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Latest News and Views about Malaysia - What's happening in Malaysia (and Singapore) today from external websites. (Readers are advised to read disclaimer)

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News Headlines on Malaysia

Links A pick of Headlines and Views across Online News sites, especially in Malaysia.

Nov/ Dec 2012

Astacanggih buyout to silence Deepak, claims Rafizi 2012-12-28

Settlers rally against Felda chairman 2012-12-28

'Shanghaied' voters cry foul at EC 2012-12-28

'Allah' a journey, not controversy 2012-12-28

Deepak drops suit against Putrajaya, LTAT unit buys out firm 2012-12-28

Putrajaya maintains AES speed traps cameras despite summons hearing freeze 2012-12-26

East coast floods: Almost 11,000 people evacuated 2012-12-26


Flood victims rise to 2,933 2012-12-25

Bekir has RM9mil in cash, unit trust, court told 2012-12-25

Keng Yaik state funeral on Wednesday, cremation after 2012-12-23

Keng Yaik, a ‘Malaysian-minded’ politician best remembered for razor wit and earthy humour 2012-12-23

Lynas blockade command centre to launch today 2012-12-23

Top 10 news and 2012 newsmaker - you decide 2012-12-25

Penang port: They want us to take the losses while they keep the profits 2012-12-21

Confusion after A-G freeze on AES summons trials, say MPs 2012-12-21

'Dept knows about truancy of SK Bihai teachers' 2012-12-21

Cops arrest 36 for ‘squabble’ that led to riot rumours 2012-12-21

Nine investors sue Genneva for return of over RM2m 2012-12-20

Orang Asli win back part of ‘Malay Reserve’ land 2012-12-19

Costs to employ Indonesian maids set to go up further 2012-12-18

M'sia is world's No 2 in illegal capital flight 2012-12-18

Slapping case Orang Asli kids get only 3 days at school 2012-12-18


We were all losers on May 13 2012-12-17

May 13: The victim's stories - The Edge 2012-12-14


Questions over MACC-lawyer link to Bala’s second SD 2012-12-17

Dr M interfered in police probe on Anwar sex scandal, alleges ex-cop 2012-12-17


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December 2012

Karpal remains DAP chair, Guan Eng sec-gen 2012-12-16

Karpal cements DAP-PAS relationship, calls PAS ‘solid’ Pakatan partner 2012-12-15

Should betrayal of public trust be forgiven? 2012-12-15

Court finds Utusan article ‘mischievous’, awards Karpal RM50k 2012-12-14

Lynas sets the tone, while BN dances to its tune ― Fuziah Salleh 2012-12-13

AELB: No disposal plan yet but Lynas still has time 2012-12-12

The Lynas screw-up — The Malaysian Insider 2012-12-11

(related link: ‘Dr M has vested interest in Lynas’)

A year of institutional violence — Angeline Loh 2012-12-11

If Lynas' waste stays, four ministers must go 2012-12-10

Wrong to bulldoze the AES — The Malaysian Insider 2012-12-10

Who turned up for Najib’s visit to USM? 2012-12-09

PAS mulls legal action over ‘khalwat’ report 2012-12-09

Najib's Penang goodies paid for by Penangites, 2012-12-08

Najib pledges 20,000 affordable houses, monorail for Penang 2012-12-08

Malaysian firms lose deals due to bribery, TI survey shows 2012-12-06

Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT costs a few times more than Hangzhou Metro? 2012-12-05

The dilemma over sex and the girl child 2012-12-02


November 2012

Shame on you, Shahrizat: You are a fear-monger — P. Ramakrishnan 2012-11-30

World Watch: Palestine on the roadmap to statehood — Musa Mohd Nordin 2012-11-30

Carpet dealer confirms can't mention Umno in lawsuit 2012-11-29

The dreadful cost of a wrong decision — Tay Tian Yan 2012-11-29

A Present for the UMNO Delegates- A Dead MCA 2012-11-29

Scorpene: Malaysia Shuts Doors On The Truth (Q & A) 2012-11-28 (Video)

Deepak says he paid Najib's family for land deal 2012-11-28

Ex-IGP says ministers meddle with investigations 2012-11-28

Live updates: Scorpene probe revelations 2012-11-27

20,000 join green march against Lynas 25-Nov-2012

Anti-Lynas protesters say will occupy Dataran for the night 2012-11-25

Thousands rally in PJ against education blueprint 2012-11-25

Syariah court fails to protect and safeguard Muslim girls — Sisters in Islam 2012-11-24

Umno rep hurls sexist taunt at Eli Wong 2012-11-23

Home Ministry paid 10 times more for speed cameras 2012-11-22

Explain why speed cameras cost more than in the US, minister told 2012-11-22

Lynas plant to start in days as rare earth ore arrives 2012-11-22

Minister admits two-hour air traffic radar failure 2012-11-21

'BN grabbed RM20mil in S'gor lands'

Death, assault and rape in custody: I challenge Hisham to a debate — Gobind Singh Deo 2012-11-20

Lynas sets start date for Malaysia rare earth output amid protests 2012-11-20

‘Virgin Mary’ window removed and given to Catholic Church 2012-11-20

Hisham ducks, Najib hides 2012-11-19

The Challenge of Malaysian Civil Society: Good Governance Beyond BN & PR 2012-11-18

Court suspends government’s bid to acquire Kuantan church land 2012-11-16

Ramli hits out at AG, Musa at his retirement ceremony 2012-11-16

Santa Claus politics — Lim Mun Fah 2012-11-16

Council head transferred amid row over Batu Caves condo 2012-11-14

Zaid Ibrahim on Islam and racial politics 2012-11-14

Constitutional provisions on Malay rights, land, promote discrimination, study suggests 2012-11-14

