without trial 2013-10-03

Felda’s pricey London hotel buy sparks probe, Umno disquiet 2013-10-03

Police report lodged against Sarawak government as Penans fight resettlement due to Murum dam 2013-10-02

The Auditor-General’s Report, a tale of greed from top to bottom 2013-10-02

AG Report October-2013:

Stressed, starved livestock die in Sarawak 2013-10-02

Felda’s pricey London hotel buy sparks probe, Umno disquiet 2013-10-03

Clocks, scanners and “miscellaneous items” cost RTM RM9 million, up to 7,200 times over budget

AG’s report reveals ministry official claimed RM300,000 for trip worth under RM50,000

I pay dead people – welfare aid to ghosts in three states 2013-10-02

Millions lost due to Works ministry failure to recoup money from terminated contractors

Education Ministry rapped by Auditor-General over poor security at schools despite huge budget 2013-10-01

RM73mil CIQ complex illegally built on private land 2013-10-01

Security in schools sees RM2bil go down the tube 2013-10-01

AUDIT REPORT 2012 (in Malay)


Another ceiling collapse, third for Serdang Hospital 2013-10-01

Zairil gets bigger majority as same set of DAP leaders elected in fresh CEC polls 2013-09-30

Mukhriz punishing Chinese in Kedah, says DAP’s Teresa Kok 2013-09-29

Why Najib hightails it to New York and such… 2013-09-29

Najib’s son Nazifuddin becomes substantial shareholder of ’1Malaysia Paint’ supplier SerSol

Bumi, not booming 2013-09-27

Government must explain Maybank’s exposure in Indonesia, says Pua 2013-09-27

The three stars: Chin Peng, Najib and Dr M 2013-09-27

Nazri Jr 'buys RM7mil house', Nazri Sr: 'Not my problem' 2013-09-26

I was detained for harmless Chin Peng mementoes, says Penang retiree 2013-09-26

Utusan offers public apology to DAP's father and son duo 2013-09-26

'Non-expert' paid RM20mil to draft Education Blueprint 2013-09-24

PM's Hari Raya bash cost RM2.88 million! 2013-09-24

Chin Peng fought to return to Malaysia, say lawyers, contradicting Home Minister 2013-09-24

PAS member pays respects to Chin Peng in Bangkok 2013-09-23

Election Commission took orders from Putrajaya, Ambiga tells Bersih tribunal 2013-09-23

My final message – Chin Peng 2013-09-21

The world will laugh at us, says ex-top cop who negotiated 1989 peace treaty with Chin Peng 2013-09-21

'Barring Chin Peng's ashes makes us laughing stock' 2013-09-21

CPM leader's long-time comrade still feels betrayed 2013-09-21

Dr Mahathir lying about Project IC, Anwar tells RCI 2013-09-19

Umno’s overtures to PAS a ploy to break Pakatan, warns Zaid

If Najib’s serious about Bumi agenda, look at Orang Asli, says DAP analyst 2013-09-18

Obituary - Chin Peng, a Malayan nationalist 2013-09-17

People’s Tribunal to hear complaints of polls fraud despite absence of EC, police2013-09-17

Umno’s fear tactic controls rural Malays 2013-09-17

Ex-CPM leader Chin Peng passes away at 89 2013-07-16

After a few plans, another plan for the Bumiputeras? 2013-09-15

Sailors cry foul over late payment 2013-09-15

Najib using rakyat's money to save Utusan 2013-09-15

Tanda Putera producer finally apologises to Lim 2013-09-13

CM loath to lodge report on Twitter 'death threat' 2013-09-12

Sabahan leaders say Dr M lying about Project IC 2013-09-12

Meritocracy key to bridging NUS-UM gap, says Karpal 2013-09-12

Residents take Syabas to consumer tribunal 2013-09-11

Dr M claims to be in the dark about 'Project IC' 2013-09-11

Residents take Syabas to consumer tribunal 2013-09-11

'Walk the talk before asking for shadow cabinet' 2013-09-08

IOC selects Tokyo as the 2020 Olympics host 2013-09-08

Transparency International – Malaysia terminates sec-gen Josie Fernandez’s membership 2013-09-07

Is helping fellow Malaysians racist, Kit Siang’s aide asks Noh Omar 2013-09-07

Why worry about 20 sen? 2013-09-06

Fed up with MIC, Indian group turns to MCA to resolve Seri Pristana controversy 2013-09-04

Upset Malaysians dismiss Putrajaya cash handout, believe fuel price hike precursor to more bad news 2013-09-03

It’s finally here, fuel price up tonight. New taxes next? 2013-09-03

Taib’s son has more than RM2 billion in various bank accounts, says ex-wife 2013-09-02

May 13 was not a racial riot - Stephen Ng 2013-01-01

Muslim group’s Merdeka video says Shia teachings, Christianity are threats 2013-08-30

Finas told to enforce Tanda Putera screening in Penang, says minister - Bernama 2013-08-30

Ministry: GST a must, not an option 2013-08-29

Higher tariff on electricity likely after Putrajaya studies subsidy mechanism 2013-08-29

Putrajaya declares war on gangs, 40,313 members identified 2013-08-29

Lawyers: Cops should inform parents if quizzing kids 2013-08-28

OCPD: Yes, we quizzed kids but didn't harass them 2013-08-28

Shahrizat's appointment Najib's 'gift to the corrupt' 2013-08-28

Harassed out of school - more non-Muslim students leaving Seri Pristana 2013-08-28

Ex-wife: CM's son Bekir was unfaithful to me 2013-08-27

'Gov't policies top drawback for business' 2013-

400 special policemen to tackle perception, or crime? 2013-08-26

Unlike Pak Lah, Khairy lets Utusan stay rabid on race 2013-08-26

Prominent names behind Genting bus company 2013-08-25

EC not keen on proportional system 2013-08-25

Utusan slams Chinese food hub project, says Jalan Alor already like Hong Kong 2013-08-25

In court of public opinion, AG has failed Altantuya too, say lawyers 2013-08-24

Azilah, Sirul freed of Altantuya murder charge 2013-08-23

So, who killed Altantuya? And why?