Singapore university terminates sex blogger's scholarship 2012-11-13

'Virgin Mary' to move from hospital to Klang church 2012-11-13

Our religious feelings, too, wounded by the two Alis 2012-11-11

Hiring discrimination study: A half-finished product — Koon Yew Yin 2012-11-10

SIS: ‘Islam is not a one way street’ 2012-11-09

Selangor suspends AES, says RTD cannot justify speed cameras 2012-11-09

FGVH shares drifting near record lows 2012-11-09

World Watch: With the help of women, Obama wins a second term 2012-11-07

Low interest rates hurting savers, scant relief in sight 2012-11-07

Bersih not looking for an Arab Spring, Ambiga tells CNN’s Amanpour 2012-11-06

Reaping what you sow ― Qiu Yaofeng 2012-11-07

MyKad ‘Islamisation’ of Sabah’s Bumiputera Christians — Bob Teoh 2012-11-05

PI Bala threatens to bare all if MACC keeps mum 2012-11-04

The Navy Chief and the MCA Aryan Race — Sakmongkol AK4 2012-11-04

Lee Chong Wei gets married 2012-11-04

Penang's citizen assistants to tackle statelessness 2012-11-04

Twitterjaya sinks Navy's Scorpene justification 2012-11-04

Nurul: There should be no compulsion in choosing faith 2012-11-03

RM40m probe: Nazri should admit conflict — Gobind Singh Deo 2012-11-03

Malaysiakini CEO Premesh wins award 2012-11-03

Fresh from RM2.2b deal, ex-CJ’s wife’s firm plots route to listing 2012-11-02

The politics of the Batu Caves condo controversy 2012-11-01


Oct 2012

Warisan Merdeka tower to be 118 storeys, says ministry 2012-10-31

White elephants of Penang 2012-10-30

No BN leaders listed in Tmn Manggis purchase -RM2 company set-up to purchase! 2012-10-29

Review government procurement system to check abuses, says Auditor-General 2012-10-28

2 Malaysian suicide bombers detained in Lebanon 2012-10-28

Lust for power sustained through ISA 2012-10-27

BN approved Batu Caves condo in 2007, says Selangor exco 2012-10-27

Genneva gold storm poses political risks ahead of polls 2012-10-27

Local traders can't 'rent' licences to foreigners

Astro share price falling on costs, rules and future competition, says report 26-10-2012

'Orang Asli children slapped for not reciting doa' 2012-10-25

RM40m ‘donation’ held privately by Umno man, ex-BN MP claims 2012-10-24

Greedy, corrupt leadership caused Malay agenda to fail, says Malay chamber 2012-10-23

A look at the prevailing (mal)practice of polygamy in Malaysia today — Norani Othman 2012-10-23

Germany’s past anti-Jew policy inspired Dr M’s banking reforms, says Sanusi 2012-10-23

Bankrupt Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) 2012-10-22

History contradicts minister’s arguments that Malaysia is not secular 2012-10-22

AES the wrong way to road safety 2012-10-21

Amangate: Umno sinks into deeper quagmire 2012-10-20

Tee Keat slams Soi Lek for mocking audit report, ignoring mismanagement 2012-10-17

Costs for faulty military quarters soared to RM3.2b, audit shows 2012-10-16

Audit reveals direct negotiation option risks public trust 2012-10-16

States with weaker fiscal position: BN 3, Pakatan 1 2012-10-16

Land grab Malaysian-style 2012-10-14

Murum resettlement land 'taken' by plantations 2012-10-14

Kit Siang wants RCI for Umno foreign funding

58k 'M'sian-born foreigners' found on electoral roll 2012-10-11

Lynas licensed to import, store rare earths ore, court told 2012-10-11

PM Najib met Soros in New York 2012-10-11

Shahrizat blames media for NFCorp ‘mess’ 2012-10-10

'Banned airline' operator to run Malindo Air? 2012-10-10

Now immigration stops Ambiga at airport 2012-10-10

Utusan report a ‘complete lie’, say clergymen 2012-10-08

Chamil Wariya, Utusan apologise to Teresa Kok 2012-10-08

Dr M clutches at straws — Jimmy Wong 2012-10-07

Fighting nepotism label, Karpal dares Dr M to reveal family assets 2012-10-06

Rafizi: One trillion ringgit GDP is Najib's maths trick 2012-10-04

16 MPs and ex-MPs serve the PM — A. Kadir Jasin 2012-10-04

Guan Eng: RM6.7mil for a 1Malaysia store? 2012-10-03

Beggars' budget 2012-10-05

Reminder of Perak constitutional crisis — Koon Yew Yin 2012-10-02

Ex-wife claims Bekir has RM700mil in 111 accounts 2012-10-02

Second Penang Bridge will be longest seismic-resistant bridge 2012-10-02

Secularism is the way to go 2012-10-02

Pakatan lawmakers question funding for Malacca CM’s son’s wedding 2012-10-02


Sept 2012

Budget 2013: RPGT hike too small, says House Buyers Association 2012-09-29

Chinese chambers disappointed with Budget 2012-09-29

Budget 2013 showdown: BN vs Pakatan 2012-09-29

Budget 2013 at a Glance 2012-09-28

Syed Mokhtar’s debts raising fear of future bailout 2012-09-27

Pakatan Rakyat Shadow Budget-2012

What Dr M told war survivor Soros 2012-09-27

Dr M asked for Soros' help in peace project 2012-09-26

NGOs demand NST apology for foreign plot claim 2012-09-25

Ambiga: Crackdown on civil society groups coming? 2012-09-25

Zaid tells Dr M: I rather be an ungrateful Malay than a stupid one 2012-09-24

Audit report delayed to stifle opposition’s Budget 2013 debate 2012-09-24

Putrajaya delays release of audit report

Umno's nation of traitors 2012-09-23

Amnesty sees link between SUARAM shakedown, Scorpene scandal 2012-09-23

Penang CM pays for own house rent, says aide 2012-09-23

'Spooked by democracy, BN tries scare tactics' 2012-09-22

Thousands in KL protest anti-Islam film 2012-09-22

Pakatan promises affordable housing, after cheaper cars, free education 2012-09-21

Bersih protesters had no chance to disperse, says Suhakam panel chief 2012-09-21

Bernama admits PM photo doctored 2012-09-20

On Malaysia Day, Sabah bishop reminds Putrajaya of Keningau oath stone pledges 2012-09-17

Shady kickbacks involving senior politician, MACC told 2012-09-17

Psychologists slam guidelines to track LGBT symptoms as being harmful 2012-09-16

Even on M'sia Day, PM seeks to divide 2012-09-16

Add one more crime to disturbing statistics: Aliran office broken into — P. Ramakrishnan 2012-09-16

Home minister outdoes even himself 2012-09-15

Is there a home minister in the house? — The Malaysian Insider 2012-09-15

Questions surround Malindo’s bid to upset AirAsia’s applecart 2012-09-14

Mukhriz ignorant of car market, says Pakatan 2012-09-14

Inter-faith group wants all religions taught in schools 2012-09-13

Assembly law shouldn’t ban marches, say UN man 2012-09-13

KLIA 2 to start with 10 airlines in May 2013 2012-09-13

IDEAS: New education plan lacks crucial reports, transparency 2012-09-12

Shahrizat’s family should be probed for money-laundering, says Rafizi 2012-09-11

EPF buying FGVH as shares hit new low 2012-09-11

When the going gets tough, UMNO jails the whistleblowers 2012-09-11

Rafizi to hit the road to expose Bafia abuse 2012-09-10

Malaysia viewing German embassy funding to Suaram seriously 2012-09-10

The Sultans’ daulat is a myth (Part 3) — M. Bakri Musa 2012-09-10

     The Sultans’ ‘daulat’ is a myth (Part 2) — M. Bakri Musa

     The Sultans’ ‘daulat’ is a myth (Part 1) — M. Bakri Musa

Talk once again of a national sex offenders’ registry 2012-09-09

AELB says will enforce removal of Lynas waste 2012-09-09

Judge's 'women exaggerate sexual act' remark slammed 2012-09-08

Withdraw punishment against picture-stomping teens, Pakatan tells PM 2012-09-08

AELB: Lynas' promise to ship wastes out is non-binding 2012-09-07

Will DAP dominate PR? — Sakmongkol AK47 2012-09-07

Malaysia's UMNO Goes After A Critic 2012-09-07

High Court: Hisham’s order to declare Bersih illegal ‘tainted with irrationality’ 2012-09-06

'CCM, why no action against NFC's companies?' 2012-09-06

Malaysia risks credit downgrade if reforms not done, says S&P 2012-09-06

Kindie owner freed of child rape, victim’s account ruled ‘fantasy’ 2012-09-05

Sodomy II trial judge: Man of many moods 2012-09-05

Section 114A: ‘No abuse’ pledge is nonsense — Gobind Singh Deo 2012-09-05

'Saiful not like a normal sexual abuse victim' 2012-09-04

Green rally underway in Raub (Video) 2012-09-02

The Sultans’ ‘daulat’ is a myth (Part 1) — M. Bakri Musa 2012-09-02

Selangor Sultan questions state invite to Anwar for N-Day celeb 2012-09-02

80-year-old restaurant bows out to MRT project 2012-09-01


August 2012

Joyous countdown to 55th National Day 2012-08-31

Twitterjaya: Statutory rape is no child's play 2012-08-31

Bersih activists flood Merdeka Square, join thousands of others 2012-08-31

(VIDEO) Despite ban, yellow shirts swamp Dataran 31 Aug 2012

Hip-hop and fun twist to N-Day parade 2012-08-31

Attack on Ahmad Farouk Musa egregious 2012-08-30

Putting the child’s interests first — UNICEF 2012-08-30

Father seeks justice after young daughter’s rapist escapes jail 2012-08-30

The Sarawak-Tasmania link 2012-02

WWW1: Utusan told to pay Nizar damages 2012-08-30

Rafizi’s ‘NOW’ centre to make whistleblowing Malaysian culture 2012-08-30

Appeals Court to blame for child rapists escaping jail, says ex-law minister 2012-08-29

Suaram blames BN for replacing old Acts with ‘worse’ laws 2012-08-28

Car prices should be cut — slowly, says auto industry 2012-08-28

Suaram to Utusan: Who's giving you money? 2012-08-28

Bukit Jalil Merdeka Day bash for invitees only 2012-08-28

RadioShack is back! 2012-08-28

British paper fires pro-Israel columnist over undisclosed Malaysia news fixing 2012-08-27

In defence of the secular state 2012-08-24

Why Section 114A should be repealed 2012-08-23

Woman dies of H1N1 in Negeri Sembilan 2012-08-23

Raya relief for villagers 2012-08-22

Raya week in KL sees 46 break-ins 2012-08-22

Penang plans law against party-hopping 2012-08-22

Umno Youth are frauds – Lucius Goon 2012-08-21

Karpal: Pakatan will ban party hopping 2012-08-20

Guan Eng unveils 'Happy' on Hari Raya 2012-08-20

On YouTube, Kit Siang opens up about Malaysia’s darkest chapter 2012-08-19

 Lim Kit Siang dan 13 Mei - Episod 1 Aug12, 2012


'Puncak Niaga's RM17.2mil directors' fees is madness' 2012-08-17

Despite protests, Rais says Evidence Act amendment to stay 2012-08-16

Penang local gov't enactment gazetted from July 5 2012-08-16

NFCorp must repay RM250m before new tender, says Rafizi 2012-08-15

Evidence law review reflects PM, parliament’s weaknesses, says Pakatan

Punch Gunalan dies aged 68 2012-08-15

Stop 114A 14-08-2012

Today is Internet Blackout Day 2012-08-14

TRX: Satu lagi projek Najib-BN yang bakal gagal? — Dzulkefly Ahmad 2012-008-14

Sabah's lingering misery over 'Project IC' 2012-08-14

Utusan reports not balanced, editor admits 2012-08-13


No cop hurt during Bersih rally, Suhakam inquiry told 2012-08-13

DAP, Bar Council to go dark on Internet Blackout Day 2012-08-13

Anwar: Sabah RCI tailored to protect ‘citizenship-for-votes’ culprits 2012-08-13

Bumburing: Dr M ‘traitor’ for defending Sabah migrant influx 2012-08-11

In Sabah, brewing anti-BN revolt among non-Malay voters 2012-08-11

Pandelela makes Malaysian history with her Olympics bronze 2012-08-10

Opposition to Penang port privatisation — Aliran 2012-08-09

On Google Hangout, Anwar seeks to widen youth appeal 08-08-2012

Rafizi prosecution wrong move, Singapore daily suggests 2012-08-06

Two court cases on, Rafizi says will continue exposing scandals 2012-08-06

Heartbreak once again as Chong Wei fails at the last hurdle 2012-08-05

Amazing disgrace — The Jakarta Post 2012-08-05

Industry supports PKR's automotive policy plan 2012-08-05
Maids and the new middle-class reality 2012-08-05

Najib spooked by defections in Sabah, says Nurul Izzah 2012-08-04

Deputy minister offered to 'settle' Bala case 2012-08-03

PI Bala: They tried to bribe me... again 2012-08-02

Indonesian gospel music inspired Malaysia’s latest N-Day song? 2012-08-02

Rafizi detained over alleged BAFIA breach 2012-08-01

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July 2012

Putrajaya axes controversial 55th N-Day logo 2012-07-29

China reveals its hand on ASEAN in Phnom Penh — Ernest Z Bower 2012-07-29

Design professionals find Merdeka logo appalling 2012-07-28

World watch: London Olympics opens with spectacular pageant 2012-07-28

HKL succeeds in separating Siamese twins joined at hip 2012-07-28

Online, the 2012 National Day logo gets a drubbing 2012-07-26

'Pengerang project may shorten lifespan of M'sians'

PM declares half-month bonus for civil servants, pensioners get special payment 2012-07-26