Allah issue: Matter over use of word Allah still alive, says Appeals Court 2013-08-23

37 dead, 16 injured in Malaysia’s worst accident 2013-08-21

No vision upstairs and double vision on the road, that’s AES for you 2013-08-21

This is the price of handing out citizenship for votes 2013-08-20

Putrajaya has revoked PR status of Johor resort owner in surau backlash 2013-08-17

BTN registered illegals as voters, RCI told 2013-08-16

Don't break word on use of 'Allah', Najib told

Top Buddhist priest says sorry over Johor surau row 2013-08-14

Don’t turn your voice into a whisper, Pak Lah’s supporters urge him 2013-08-10

Malaysia Violent Crime Wave Escalates With Shootings, Car Blast 2013-08-09

Proton’s story - Lim Sue Goan 2013-08-08

“Very shameful” Seri Pristana must answer for alleged abuse, says Vell Paari 2013-08-07

Malaysia sacrifices talent to keep one race on top, says Lee Kuan Yew 2013-08-07

Penang CM, state exco and PR Aduns declare assets as promised 2013-08-07

Zaid: Malay rights are opium of the people 2013-07-09

Welcome to UmnoLand. Population: a few invincible, many applauding 2013-08-05

In rare move, Pope Francis personally signs Aidil Fitri greetings 2013-08-04

Zaid: Malaysia no different from Taliban rule 2013-08-04

Umno/BN journalism reached new “heights” when lies become truths and fiction transmuted into fact 2013-08-03

DAP wants ROS to decide based on acceptable reasons not Utusan propaganda 2013-08-03

Former Vice-cop charged with raping and sodomising 13-year-old 2013-08-03

Facebook removes Dr M’s ‘Chinese Dilemma’, cites violation of community standards 2013-

Don’t lie, tell us why, Kit Siang urges ROS over reason for re-election of CEC 2013-08-02

ROS must explain itself over directive to DAP 2013-08-02

School principal’s apology insincere, makes Malaysia look intolerant, says MCA Youth 2013-08-01

June / July 2013

Apologise to non-Muslims for overreaction to dogs-in-Aidilfitri video, DPM told 2013

Why the beauty contest is important 2013-07-31

Fitch pushes Malaysia’s credit rating outlook to negative 2013-07-31

Like EC, the ROS behaving like a BN minion 2013-07-29

Malaysian ringgit falls to 15-year low against the Singapore dollar 2013-07-29

MCA had phantom voters by the tens of thousands, and I helped create them, businessman claims 2013-07-28

Anti-crime watchdog chief shot in Bahau, in critical condition 2013-07-27

No dilemma, Dr Mahathir, just the need for a better Malaysia 2013-07-27

'EC fuels vote-buying by justifying travel allowance' 2013-07-27

School 'forces' students to eat in shower room 2013-07-24

Haze back as three areas record unhealthy API readings, hotspots increase in Sumatra 2013-07-22

Refusal to charge Ibrahim, Zulkifli shows double standards, says Guan Eng 2013-07-21

Appalled by Umno leaders’ stand on Allah issue, Christians ask Cabinet to enforce 10-point solution 2013-07-20

Dr M behind double standards in media ethics, says don 2013-07-20

Those in whose name we fight and in whose name we betray - Sakmongkol AK47 2013-07-20

Johor to take action if negligence caused quarry blast 2013-07-20

Musa Aman involved in 'Project IC', RCI told 2013-07-18

We knew of possible Sulu intrusion but details were sketchy, says senior Special Branch officer 2013-07-18

PM's overseas trips cost RM44mil in five years 2013-07-18

Filipino becomes M'sian after being given Muslim name 2013-07-18

'Umno engineered Muslim population boom' 2013-07-17

34 years on, 'little progress' in Kuala Besut 2013-07-15

It’s official, Pakatan goes to court to dismiss all GE13 results 2013-07-15

Here’s an indelible record of that election ink 2013-07-15

MCA in arms on low intake of Chinese M'sian students 2013-07-14

Does the Election Commission really think Malaysians have a short memory? 2013-07-13

Household debt a matter of concern 2013-07-13

A silent Prime Minister confounds the nation 2013-07-12

Chase Vatican rep from M'sia, urges Muslim NGO group 2013-07-12

Police acted unlawfully in arresting lawyers, activists, court rules 2013-07-10

'Malindo Air deal in Malaysia smacks of cronyism' 2013-07-10

Cabinet agreed to repeal Sedition Act, says Nazri 2013-27-08

Security shocker at Sukma games village 2013-07-08

Gov't withdraws three conversion Bills 2013-07-08

Only in Malaysia: lawyer under travel ban for supporting Suu Kyi even after she walks free 2013-07-07

Sedition Act here to stay, says Ahmad Zahid 2013-07-07

Puncak Niaga chief should be axed, not rewarded 2013-07-07

Justify deportation or there'll be more questions, Taib told 2013-07-06

Former Perak MB wins suit against Utusan

Papaya leaf juice a way to treat dengue 2013-07-04

Blue IC sent to foreigners even in jungle, RCI told 2013-07-02

Nurul Izzah files private members bill to abolish Sedition Act 2013-07-02

Khairy concedes Malaysia’s crime situation is “serious” 2013-07-02

Hasty laws, nasty consequences - The Malaysian Insider 2013-07-02

Case to revive English-medium schools 2013-07-02

BN MPs told to vote with conscience on conversion bill 2013-07-02

Opposition sends sympathies to Khairy for burgled home, calls for police reform 2013-06-30

'Where are findings of RM51mil GST panel?' 2013-06-30

To Riau farmers, livelihoods matter; not zero-burning and the haze 2013-06-30

KJ’s house burgled 2013-06-30

Conversion bill anti national reconciliation, says MCA 2013-06-29

Custodial deaths: A tale of indecision and indifference 2013-06-29

Pua backs Nazri’s “Walk, don’t Drive” message for popular Malacca tourist spot 2013-06-29

High drama as both MCA and DAP 'defend' Jonker Walk 2013-06-29

Sarawak blackout may have been caused by Bakun plant 2013-06-27

Karpal challenges AG to prosecute Home Minister for assault, attempted murder 2013-06-27

Indonesia is not afraid of Malaysia or Singapore, says its president 2013-06-27

Indelible ink was actually food colouring, Shahidan tells MP 2013-06-26

Haze Alert: What are current pollution levels like? 2013-06-25

Haze makes history in Parliament 2013-06-25

Now, the haze is choking Port Klang at 487 2013-06-23

Act on errant Malaysian firms, minister tells Indonesia 2013-06-24

Haze now heading north to KL and PJ and beyond 2013-06-24

More haze for Muar as Singapore gets a break 2013-06-23

Muar API reading worsens to hazardous level of 578 2013-06-22

Singapore ex-prime minister uses Badawi story to tick off Indonesia on haze 2013-06-22

Smoke continues to smother Johor and Malacca 2013-06-21

Haze: Putrajaya warns Malaysian palm oil companies in Indonesia 2013-06-21

Selangor to set up commission into alleged election fraud 2013-06-20

Coroner rules six-year-old William Yau’s death a ‘misadventure’ 2013-06-20

Flashmob 'sleeps' on road divider to champion rally 2013-06-20

'Immigrants determine election outcome in Sabah' 2013-06-20

Dr Mahathir regrets Internet freedom 2013-06-19

Gov't answers on population boom 'unsatisfactory' 2013-06-18

Goodbye to the national car, Proton 2013-06-18

Lessons from Turkey for Muslim Democrats in M'sia 2013-06-17

Election Commission chairperson admits failure of indelible ink 2013-06-17

Indian migrant joined Rela, got BR1M, RCI told 2013-06-17

In a golf club, a gamble fails as members revolt 2013-06-16

17 Black 505 flashmobbers detained 2013-06-15

Malaysian leader’s son to receive another USD 320 million in state contracts 2013-06-15

Malaysian author Tan Twan Eng wins Scott prize for historical fiction 2013-06-15

Families displaced by Putrajaya protest for proper housing 2013-06-04

FATAL STORM: Antenna at Penang Umno HQ falls, 1 killed, 8 injured 2013-06-14

- Video storm

Gale wreaks havoc in Penang, Umno HQ's antenna torn off 2013-06-14

Carmakers refute Utusan’s price slash claim 2013-06-13

What's Mokhzani up to at Yinson? 2013-06-13

PKR: Explain how Altantuya's case was 'dealt with' 2013-06-12

Child's religious conversion by one parent 'morally wrong' 2013-06-12

Unhappy BN MPs meet over spoils of GE13 victory 2013-06-11

Malaysia among top 10 countries gobbling up US property 2013-06-11

A reply to Petronas’ response — Dzulkefly Ahmad 2013-06-10

In Halim Saad suit, Pakatan suggests a Mahathir legacy of graft and cronyism 2013-06-09

Learn to be Malaysian, Kit Siang tells Dr M 2013-06-08

Jeffrey: Double Six tragedy fallout continues 2013-06-08

Singapore's Websites Call for Saturday Protest 2013-06-08

Soi Lek: Resolution on not accepting post to be nullified 2013-06-08

Mongolian delegation wants answers on Altantuya's death 2013-06-08

Is it racism only when non-Malays involved, Dr M? 2013-06-07

Report lodged against Dr M's 'racist' blog posting 2013-06-07

Halim Saad sues government over sour Renong deal 2013-06-07


2013 May

Collapsed Second Penang Bridge section built by local contractor 2013-06-07

Section of Second Penang Bridge collapses 2013-06-06

Dr M takes potshots at DAP and the Chinese 2013-06-06

Kit Siang: Why has Zahid not faced ‘criminal’ charges? 2013-06-06

Hindraf’s Uthayakumar jailed for sedition 2013-06-05

Three cops charged with Dhamendran’s murder, fourth accused still at large 2013-06-05

'Ballot papers of EC officers sold to BN for RM100 each' 2013-06-05

Umno hatched ‘DDD Brigade’ to demonise and destroy DAP, says Kit Siang 2013-06-05

Penang CM: Federal gov't values racists over investors 2013-06-04

Tanda Putera screening is reconciliation, Najib style 2013-06-04

'Father of Pendrive' mulls legal action against Utusan 2013-06-03

‘Tanda Putera’ finally to be shown in cinemas 2013-06-03

Anwar, Kit Siang 'also on Sabah ban list' 2013-06-03

Straits Times: Credibility of Malaysia’s mainstream newspapers at stake 2013-06-02

Malaysian exchangers helped hide paper trail for world’s largest cyber money-launderer 2013-06-02

Dharmendran died from multiple beatings, forensic report confirms 2013-06-01

'A handcuffed Dharmendran suffered 52 injuries' 2013-06-01

Women’s political participation in Malaysia: What are the barriers? — Nazreen Nizam 2013-06-01

2013 May

Genting's donations of RM190mil election-related? 2013-05-31

Nurul Izzah’s ejection from state ‘big mistake’, says Sabah BN MP 2013-05-31

Nurul Izzah denied entry into Sabah 2013-05-30

Malaysia ranks 34 in world resource governance index, trails Indonesia, Iraq and Timor-Leste 2013-05-30

Dr M, Daim will decide debate on Najib’s future, says veteran newsman 2013-05-30

Malaysia slips in competitiveness ranking 2013-05-30

Alarm over seventh custodial death in 2013 alone 2013-05-29

Tian Chua, Tamrin, Haris rearrested in renewed crackdown 2013-05-29

Malaysia linked to world’s largest money laundering scheme, NYT reports 2013-05-29

Rescuers: 23 still missing in Belaga boat tragedy 2013-05-29

KiniNews: Claims of police 'intimidation' over indelible ink reports 2013-05-29

DAP warns of asset stripping in MCA-linked firm’s reverse takeover bid 2013-05-27

Clear polls petitions within six months, CJ tells judges 2013-05-27

Pakistani tells Sabah RCI voted twice, name still on GE13 voter roll 2013-05-27

Protesters abroad may lose passports 2013-05-27

Najib never signed pre-polls peace deal, reveals Anwar 2013-05-27

Pakatan brands MAHB as 'liars' over KLIA2 delay 2013-05-27

Blackout photo taken by PAS agent, Seri Serdang rep confirms 2013-05-26

Thousands 'light up' for democracy at Dataran PJ 2013-05-26

Anwar broke treaty with Najib by protesting polls results, reveals WSJ 26-05-2013

Declare position on legality of Cabinet appointments, Kit Siang tells Najib 2013-05-24

Crackdown on dissent shows Putrajaya regressing on democracy, Bar says2013-05-24

Magistrate rejects remand request, Tian Chua, Tamrin, Haris released 2013-05-24

Netizen nabbed for seditious remark against sultan 2013-05-24

Vigil participants file assault reports against police 2013-05-24

Faulty Balik Pulau contest gives Pakatan proof of nationwide vote-rigging, says leader 2013-05-24