Bersih 2.0 is legal, judge rules 2012-07-24

AirAsia ditches pact with MAS 2012-07-24

People’s ballot rejects Lynas Corp’s rare earth refinery 2012-07-23

SEDA’s reply deepens mystery over solar power deal, says Pakatan 2012-07-23

Singaporeans snap up Malaysian property as ringgit weakens 2012-07-22

M'sia among 20 capital flight countries, says researcher 2012-07-22

Muslims to begin fast from tomorrow 2012-07-20

Najib: LGBTs, liberalism, pluralism are enemies of Islam 2012-07-19

Selangor says dams overflowing, Syabas claims treatment plants full 2012-07-17

Ex-Sime Darby CEO Zubir Murshid charged with graft 2012-07-17

‘Orange’ wave marches on Istana Negara in bid to ‘save’ Felda 2012-07-14

Public gave RM143,000 towards Pua’s Syabas suit damages 2012-07-14

Robbers escape with RM3m in Penang goldsmith heist 2012-07-14

Liong Sik: Dr M kept ‘fully involved’ in PKFZ project 2012-07-13

Sidek’s daughter has ‘no capital and no track record’, says Pua 2012-07-12

Do the rich and royal truly care about Malaysian politics? 2012-07-12

Sidek’s daughter got ‘lion’s share’ of solar power deal, Pakatan MPs say 2012-07-10

Business, worker groups reject Penang Port privatisation 2012-07-10

BN government approved all Penang hillslope projects, state records show 2012-07-10

Dr M blames Malays for TARC cert recognition 2012-07-08

No reason for KLIA2 to cost RM5bn, say sources 2012-07-06

The naïve chairman of Lynas 2012-07-06

Rafizi Ramli — BN enemy No. 1? 2012-07-04

Polls delay worsening MBs’ race, say BN sources 2012-07-05

Suaram to Putrajaya: End harassment, probe Scorpene scandal 2012-07-04

Sodomy II written judgment: Unsafe to convict based solely on Saiful’s testimony 2012-07-03

'Stop spying on citizens and fight crime instead' 2012-07-03

Unesco declares Lenggong Valley world heritage site 2012-07-01

Diplomats getting SB hassle for meeting Pakatan leaders 2012-07-01


June 2012

Indelible ink set to make mark 2012-06-30

M'kini hit by yet another cyberattack 2012-06-30

Disquiet over winner of Ampang LRT RM960m system works 2012-06-29

Penang BN launches petition for free port, monorail 2012-06-29

Misrule worse than no rule 2012-06-28

As polls window narrows, top government officers bat for BN 2012-06-28

Treason is giving away citizenship for votes 2012-06-27

Mongolian working team to retrace Altantuya's murder 2012-06-27

The Scorpene Papers 2012-06-26

Balfour Beatty wins Ampang LRT extension job, Treasury papers show 2012-06-27

Photos show that Altantuya was in France 2012-06-25

Government reps on NFCorp board not fit to be directors, says PAC 2012-06-26

BB Plaza tenants want UDA out 2012-06-26

BN leaders want quick polls, tired of pushy businessmen, unions 2012-06-25

Protesters slip past cops, hold sit-in near Lynas plant 2012-06-24

300 kick-start anti-Lynas Occupy Balok-Gebeng rally 2012-06-24

Penang Port’s good health raises more questions over privatisation 2012-06-23

MP warns Parliament of exposure to Syed Mokhtar’s mounting debt 2012-06-20

UN raps Malaysia on freedom of assembly 2012-06-23

Pua calls for probe into Bafia breach of over RM60bil 2012-06-22

MP warns Parliament of exposure to Syed Mokhtar’s mounting debt 2012-06-21

Probe all our extremely wealthy finance ministers 2012-06-21

Lynas plant good to go, minister tells critics 2012-06-20

High Court throws out suit against PM over Tamil schools 2012-06-20

Food, trees, overtime top City Hall’s claims from Bersih 2012-06-20

Murky practices in rail tenders deter foreign firms, weekly reports 2012-06-18

Ministers blaming away serious crime concerns 2012-06-17

API remains ‘unhealthy’ in haze-hit areas 2012-06-17

UDA, Penang solve four-decade-old Tanjong Tokong issue 2012-06-17

Pemandu blames media for public safety fears 2012-06-16

Haze is back, 4 areas in S'gor, KL hit unhealthy levels 2012-06-15

Izzah queries closed tender for ATC system won by JJ’s son 2012-06-15

RM2.9 million spent on PM's trips to UK, US 2012-06-15

DPM shuts door on new Chinese independent schools 2012-06-14

PAC chief denies scandal cover up, says MPs were no-shows 2012-06-14

'How did minister's kin land costly air traffic system?' 2012-06-14

PM's future son-in-law accused of US$20mil swindle 2012-06-12


AG robs police authority with CPC amendments 2012-06-12

MAS issues RM2.5b perpetual sukuk, risky financing for working capital 2012-06-12

Under fire, Liow surrenders ‘WWW 15’ 2012-06-11

Lynas thorium waste : A real health threat 2012-06-11

Defective air traffic system put millions of lives at risk, says PKR 2012-06-08

Scramble for Kepala Batas as Pak Lah declines re-election 2012-06-08

PTPTN freeze lifted on fears of political backlash 2012-06-08

Lift ‘irresponsible’ varsity freeze, student group tells PTPTN 2012-06-08

PTPTN freeze a public breach of trust, Kit Siang tells PM 2012-06-08

Rule of law and civilised governments — Tota 2012-06-08

Why are there so few non-Malays in the public service? — Ramon Navaratnam 2012-06-07

Undermining 1 Malaysia — The Malaysian Insider 2012-06-05

PM told to explain Terasasi's role in Scorpene deal 2012-06-03

Maids return after three years 2012-06-03

Sultan Street: A look at its changing character 2012-06-03

No privatisation plan until Soi Lek made Penang Port chief, says Tee Keat 2012-06-02

80000 Pas supporters pack Alor Star stadium 2012-06-01

May 2012

USM budget – RM1.2bn; Penang government budget – RM0.7bn 2012-05-31

Anti-Taib radio anchor ‘abducted’ by unknown men 2012-05-31

MACC’s cow sense — The Malaysian Insider

Scorpene probe: Nurul Izzah wants Parliament to debate defence secrets leak 2012-05-31

Razak Baginda’s firm sold Malaysian naval secrets to French, says lawyer 2012-05-31

Petronas to pay RM28b dividend to Putrajaya 2012-05-30


French 'bought' top secret document from M'sian Navy 2012-05-31

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Daim ally, Razak Baginda named as ‘political network agents’ in Scorpene probe 2012-05-30