Home Ministry seizes Harakah, Suara Keadilan, Rocket 2013-05-24

'Arrested Malaysians in S'pore denied legal access' 2013-05-23

The Sedition Act (1948) 2013-05-23

Tian Chua, Haris Ibrahim, Tamrin Ghafar arrested 2013-05-23

Adam Adli charged with sedition 2013-05-23

Outrage grows over scandal-tainted Taib Mahmud 2013-05-23

All four Sosilawati murder accused found guilty, get death sentence 2013-05-23

Hospital confirms detainee died from blunt force trauma 2013-05-23

Malaysia’s election system drawn to sustain BN’s dominance, don tells forum 2013-05-23

Two-thirds of Pakatan GE13 wins in multi-racial seats, research shows 2013-05-22

'GST will burden every M'sian by RM1,000 a year' 2013-05-22

As thousands rally in Kedah, Mahfuz warns BN against needless spats 2013-05-22

Sarawak CM, exco, lawmakers now get paid triple 2013-05-21

MACC panel wants ministers, MBs, banned from government projects 2013-05-21

Non-paying Sabah foreigners incur RM21.7m government healthcare since 2007, RCI told 2013-05-21

Voting denial proves phantom voters, integrity of ICs in doubt, says Rafizi 2013-05-20

Raja Nazrin: Integrity, commitment to fight graft can improve BN’s image 2013-05-20

Sabah issued 12 times more ICs than Sarawak since 1963, RCI told 2013-05-20

‘Racial’ boycott will spook investors, stall economic reforms, warn business experts 2013-05-20

Open up Petronas’ books’ 2013-05-19

Bring back English schools 2013-05-19

Overlooked BN MPs being placated with Cabinet reshuffle pledge, say sources 2013-05-19

Syabas either incompetent or up to mischief 2013-05-19

Thousands turn up at Penang’s Esplanade for ‘illegal’ rally 2013-05-18

Transparency minister fails the first test 2013-05-18

Umno’s unpardonable sins against the Malay rakyat 2013-05-15

No compromise with opposition on street protests, says Zahid 2013-05-18

Discontent in BN parties over Cabinet posts 2013-05-18

Cybertroopers hijack online polls on Anwar 2013-05-17

'So you think this is your father's country?' 2013-05-18

'Arrogant calls like Zahid's turned voters against BN' 2013-05-17

For confused and ignorant Christians, an ‘Allah’ fact sheet 2013-05-16

When, why and how Christians use the word ‘Allah’ – The Christian Federation of Malaysia 2013-05-16

Class, gender divide seen in GE13 voting trends, says Merdeka Center 2013-05-16

Analysts: Umno-heavy Cabinet reflects Najib’s party polls focus, could affect reforms 2013-05-16

Thousands flood Pakatan rally in Johor 2013-05-16

HSBC rakes in US$130 million bankrolling rainforest destruction and human rights abuses in Malaysia’s corrupt forestry sector

'US also endorsed victories of Marcos and Mubarak' 2013-05-15

‘Black 505’ Post-Election Rallies Spread in Malaysia 2013-05-15

Online poll: 97 per cent against Hishammuddin as Home Minister...BUT BN ‘war room’ wants Hisham

HSBC-Sarawak logger links under the spotlight 2013-05-14

EXPOSED: Post-election payouts in Penang 2013-05-14

BN’s reduced wins put spotlight on ‘war room’ strategists 2013-05-14

Frustrated Malaysians flood White House site to complain of polls fraud 2013-05-13

.....We petition the obama administration to:
Severe democracy crisis in Malaysia: Fraud in Malaysian 13th General Election by the National Front!

Umno relying more on rural Malay support 2013-05-14

Anwar: Ex-judge’s ‘racist’ warning to Chinese would make Hitler proud 2013-05-13

Record crowd throngs Penang's Black 505 rally 2013-05-12

Umno must not snub middle-class Malays, analyst says 2013-05-11

GE13 not a ‘Chinese tsunami’, says Merdeka Center 2013-05-10

BN is effectively a minority government 2013-05-10

DAP calls for ‘one-man, one-vote’ polls reforms 2013-05-09

28 Pakatan rally speakers to be probed for sedition 2013-05-09

THE BARE-FACED attempt to steal Nurul's victory 2013-05-09

Gross distortions in Malaysia's voting system 2013-05-08

120,000 show of force at post-GE13 rally 2013-05-08

66-hour standoff as group suspects electoral fraud 2013-05-08

IGP: No permit needed as long as gathering is peaceful 2013-05-08

Utusan intensifies race-baiting against Chinese and DAP 2013-05-08


Tapah candidate's aide found brutally murdered 2013-05-08

Frustrated public made police reports on indelible ink 2013-05-08

Observers: GE13 partially free but not fair 2013-05-08

‘Bangsa Malaysia’ vote makes a bitter BN 2013-05-08

Malaysia's election scandals- Aljazeera 2013-05-08

Take responsibility over Utusan headline, Najib told 2013-05-07

Najib defends 'racial' Utusan headline 2013-05-07

Disturbing questions surrounding GE13 polling 2013-05-07

Multiracial tsunami saved Selangor from BN 2013-05-07

PM sworn in as opposition protests Malaysia poll 2013-05-07

BN loses popularity stakes at both state and federal levels 2013-05-06

In BN win Najib faces tug-of-war between two Malaysias 2013-05-06

New MB for Kelantan 2013-05-06

Pemantau: 7 observers arrested, denied legal aid 2013-05-06

In GE13, BN wins Malay heartland, Pakatan the cities 2013-05-06

Triumphant BN seen losing popular vote 2013-05-06

Dismal outing for MCA 2013-05-06

Kit Siang: Don't racialise electoral results 2013-05-06

'Penang win another wave of the tsunami' 2013-05-06

EC reports record 80pct turnout of voters 2013-05-05

EC says ‘not worried’ about flawed indelible ink 2013-05-05

Voting begins in GE13, long lines at polling centres 2013-05-05

A changed Malaysia come May 6 2013-05-04

Guan Eng's wife goes bald over money politics 2013-05-03

Ambiga: Transfer of foreigners to vote is treason 2013-05-03

GE13: Vote for democratic change 2013-05-03

Flights for voters ‘normal’, paid for by friends of BN, says Tengku Adnan 2013-05-02

2013 March/April

Bersih blacklists BN's Hamidah Osman for political violence 2013-04-25

Anwar demands EC explain ‘dubious’ ballot box diversion to Kajang 2013-04-25

Only one in 10 GE13 candidates is a woman 2013-04-24

Two unpaid AES summonses against 'Rosmah Mansor' 2013-04-24

Irritated Soi Lek hits out at reporters 2013-04- 24

For Lembah Pantai’s poor, BN’s Nong Chik is their minister 2013-04-24

PKR queries 1MDB's RM7bil transfer to the Caymans 2013-04-23

'S'wak may have new CM if Pakatan takes Putrajaya' 2013-04-23

YouTube a way to spread ‘new politics’ 2013-04-23

Local MIC leader, 103 members quit over BN’s backing of Zul Noordin 2013-04-23

Rafiz exposes RM1.3b building contract to Umno’s ‘six million dollar man’ 2013-04-23

'Ghani - from Malay gentleman to extremist' 2013-04-23

Axed Umno members make up 22pct of Independents 2013-04-23

EC tries to stop Ambiga from discussing politics 2013-04-21

The rakyat sees a new moon rising 2013-04-21

Senior lawyer Cecil to face Disciplinary Board 2013-04-20

Anwar 'clone' in sex video held in Bukit Kayu Hitam 2013-04-20

DAP gets to run using rocket logo as nominations begin 2013-04-20

DAP’s Esplanade rally draws 50000 2013-04-20

Naughty, dishonest ROS 2013-04-20

DAP to use Rocket logo first, PAS, PKR logos are backup 2013-04-19

Why did 1MDB put RM7bn bond redemption in Cayman Islands outfit? 2013-04-19

Global Witness accepts Taib’s dare to open debate 2013-04-19

Pakatan to make Selangor voters shareholders of water concessions 2013-04-19

ROS does not recognise DAP's CEC lineup 2013-04-18

RoS move pushing DAP to ditch Rocket logo, affect Chinese votes 2013-04-18

Umno-dominated BN source of much woes 2013-04-18

In Tambun, a battle between two generations 2013-04-18

Suhakam finds excessive force and misconduct by cops in Bersih rally 2013-04-17

Kelantan declares May 5 public holiday for polling 2013-04-17

In the Chinese Press: Dong Zong slams Muhyiddin for misleading community 2013-04-17

The big battles of GE13 2013-04-16

Malaysiakini goes free from tomorrow for GE13! 2013-04-16

MCA supporters vent anger at Soi Lek in Gelang Patah 2013-04-16

Gerakan 'lends' three seats to others 2013-04-15

Teoh's sister Lee Lan, three activists held in Bidor 2013-04-15

BN settles on Ghani to defend Gelang Patah from Kit Siang 2013-04-15

Sulu militants said to have set up guerilla base in Sabah 2013-04-15

Kit Siang wants Dr M charged for sedition, defamation 2013-04-14

ROS postpones DAP inquiry to after GE13 2013-04-14

PM dishes out RM4 mil to Sikhs 2013-04-14

Pakatan pledges two-terms for Johor MB, annual asset declaration 2013-04-13

1Malaysia dinners making Penang DAP see red 2013-04-13

DAP told to attend ROS inquiry on April 18 2013-04-13

Allegations of Tunku Abdul Aziz — Bersih 2.0 2013-04-13

Win or lose, MCA seat at BN table may never be the same again 2013-04-13

MCA confirms ceding Kuantan and two state seats 2013-04-12

Uproar over MCA 'loaning' seats to Umno 2013-04-11

Is PR's "Manifesto Rakyat" a workable plan for Malaysia? by Tony Pua

Prison Ties Bind Malaysia Opposition in Election: Southeast Asia 2013-04-11

MCA slams bid by PM's aide to take Wangsa Maju 2013-04-10

PKR challenges Najib and Co to return official cars

Auditor-General: Wastage, abuses rife in civil service 2013-04-10

Malaysia decides on May 5 2013-04-10

Sarawak for Change is a citizens' movement that supports political and social change in Sarawak. 2013

BR1M may not be 'bribery', but is unlawful 2013-04-09

Malaysian opposition challenges 56-year rule 2013-04-08

Penang caretaker gov't returns official cars 2013-04-08

What will it be for BN — Ibrahim Ali or 1 Malaysia? 2013-04-08

Soi Lek declined facing Kit Siang, Ghani a possibility, say BN sources 2013-04-08

BN’s ‘copycat’ manifesto fails to fix nation’s problems, Pakatan leaders say 2013-04-08

Malaysia’s Najib Unveils Poll Manifesto Similar to Anwar’s 2013-04-07

Malaysia’s independent radios jammed, sites hit by cyberattacks 2013-04-07

What we dream of 2013-04-07

Najib's S'gor youth brigade given free helmets 2013-04-07

Talking to the Malays — Zaid Ibrahim 2013-04-07

Independent radio stations hit on all fronts ahead of GE13 2013-04-07

At manifesto launch, Najib drives BN campaign with own popularity 2013-04-07

Sack Taib or abolish MACC, Pakatan tells Najib 2013-04-06

Dr Mahathir Mohamad among the crowd who gathered in Pekasa Rally. 2013-04-06


Samy Vellu mad with Palanivel and deputy for misconstruing his statement 2013-04-06

ABU to 'peacefully' stop foreigners from voting 2013-04-05

EC to meet on April 10 to fix nomination, polling dates 2013-04-05

Politicians among 1,500 who own offshore companies 2013-04-05
Overseas M'sians fuming over faulty EC website 2013-04-04

AirAsia X launches 'Fly Home to Vote' promo 2013-04-04

Taib Mahmud: MACC doesn’t deserve my co-operation 2013-04-04

As polling nears, Perak DAP reminds voters of 2009 power grab 2013-04-04

Anwar to contest in Perak 2013-04-04

PI Bala's wife and children missing, claims lawyer 2013-04-04

GE13 must be held latest by May 28, says EC chief 2013-04-04

Parliament is dissolved, finally 2013-04-03

 Najib to make TV address, to dissolve Parliament today 2013-04-03

PM expands handouts as delayed election nears 2013-04-03

For Malaysians, a monthly juggle to escape credit card debt trap 2013-04-02

Who’s afraid of Anwar Ibrahim? 2013-04-02

'Najib fooled the Chinese on April Fool's Day' 2013-04-01

Proposal to recall, reissue IC to genuine Sabahans can be done: Bernard Dompok 2013-04-01