Johor crown prince defends RM500K splurge on WWW 1 plate 2012-05-28

In Lembah Pantai, violence erupts during PKR ceramah 2012-05-25

Home Ministry bans Manji's 'Love' book 2012-05-24

Putrajaya sues Bersih 2.0 over April 28 rally 2012-05-23

Anwar and Azmin charged in court over April 28 Bersih  2012-05-22

Scorpene case: French lawyers apply for work visa 2012-05-22

To cut costs, MAS offers staff 2 years’ unpaid leave 2012-05-22

Indian minister faces questions over Maxis-Aircel affair 2012-05-21

Reject BN wrongdoings, says MCA veteran 2012-05-21

World watch: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg weds on day after IPO 2012-05-20

The Scorpene Sting On Malaysia - The Great Malaysian Robbery (Video) 2012-05-19

AirAsia becomes latest low-cost name to land in Beijing 2012-05-17

DPM mum on Scorpene submarine suit 2012-05-17

Beyond Government and Opposition: The Human Side 2012-05-17

You're wrong, French lawyer tells Zahid Hamidi 2012-05-16

Bersih 2.0: 100 police violence victims to come forward on Saturday 2012-05-16

480,995 illegal immigrants legalised under 6P 2012-05-16

Trader freed after 380-day ordeal in Jolo 2012-05-16

Journalists send protest memo to PM's Office 2012-05-15

Selangor mulls legal action if Putrajaya refuses to solve water stalemate 2012-05-13

Nizar becomes uninvited guest at Umno ceramah 2012-05-13

Tunku Abdul Aziz quits DAP 2012-05-13

Despicable, contemptible behaviour must be condemned — P. Ramakrishnan 2012-05-12

Bar Council to boycott panel, wants UN rapporteur instead 2012-05-12

Bids for all ‘WWW’ plates, says Kong 2012-05-12

Bar EGM denounces police brutality at Bersih 3.0 2012-05-11

Malaysian Bar blasts police violence 2012-05-11

UN does not approve tear gas as a riot control agent 2012-05-11

Orang Asli wins bid to fight church demolition 2012-05-1

BN to switch most MBs in next polls, say sources 2012-05-11

Perkasa shoots its own foot in Penang 2012-05-00

Inflation up to 3pc despite minimum wage rules, says Zeti 2012-05-09

National debt at RM257.2b in 2011 2012-05-08

Families of Batang Kali victims get their day in UK court after 64 years 2012-05-08

AirAsia to start Singapore hub soon, widening its network 2012-05-08

Nik Aziz: Fatwa committee looking through one eye 2012-05-07

Hundreds in last-ditch bid to save Jln Sultan 2012-05-06

Devotees mark Wesak Day with offerings and float processions 2012-05-06

Suhakam: Police violated human rights in Bersih 2.0 2012-05-05

RapidKL should explain ‘trapping’ of Bersih supporters, says Pua 2012-05-05


NST apologises to Aussie senator 2012-05-03

French prosecutors: Najib sought US$1bil for Perimekar 2012-05-03

Al Jazeera seeks explanation over Astro censorship 2012-05-03

Nowhere Else In The World Do We Find Censorship Like This! – Al Jazeera Condemns Malaysia EXCLUSIVE 2012-05-03

TV cleansing to a fault 2012-05-03

Violence against Malaysia 2012-05-02

MAS, AirAsia boards form SPV for procurement; undo share swap 2012-05-02

Police car crash victim speaks out 2012-05-02

Police brutality more widespread during Bersih 3.0, says Bar Council 2012-05-01

Malaysia: Authorities must immediately investigate police brutality at Bersih rally 2012-05-01

Ambiga: Bersih kept its promise, but cops didn't 2012-05-01

BBC flays local censors for slashing Bersih coverage 2012-05-01

Najib unveils RM900 wage floor for peninsula, RM800 in Sabah and Sarawak 2012-05-01

April 2012

Azmin: Gesture merely meant negotiation was done 2012-04-30

The seed of hope 2012-04-30

I fear for my country — Michelle Chan ( 2012-04-30

Female reporter 'grabbed' by four male cops at rally 2012-04-29

Bersih rally shows angry and divided nation, says Umno deputy minister 2012-04-29

Hisham: Photo equipment seized as part of SOP 2012-04-29

NUJ: Media harassed to black out police misconduct? 2012-04-29

PAS: Police spread rumour of officer’s death to rile up force 2012-04-29

7,000 including Penang CM rally at Esplanade 2012-04-29

'Dataran barrier breach no excuse for use of force' 2012-04-29

Bersih tarnishes Najib’s reform credentials, say foreign press 2012-04-28

Bersih Video links 2012-04-28

Bersih 3.0 Last leg sit in by thestaronline

Bersih 3.0 28 in Kuala Lumpur April 2012 - 1500hrs-1700hrs by FMT 2012-04-28

Police car hits and injured spectators

Police Violence at Bersih 3.0 2012-04-28


Larger Bersih turnout, but violence may play into Umno’s hands 2012-04-28

Police fire tear gas, water cannons as demonstrators push into Dataran 2012-04-28

My fellow Malaysians — Ambiga Sreenevasan 2012-04-28

Police car crashes, hits two after attack by protestors 2012-04-28

Live coverage of Bersih 3.0 from anilnetto 2012-04-28

Peaceful Bersih in Penang, JB and KK 2012-04-28

Thousands gather on eve of Bersih 3.0 2012-04-28

KPF says Felda listing snub against PM’s pledge to settlers 2012-04-27 2012-04-27

Allow peaceful Bersih at Dataran Merdeka, academics, activists tell PM 2012-04-27

EC chief, deputy admit they ‘could have been’ Umno members 2012-04-27

The existence of 42,051 doubtful voters - trivial? 2012-04-26

Cops may have broken law in rejecting Bersih venue notice 2012-04-26

770 settlers in Pekan sue Felda for RM422mil 2012-04-26

PKR says NFCorp boss and son illegally profiting from rental yields 2012-04-24

Proton to be delisted 2012-04-24

Indian cops in Malaysia over Maxis-Aircel probe 2012-04-24

French Scorpene probe points fingers at Malaysian officials, says Suaram

Swiss authorities confirm money-laundering investigation against UBS, Malaysian top politician 2012-04-23