Nurul Izzah shows proof EC received complaint 2013-04-01

PKR: Civil servants will get paid to fight graft under Pakatan rule 2013-04-01

Ubah TV 2013-03

Radio Free Malaysia 2013-04-01

Up to RM4 billion in bond pricing losses 2013-04-01

DAP unveils 14-point plan for Indians 2013-04-01

SEA’s biggest church opens amid rising religious debate in Malaysia 2013-03-31

Make public RM4.2bil arms deals, Kit Siang tells gov't 2013-03-31

Radio Free Malaysia 2013-03-31

Chinese vote still influential despite smaller number, analysts say 2013-03-31

Pakatan eyes 33 federal seats in 3 states for GE13 2013-03-30

Second Objective of Battle of Gelang Patah – Target 19 of the 26 Parliamentary and 30 of the 56 State Assembly seats in Johore 2013-03-30

Chang Yeow accepts face-off with Guan Eng, will decide seat 2013-03-30

Google launches site on Malaysian polls 2013-03-29 (Website: Malaysia elections)

Up to RM4bil in 1MDB's bond pricing losses 2013-03-29

No action so far against Zul Noordin ‘because he is Muslim’, says Hindu Sangam chief 2013-03-29

Zul Noordin asks why Hindu gods did not stop flood 2013-03-29

Harian Metro rejects Penang gov't adverts 2013-03-29

GE13: The real reasons for going into ‘extra time’ 2013-03-29

Pua wins appeal, Syabas ordered to refund RM200,000 2013-03-27

After Santiago, Nurul Izzah hauls EC to court on electoral roll 2013-03-27

Hisham is endorsing political violence, says Pakatan 2013-03-26

Radio Free Malaysia makes debut (Audio) 2013-03-26

PAS joins DAP in snubbing RTM airtime offer 2013-03-25

Pointing fingers to cover up incompetence in Sabah — The Malaysian Insider 2013-03-25

Teng sees red for ending up at Perkasa-linked rally 2013-03-25

1,000 licences for cabbies, but with conditions 2013-03-24

Lahad Datu: Kg Tanduo chief's son is coordinator for Sulu group 2013-03-23

EC deletes Papagomo's phantom record 2013-03-23  (Inside Malaysia’s Shadow State - A film by Global Witness 2013-03-23

Lawyer implicates Taib in second GW video 2013-03-23

Kiram claims 8 accused Sulu gunmen are Malaysians 2013-03-23

High Court: JAWI wrong in seizing book and prosecuting Borders 2013-03-22

Rafizi: Pro-Umno blogger ‘Papa Gomo’ an ex-cop, convict, phantom voter 2013-03-22

Singapore denies claims it facilitates tax evasion 2013-03-22

Only five Asean countries invited to observe GE13 2013-03-21

EC: Unfortunate that GE comes before RCI completes 2013-03-21

Those who lie about Anwar will be sued until they are bankrupt, say lawyers 2013-03-21

Anwar files defamation suit against blogger Papagomo 2013-03-21

Rosmah says obliged to accept pricey jewellery 2013-03-20

Aliran: Najib must step down pending probe 2013-03-20

PKR: Sulu militant chief a Malaysian, former civil servant 2013-03-20

Car before cattle? — The Malaysian Insider 2013-03-20

Inside Malaysia's Shadow State (Video) 2013-03-19 Related: Singapore is new ‘Switzerland’ for investors to dodge taxes, says Malaysian lawyer 2013-03-19

NFCorp bought Mercedes as company car parked at home, says Shahrizat 2013-03-19

Ex-MACC chief apologises to Selangor MB in open court 2013-03-19

Anwar sues blogger for RM100m over sex video pictures 2013-03-19

Sarawak's way of evading tax and shareholding rules 2013-03-19

Shahrizat says no reason to apologise to Malaysians 2013-03-18

DCNS' lawyer found dead in apparent suicide (DCNS - the company which sold two Scorpene submarines to Malaysia) 2013-03-18

Kiram tells Sulu followers to conduct guerrilla warfare in Sabah 2013-03-18

Santa Claus politics underscore Malaysia’s elections, says Singapore paper 2013-03-18

Bar Council to refer Cecil Abraham to disciplinary board 2013-03-16

Kit Siang to contest Gelang Patah in GE13, say DAP leaders 2013-03-16

Bala’s death leaves quest for justice unresolved 2013-03-16

RPK knows what he published is rubbish 2013-03-16

Malaysia facing policy 'blowback' 2013-03-16

PI Bala dead of heart trouble 2013-03-15

Show Tanda Putera to all M'sians, suggests Mahathir 2013-03-15

NOT Bullshit - Bala's 1st SD - 2013-15-03

Malaysia uses spyware against own citizens, NYT reports 2013-03-14

Rafizi: LTAT paying for Puspahanas’ performance bond 2013-03-14

Malaysia uses spyware against own citizens, NYT reports 2013-03-14

A reply to The Malaysian Insider ― Lim Guan Eng 2013-03-14

World watch: Argentina’s Bergoglio elected as new Pope Francis 2013-03-14

Kit Siang calls Najib's GNI growth bluff 2013-03-13

LTAT & Raja Roopiah’s land deal — The Malaysian Insider 2013-03-12

15000 attend 308 anniversary at Penang Esplanade (Video) 2013-03-11

Equal pay for cops, military; civil servants to get wage hike 2013-03-11

Should Malaysia be saved from Dr Mahathir? — Bangsa Malaysia 2013-03-11

Kit Siang: It's now March 9, Najib term has ended 2013-02-10

Suaris Interview: The Future of Malays #7 2013-03-13

At home in Sabah, Sulus baffle security forces 2013-03-09

Non-Malay reporter barred from Fama event 2013-03-08

Polls sanctity is EC’s responsibility, can’t dismiss 28pc unverified Selangor voters 2013-03-09

Observers: Malaysia was right to reject truce 2013-03-08

I stand by my accusation, says Saiful

Saiful’s father says Sodomy II an ‘evil conspiracy’, apologises to Anwar 2013-03-08