How to steal an election — Faizal Tajuddin 2012-04-23

3.1m dubious voters on list for a decade, says Bersih 2012-04-23

Najib brushes aside questions on Scorpene subs 2012-04-22

Kedah royalty lodge police report against enactment 2012-04-22

Najib finally names Chang Yeow as Penang BN chief 2012-04-22

Alarming amendments to Election Offences Act 2012-04-22

Cops detain 2 Occupy Dataran activists, seize tents 2012-04-22

PKR pitches 5-point framework to replace PTPTN 2012-04-21

Defence minister snubs French Scorpene inquiry 2012-04-21

Nothing refined about the Lynas suit — The Malaysian Insider 2012-04-21

Jalan Sultan stakeholders want MRT Corp to hold public hearing 2012-04-21

Tee Keat, Hwa Beng say Najib, Kong ordered PKFZ payments 2012-04-20

French court wants Razak Baginda as witness in Scorpene kickback probe 2012-04-20

The state is God? 2012-04-20

City Hall says no, Bersih 3.0 to go ahead 2012-04-20

Britain destroyed colonial crimes records 2012-04-20

French judge accepts Suaram's witnesses 2012-04-20

Media law amended amid opposition uproar for its repeal 2012-04-20

Foreign buyers may pay more for Penang homes by July 2012-04-19

Kedah’s law on fatwas un-Islamic, says Perlis mufti 2012-04-19

PKA committing CBT by paying for incomplete work 2012-04-18

Bumi interests outweigh trade, say Malay rights groups 2012-04-18

Past reports prove Lynas waste hazardous, appeal hearing told 2012-04-17

RM3 billion already paid to PKFZ bondholders, says Tee Keat 2012-04-17

PKA said no to PKFZ land at half price in 1998, reveals ex-boss 2012-04-17

Proton launches new Prevé saloon 2012-04-17

Zaid: BN leaders ‘cowards’, independent media council needed 2012-04-16

EC says 42,000 ‘doubtful voters’ does not make roll ‘dirty’ 2012-04-16

Lynas whitewashing refinery safety concerns, says Fuziah 2012-04-16

New traffic summons system a rent-seeking venture 2012-04-15

“Hold On Trust For Aman” – More Devastating Evidence From The ICAC Investigation! 2012-04-15

The race whisperers of 1Malaysia 2012-04-15

Pakatan dangles free education as vote bait to young Malays 2012-04-14

Hundreds march in anti-PTPTN protest 2012-04-14

Government’s deception of undocumented migrants and refugees — Angeline Loh 2012-04-14

Mosque committees ordered to attend PM function 2012-04-14

In schools, politics rears a sinister ‘comic’ appearance 2012-04-13

Vernacular school issue will cost MCA, say Chinese associations 2012-04-13

EPISODE 26: The invisible web (of deceit) - part 2 2012-04-12

EPISODE 25: The invisible web (of deceit) - part 1 2012-04-12

Separation of mosque and state 2012-04-12

AELB has 'no comment' on Lamp's adverse impact 2012-04-12

Submarines and murder: 'I can connect the dots' 2012-04-11 (Video)

Tsunami warning lifted, says PTWC 2012-04-11

Sumatran quake triggers tsunami warning, tremors reported in Penang, Klang Valley 2012-04-11

Dissent grows over rumoured healthcare tax under ‘1 Care’ scheme 2012-02-01

Kedah Sultan installed as King 2012-04-11

Sarawak Report links Musa Aman's sons to kickbacks 2012-04-10

New leads require reopening of Altantuya murder case 2012-04-11

Prize of entire flight to KL for AirAsia Facebook contest 2012-04-11

Altantuya came to Malaysia to meet Najib, claims her father 2012-04-10

New Bill to replace ISA 2012-04-10

How Corruption Filters Down – Dirty Deals At Sarawak Energy 2012-04-10

French probing money link to Umno via submarine deal, says report 2012-04-06

What really happened at the Ministry of Health roadshow — Steven K.W. Chow 2012-04-05

Bersih to hold third rally on April 28 2012-04-04

Bersih 2.0: PSC report fails in five key areas 2012-04-03

MAS drops short-haul premium carrier plan 2012-04-03

Lynas: Gebeng plant ready in 3 weeks, TOL only obstacle 2012-04-03

Malaysian killed in Thai blast 2012-04-01

March 2012

Najib clueless about meaning of interfaith 2011-04-01

Walk your talk, interfaith group tells Najib 2012-03-31

Online media to be regulated just like print media after Act amendments, says Najib 2012-03-31

Lynas Corporation for dummies (and Australians) — Ryan Albrey 2012-03-31

Anti-Lynas lobby tells Putrajaya to ‘learn lesson’ from Perak death 2012-03-31

Voter roll must be open to legal scrutiny, says polls group 2012-03-30

Disabled son of rare earth plant worker dies 2012-03-30

How MCA barons financed Umno in Malaya 2012-03-30

AELB: Penang solar plant will not produce radioactive waste 2012-03-30

Syed Mokhtar finally adds Penang Port to logistics empire 2012-03-29

Interfaith group wants heads to roll over ‘inflammatory’ seminar 2012-03-29

Najib bows to Shahrizat's wish to stay as Wanita chief2012-03-29

Deputy minister, education exco say unaware of ‘Christian threat’ seminar 2012-03-28

Backing Out Of Bakun – Rio Tinto Pulls Out! 2012-03-27

Hasan Ali awarded contracts without open tender, says Khalid 2012-03-27

Pakatan will probe A-G, Musa if elected to power, says Kit Siang 2012-03-26

PAS claims Terengganu ‘gifted’ land to five local Umno reps 2012-03-26

PM hints polls drawing close 2012-03-25

Thousands jeer deputy minister over Chinese school teacher shortage 2012-03-25

Automatic voter registration; compulsory voting; no party hopping — Aliran 2012-03-25