'Another GLC going cheap to Syed Mokhtar' 2013-03-08

Umno lying about hit-and-run accident, says victim's son 2013-03-08

More violence as Umno ‘supporters’ attack PKR bus, Anwar 2013-03-08

Lawyers push for probe into PI Bala's SD2 2013-03-08

Lahad Datu: 32 more gunmen die in fights 2013-03-08

EC snubbed proof to clean electoral rolls, says Selangor 2013-03-08

The Great Malaysian Train Robbery 2013-03-07

Open Letter from Lord Ahmed to the Malaysian Attorney General... 2013-03-07

PM rejects ceasefire in Sabah, calls for unconditional surrender 2013-03-07

Police Arrest Dozens of “MyKad” Sulu to Gather Info 2013-03-07

End blasphemy laws threatening minorities: U.N. faith expert 2013-03-07

13 Sulu gunmen confirmed killed, says Mindef 2013-03-06

Families of eight slain cops to get RM30k each 2013-03-06

Successful strike on Tanduo 2013-03-06

Instrusion into Sabah: Scapegoating the Opposition before knowing the facts 2013-06-08

10,000 more Suluks have joined battle for Sabah, MNLF official claims 2013-03-05

Army attacks Filipino intruders, explosions heard 2013-03-05

Penang’s anti-hopping law gazetted and enforced on Feb 15 2013-03-04

Umno Incorporated (part 2) 2013-03-05

Umno Incorporated (part 1) 2013-03-04

Tensions Escalating on Borneo as Malaysia Doubles Military Forces 2013-03-04

Sabah, Merdeka and Aquino 2013-03-04

Time to unite to fight a common enemy, not bicker 2013-03-04

12 dead, including six cops, in Semporna firefight 2013-03-04

Blockade around Tanjung Labian as more gunmen reported landing 2013-03-04

Five cops killed in ambush by armed intruders in Semporna, says IGP 2013-03-03

PAS calls for urgent Parliament sitting on Lahad Datu intrusion 2013-03-03

Guan Eng to BN: Acres of reclaimed land for RM1, why? 2013-03-03

'M'sian govt financed smear campaign on opposition'

Trouble brewing in Filipino-’powered’ Semporna? 2013-03-03

DAP branch chief gets bullets in mail 2013-03-03

Putrajaya’s media strategist funded anti-Anwar campaign, US filings show 2013-02-03

Silly idea to control social media – The Malaysian Insider 2013-03-02

MCMC to monitor and control use of social media in GE13 2013-03-02

Shooting, deaths reported at Lahad Datu siege 2013-03-01

Lahad Datu siege ends with 14 dead, 3 wounded 2013-03-01

Has PM Najib hired an advocate, perhaps a foreign law firm, to intimidate online publishers? 2013-03-01


2013 January / February

PI Bala speaks out on "Who ordered the murder of Altantuya" 2013-02-28

Cyberjaya flyover collapses 2013-02-28

Filipino intruders fire shots to warn off M'sian forces 2013-02-28

Dr M unhappy with Putrajaya’s plans for cheaper cars 2013-02-28

Sabah ustazah, Catholic priest siblings say religion bonds them 2013-02-28

British Victims of Investing in Malaysia 2013-02-27

Stop lying, Mahathir — Othman Wahab 2013-02-26

Manifesto Rakyat - Pakatan Harapan Rakyat 2013-02-25

Malaysian government's debt to approach RM1 trillion by 2020 25-02-2013

BN, PAS, PKR racing to woo Perlis mufti for GE13 2013-02-25

PI Bala returns, vows to help oust BN 2013-02-25

From Kajang prison to 28th floor of Komtar 2013-02-24

Court to decide on Penang local polls 2013-02-23

WHAT WENT BEFORE: Sultan of Sulu’s 9 principal heirs 2013-02-23

Red IC-holder says voted three times in Sabah 2013-02-23

Bernama’s spin on EIU report on Malaysian polls 2013-02-23

DAP launches online fund-raising drive for elections 2013-02-22

Syndicate led by NRD men made RM11m selling ICs, Sabah RCI told 2013-02-22

Johor, Syed Mokhtar eyeing multi-billion KL-Singapore high-speed rail 2013-02-22

To whom does Sabah belong? 2013-02-22

PI Bala to come home for good on Sunday 2013-02-22

Rafizi reveals Boustead's 'bonus' to Raja Ropiaah 2013-02-20

Pakatan counters Putrajaya’s plan, offers high-speed interstate rail 2013-02-20

Documents show Deepak deal includes gag order 2013-02-20

Dr M tells court his understanding of contract terms ‘as good as a schoolboy’ 2013-02-20

Winner of Freedom Film Fest
M-C-M' Utopia Milik Siapa? (28Jan)

'Recognise UEC now, not when campaigning for election' 2013-02-20

Act on Ridhuan or face music, minister warned 19-02-2013

Singapore, Malaysia agree to high-speed rail link 2013-02-19

KiniBiz goes live today! 2013-02-19

Xenophon expulsion shows BN ‘frightened’ by democratic freedom, says Aussie paper 2013-02-19

Eye on Malaysia as HK, Singapore curb property investments 2013-02-19

The Chinese owe BN nothing 2013-02-19

Proton distorts market, bleeds Malaysians 2013-02-18

Utusan ordered to apologise to PKR rep 2013-02-18

DAP wants apology from minister as ROS report in 2013-02-17

Deporting Xenophon proves BN is authoritarian 2013-02-17

Xenophon expelled for tarnishing Malaysia’s image, says Immigration chief 2013-02-16

Robert Kuok, Ananda Krishnan maintain top spots in rich list 2013-02-16

Gunmen refuse to leave in Sabah standoff 2013-02-16

Deepak to sue Rosmah, government for RM3b over business losses 2013-02-16

Aussie senator’s detention shows election paranoia, says Ambiga 2013-02-16

Australia demands Xenophon’s release 2013-02-16

Dr Pornthip says Putrajaya not happy with her 2013-02-15

Putrajaya asked to explain loan for RM1.5b highway privatisation 2013-02-15

Psy, BN and Penang

Picking up the pieces the morning after Psy 2013-02-15

Psy's sponsor fears 'victimisation', says Teng 2013-02-14

Police did not receive any reports of threats against Psy 2013-02-14

Teng says attempt on Psy’s life forced Najib to leave stage

Red faces after Psy’s no-show for yee sang tossing (Video)

Najib: Are You Ready For BN? People: Nooo! - CNY @ Penang , PSY- Gangnam Style 2013-02