MACC intimidating Shamsubahrin’s lawyers, say Bar Council 2012-03-23

Western Australia says no to Lynas waste 2012-03-23

French Agosta sub now a Malacca musuem piece 2012-03-23

Tajudin's RM589mil Danaharta debt written off 2012-03-23

Lessons from Bukit Merah 2012-03-22

Urgent motion filed on high radiation in Bukit Merah 2012-03-21

KEuro given RM7b highway deal due to sunk ‘expenses,’ says Putrajaya 2012-03-21

NFCorp directors snub PAC, absent from meeting 2012-03-20

Why privatise MEX when Putrajaya bore brunt of costs 2012-03-19

 Investigating Judges Named in Malaysia Submarine Graft Case 2012-03-19

CM Lim injects new vigour into Penang 2012-03-19

Scorpene subs case to open in France, finally 2012-03-18

Ladies, it's time to give sexist MPs the boot

PM slams Jakarta ruling on maids as ‘not reasonable’ 2012-03-18

The ignored truths to Altantuya’s murder 2012-03-17

31,294 voters shifted via illegal border revision, says PKR 2012-03-16

Umno tactics scaring Malay votes from Pakatan 2012-03-16

NFC-linked supermart kicked out of Singapore mall 2012-03-15

Malaysia, Cronyism, And The Art Of The 'Good Resignation' 2012-03-14

Nurul’s killers ‘cruel and cold-blooded’ 2012-03-14

Emergency motion rejected for tribunal on Gani, Musa 2012-03-14

Rafidah: You call that 'quitting'? 2012-03-13

DAP’s questions on Tajudin rejected by Parliament 2012-03-13

Johor police confirm discovery of toddler’s charred body 2012-03-13

Shahrizat’s hubby charged with CBT in NFC scandal 2012-03-12

NFC scandal makes mockery of Malaysian rule of law — Kim Quek 2012-03-12

NGO wants hotel to break silence over engagement dinner 2012-03-12

Shahrizat says to resign as minister on April 8 2012-03-11

Lynas: Why in Malaysia, not in Australia? — Rama Ramanathan 2012-03-11

Najib ill-advised on ‘ridiculous’ first home scheme, says house buyers’ group 2012-03-09

Pay rise for civil servants 2012-03-09

Shoe-throwing imam jailed one year for contempt 2012-03-08

A murder most foul yet no interest in motive? 2012-03-08

Flurry of calls between Azilah and Abdul Razak 2012-03-08

Razak Baginda’s acquittal sets legal precedent, says Karpal 2012-03-07

NFCorp’s RM1.7m Kazakhstan office under probe, say sources 2012-03-07

Shamsubahrin claims proof did not ‘cheat’ NFCorp boss 2012-03-07

Altantuya judgment: Murder motive 'not essential' 2012-03-07

Wage floor a boon for ‘lazy’ workers, says entrepreneur 2012-03-07

Why is 1MDB taking over Tanjong Energy? 2012-03-07

Malaysia's racial divide deepening 2012-03-07

NFCorp ‘subsidiaries’ not audited since 2007 2012-03-06

Yayasan Selangor: RM500m missing under BN 2012-03-06

NFCorp to face PAC on March 19 2012-03-06

Mahathir's Disastrous Financial Speculation

PAC asks Putrajaya to reveal Tajudin-Danaharta settlement 2012-03-04

No 1 Care until right model found, says minister 2012-03-04

Putrajaya ‘privatising profit, socialising losses’, says Selangor MB

Computing Professionals Bill in ‘fix-it-or-kill-it’ stage 2012-03-03

RM840 million for Tajudin Ramli and previous RM12 billion double bailouts 2012-02-03

Directors must account for RM81m owed to NFCorp, says DAP’s Pua 2012-03-02

PARENTS FOR PPSMI (P4P) – Make your presence felt 2012-03-02

Eviction looms for Chinatown traders as talks with MRT Corp fail 2012-03-02

Putrajaya can afford RM50b to scrap highway tolls, says Guan Eng 2012-03-02

Lynas must ensure Australia accepts waste, says Tiong Lai 2012-03-01

S'pore doesn't allow raw meats, NFC told 2012-03-02

Government releases Dr M’s letters to Israeli PMs 2012-03-01

Umno MP and aide get six-year jail terms 2012-03-01

NFCorp justifies its expansion into Singapore 2012-03-01


February 2012

MAS losses soar to RM2.5b 2012-02-29

MAS losses soar to RM2.5b 2012-02-29

Daim first, Kit Siang says of Dr M’s ‘all Tuns’ audit 2012-02-29

EPISODE 15: One disaster to cover another disaster (part 3) 2012-02-29

I got the wrong mall, says Rafizi 2012-02-29

Erykah Badu concert cancelled in flap over tattoo 2012-02-28

Christians, Muslims are siblings of the same calling 2012-02-28

EPISODE 14: One disaster to cover another disaster (part 2) 2012-02-28

Clean government needed for clean environment, say Lynas opponents 2012-02-27

Journalist provoked us, claims Umno leader

Thousands throng anti-Lynas rally 2012-02-26

Police want NFCorp directors charged with CBT 2012-02-26

Khalid pounds Najib for 'BN-only' meeting 2012-02-25

British Virgin Islands to probe Taib-linked firms 2012-02-25

Something’s rotten in Kuantan — Sam Peh 2012-02-24

How Anwar performed as Finance Minister (Part 1) 2012-02-23

BN defensive as Penang tops manufacturing investment 2012-02-21

Najib accountable for Perkasa’s extremism, says Guan Eng 2012-02-21

Home Ministry shelves children’s book on sex education 2012-02-21

Retire over false land sale claim, Guan Eng tells Umno men 2012-02-21

DPM led approval of NFC award to minister’s family, says PAS veep 2012-02-20

EPISODE 9: The reward for giving Perak back to Umno 2012-02-20

Malaysia plundered: From Mahathir to Najib 2012-02-20

We were fired for highlighting discrepancies, say KSSB staff 2012-02-20

AELB denies profiting from share of Lynas revenue 2012-02-20

Jalan Sultan landowners say no to MRT land acquisition 2012-02-19

Dr M ‘assaulted’ judicial independence, says Bar Council 2012-02-19

Developer confirms bought Bayan Mutiara land in open tender 2012-02-18

All eyes on showdown between Soi Lek and Guan Eng 2012-02-18

Court allows interim halt of FELDA share transfer to FGV 2012-02-17

KL climbs up ranks of world’s most-expensive cities 2012-02-17

Discontent over racial bias simmers among minority youth 2012-02-16

Government debt now 65.2% of our GDP 2012-02-16

Reveal details of Danaharta-Tajudin settlement, say BN and PR MPs 2012-02-15

Malaysia two-faced in Saudi blogger saga, says US paper 2012-02-15

M'sia violates international rights law, says Suhakam 2012-02-14

Tajudin settles multimillion dispute with Danaharta ‘out-of-court’ 2012-02-14

Court document shows authorities barred from repatriating Saudi blogger 2012-02-13

Despite virtual death sentence, Malaysia sends Saudi blogger home 2012-02-12

BBC to apologise for airing paid-for Malaysia news 2012-02-12

World Watch: Whitney Houston found dead at 48 2012-02-12

Judiciary now cowed due to Dr M, says ex-CJ 2012-01-11

Passing assets to Bumi elites a return to Dr M’s failed policies, MPs say 2012-01-11