Childcare costs squeezing Malaysia’s middle-class pockets 2013-02-13

GE13 a defining moment for Malaysia 2013-02-13

Mahathir continues to belittle Indian Malaysians 2013-02-12

PM asks: Are you ready for BN? Crowd says 'no!' 2013-02-11

Mahathir’s Tall Tales on Sabah! 2013-02-11

Psy wows crowd at Penang BN Chinese New Year party 2013-02-11

Dr M slammed for selective memory on ‘Projek IC’ 2013-02-11

‘Unconstitutional’ to revoke citizenship of Malaysians, lawyers tell Dr M 2013-02-10

2013 – Time for a new government 2013-02-09

Penang world famous before Psy ever was — Kunjuraman Karuppan 2013-02-09

The decline and fall of Najib 2013-02-08

Psy’s Gangnam parody in Penang: Oops, joke is on BN elites 2013-02-08

'Will Psy perform miracles for Umno-BN?' 2013-02-08

‘Nazri told us mainstream media govt tool’ 2013-02-06

Gwo Burne releases new 'judicial fixing' clip 2013-02-05

MPSP asks Yen Yen: So, it's okay to break the law? 2013-02-04

'BN has spent RM3.41bil to bail out Syabas' 2013-02-04

Hadi rebuts Dr M, blames Umno for confusing religious community 2013-02-03

‘Janji ditepati’ atau janji kosong? — Aliran

Najib’s government needs new formula for ‘Allah’ row, says Singapore daily 2013-02-02

Mahathir behind Project IC, says Anwar 2013-02-01

Indonesian tells RCI he voted after court official got him blue IC 2013-01-31

600 IC numbers issued to more than one person, says NRD man

Stop delaying action against Ibrahim Ali, says former A-G 2013-01-31

Who will police the police? 2013-01-31

Najib Razak - Malaysia's flip-flopping PM 2013-01-31

Citizenship made in heaven? 2013-01-30

For Election 2013, Malaysians plan trip across Causeway to vote 2013-01-30

NRD man got RM1m for letting immigrants vote, RCI told 2013-01-29

Pakistani runner gets colleague blue IC in 20 days 2013-01-29

Middle-income trap makes owning homes near impossible 2013-01-29

Eight things to know about the Sabah RCI 2013-01-28

Remaking Penang together – in 1Malaysia style? – Aliran 2013-01-26

German expert: Lynas' waste recycling plan 'nonsense' 2013-01-26

Friday sermon irks local church leaders as 'Allah' row rages on 2013-01-26

Use of Sedition Act is wrong 2013-01-25

Threat to burn Bibles heightens polls tensions 2013-01-24

Alleged ‘BTN’ officer speaks to sixth formers to support BN 2013-01-22

High Court judge calls for judicial independence and media responsibility 2013-01-21

Illegally legalising illegal immigrants in Sabah during 22-year Mahathir era 2013-01-20

Mahathir’s RCI — Sakmongkol AK47 2013-01-20

Moro commander made permanent resident, RCI told 2013-01-18

Tunku gave out ICs in broad daylight, Kit Siang tells Dr M

Getting Malaysian citizenship cheaply – The Malaysian Insider 2012-01-17

Dr M admits citizenships given out in Sabah, says nothing illegal 2013-01-17

Filipino refugee says got blue IC without applying for it 2013-01-17

Explain 'citizenship-for-votes', Ambiga tells EC 2013-1-17

Vatican names American bishop as envoy to Malaysia 2013-02-17

EC ordered NRD to give ICs, change immigrants’ names, RCI told 2013-01-16

Muhyiddin slammed for ‘silence’ over TIMSS study 2013-01-16

Special division dealt with refugees until 1985, Sabah RCI told 2013-01-15

Berjaya gov't allowed 73,000 Filipinos to settle in Sabah 2013-01-14

Sabah RCI venue evacuated over bomb scare 2013-01-14

Video of forum speaker insulting student goes viral 2013-01-14

PAS Syura Council: Prevent translation of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims 2013-01-14

Police open probe into violations by KL 112 organisers 2013-01-14

Letter to Hisham — Gobind Singh Deo 2013-01-13


Malaysia's Tahrir Square - The rise of ordinary folk 201-01-13

Suhakam: KL rally proof peaceful assembly possible without restrictions 20

Between 70,000 to 100,000 at KL rally, says Bar Council 2013-01-13

100,000 throng Stadium Merdeka for 'Uprising' rally 2013-01-12

Why are we here today? ― Ambiga Sreenevasan 2012-01-12

'EPF, KWAP lost RM75mil on Felda Global shares' 2013-01-11

Law experts: Royal decree on ‘Allah’ not binding on non-Muslims, but… 2013-01-10

Two of seven escaped detainees shot dead 2013-01-10

Special anthems needed for non-Muslims if ‘Allah’ banned, says former Mufti 2013-01-09

After 400 years of ‘Allah’ in bibles, CFM says to stick with practice 2013-01-09

Awan Megah's Puspahanas two years overdue 2013-01-08

Five contradictions in restricting the use of ‘Allah’ — Pak Sako 2013-01-05

Privatisation of government land: Ways of skinning the cat — A. Kadir Jasin

Non-Muslims must not use ‘Allah’, says Selangor Sultan 2013-01-08

Putrajaya dangles RM1,000 BR1M as vote bait 2013-01-07

Duty to hear conversion cases, civil courts told 2013-01-08

Only one man stands to gain from Bala's second SD 2012-01-07

Penang DCM’s aide nabbed in anti-graft sting 2013-01-06

Talking about heights of arrogance – Aman Ally 2013-01-06

Raja Ropiaah, NFC issues hurting Wanita Umno and BN, analysts say 2013-01-06

'Black Rose' unveiled online in fairytale-style 2013-01-04.... [The Black Rose 1.0]

'Whither RM207bil Death Railway compensation?' 2013-01-05

DAP top leaders admit party polls gaffe an ‘embarrassment’ 2013-01-06

Umno-BN, stop the lies against Selangor 2013-01-05

Non-Muslims can use ‘Allah’, Mat Sabu insists 2013-01-04

One investment Malaysia did not need 2013-01-03

Singapore 6th, Malaysia 36th best nation to be born in 2013, survey shows 2013-01-03

Answer RM13mil Jewel-gate claim, Rosmah told 2013-01-02

The Deepak delusion — Pete Abraham 2013-01-02

Wheelers and dealers shortchange MAIKA stakeholders ― Ramakrishnan Suppiah 2013-01-02

Joyful celebrations to usher in 2013 01-01-2013

In final leg before polls, Bersih to train Malaysians to spot GE13 fraud 2013-01-01


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