Malaysia arrests Saudi blogger over Prophet Mohammad tweets 2012-01-10

1 Care a ‘done deal’ despite ministry assurances, source says 2012-01-10

Parliamentary panel was told NFC cannot use loans for property 2012-02-10

NFCorp says can use RM250m for property investments 2012-02-09

Bersih’s Baharuddin died of a heart attack, says doctor 2012-02-09

Soi Lek, Guan Eng in ‘Chinese’ debate on Feb 18 2012-02-09

A man seemingly assaulted by employees of a KFC restaurant 2012-02-09

NFCorp buys 2 more S’pore condos for RM34m 2012-02-08

Union reps say clueless over EPF loan scheme 2012-02-07

‘Dormant’ firm holds stake in RM7bn expressway 2012-02-07

Overseas Malaysians, be the cause in the matter and vote 2012-02-07

Explain partial welfare aid in Penang, says Guan Eng 2012-02-06

Malaysian jungle adventurers solve WWII mysteries 2012-02-07

Zaid denies reports, says Kita dissolution on track 2012-02-05

Double taxing the public via 1 Care — Yow Hong Chieh 2012-02-05

SC chief to quit over E&0 scandal 2012-02-04

Loan scheme for unqualified home buyers violates EPF Act, say Pakatan reps 2012-02-04

Sugar deal inked above market price as subsidy bill spikes 2012-02-03

JI leader Marwan killed 2012-02-03

Appeals court allows Beng Hock’s family to seek review of coroner’s open verdict 2012-02-02

Kita to be dissolved, announces Zaid 2012-02-02

Key contractor pulled out of Lynas plant due to safety concerns, says NYT 2012-02-01

White ang pow: The state has failed us 2012-02-01


January 2012

Reveal details of highway deal, TI-M tells Putrajaya 2012-01-31

Move to appeal Noorfadilla's case a 'backward step' 2012-01-31

‘Racist price list’ for golf membership sparks backlash 2012-01-31

West Coast Expressway 2012-01-30

No personal guarantee in loan to NFCorp, says PAC insider 2012-01-30

DAP wants PM to explain how RM7b highway will benefit public 2012-01-29

Guan Eng says Umno using his children as political targets 2012-01-28

RM7 billion highway deal, to be tolled for a record 60 years, to a company selling granular and powder-activated carbon! 2011-01-28

Landowners cry foul over MRT Corp feedback boards 2012-01-27

IJM, Ahmad Zaki get RM1.74b MRT viaduct contracts 2012-01-27

Lynas wants to dump wastes on island off Pahang 2012-01-07

Court puts off crucial decision on Ling case to March 9 2012-01-27

Race and Malaysian ‘exceptionalism’ — Clive Kessler 2012-01-27

Judiciary far from truly independent — Ronald Benjamin 2012-01-27

Don’t sidetrack probe, TI-M tells NFCorp 2012-01-27

The most powerful prime and finance minister in the world 2012-01-26

Putrajaya said to increase sugar subsidies as global prices rise 2012-01-26

Kit Siang warns A-G against whitewashing NFC 2012-01-25

Malaysia willing to swap refugees with any country, says Hisham 2012-01-25

Moderate Malaysia in danger from Umno and Perkasa, says DAP 2012-01-25

Nazri’s statement on asset declaration is disappointing — Ramon Navaratnam 2012-01-25

Bravo Lim Guan Eng! — Anas Zubedy 2012-01-25

Who’s buying? Not Johor folk 2012-01-24

Keong Hee Huat Chai - Happy Chinese New Year (Video) 2012-01-23

Appeal against Anwar’s acquittal: A fatal error — Kim Quek 2012-01-23

Scant progress on reforms in Malaysia, says global human rights report 2012-01-23

They are going to convict Anwar — that is certain! — P. Ramakrishnan 2012-01-22

'Ah Wah Gor' speeds past 'Ah Jib Gor' 2012-01-22

Appeal against Anwar shows PM’s reforms insincere 2012-01-21

Why Brother Jib can't be trusted 2012-01-20

Prosecution appeals Anwar sodomy acquittal -2012-01-20

Fat cats and the crumbs in the civil service — Mustafa K. Anuar 2012-01-20

Appeal Court reverses Karpal’s sedition acquittal, orders defence 2012-01-20

Najib endorsed threats against me, says Ambiga 2012-01-18

Sijangkang rep appointed to Selangor exco, replaces Hasan 2012-01-18

Split chance BN takes Selangor, Kedah, PR takes N9, Perak says Monash don 2012-01-18

Taib To Be Sued By His Own Constituents – Exclusive! 2012-01-17

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking new evidence of Taib corruption - Sarawak Chief Minister's family grabs oil palm plantations three times the size of Singapore 2012-01-17

Syed Mokhtar’s Proton win raises concerns over wealth concentration 2012-01-17

Said made Bersih co-chairman 2012-01-17

Cabinet members should declare assets

PKR claims NFC paid RM600,000 credit card bill for Shahrizat’s family 2012-01-16

Investigate Agriculture Ministry too, says Singapore daily 2012-01-16

Going for Guan Eng — Gomen Man 2012-01-16

MACC tells MRT Corp to reject Alstom bid 2012-01-14

DAP pitches for ‘cleaner Malaysia’ on YouTube (interesting video!) 2012-01-14

Anwar acquittal to lend spotlight to Pakatan’s policy push 2012-01-14

Klang Valley folk to form coalition to tackle MRT woes 2012-01-13

Penang High Court ordered to hear factory worker’s desire to renounce Islam 2012-01-12

PKR claims NFCorp buying NMLC to hide its tracks 2012-01-12

‘Dirtiest’ GE in the offing, warns ex-US envoy 2012-01-12

Penang CM and state exco members declare assets 2012-01-12

Price controls for Chinese New Year announced 2012-01-11

Guan Eng says national debt ‘dangerous’, potentially disastrous 2012-01-10

Anwar's problems are not over yet 2012-01-10

National debt to equal GDP by 2019 if Putrajaya remains spendthrift, say economists 2012-01-10

A grave injustice avoided — Ooi Kee Beng 2012-01-10

Explosions outside court after acquittal 2012-01-09

Court acquits Anwar, judge says possible ‘samples compromised’ 2012-01-09

PAS sacks Hasan Ali 2012-01-08

Second Anwar sodomy case ‘flimsier’, WSJ says 2012-01-06

High Court says no to overseas ‘absent voters’ 2011-01-06

Churches tell Najib: Respect law, remove anti-Christian rules, policies 2012-01-05

Tee Keat backs DAP claim on KLIA2 2012-01-05

The mystery around Perkim, a RM270m job and three trustees 2012-01-04

Four in family murdered

PKR plans 100,000-strong rally for Sodomy II verdict 2012-01-03

PKR: RPK ‘hired’ to smear Anwar ahead of Sodomy II verdict 2012-01-02

Zaid: Attacking Anwar illogical of Raja Petra 2012-01-03

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