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Latest News and Views about Malaysia - What's happening in Malaysia (and Singapore) today from external links. (Readers are adviced to read disclaimer)

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News Headlines on Malaysia 2011

A pick of Headlines and Views across Online News sites, especially in Malaysia.

December 2011

NFC, MACC and the cow in the condominium — The Malaysian Insider 2011-12-31

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 2011-12-31

Our Malaysians of the year: A lawyer, a whistle-blower, undergraduates and a civil servant 2011-12-31

Datuk charged with cheating NFCorp boss out of RM1.7m 2011-12-30

Adam Adli — student activist, villain, folk hero 2011-12-30

Gardenia takes out ads to deny crony, racist claims 2011-12-30

Former senior official of Iskandar unit pleads guilty to graft charge 2011-12-28

Passage of Peaceful Assembly Bill a major setback for civil liberties — Aliran 2011-12-25

Home Ministry blames poor communication for Perlis Mufti IC gaffe 2011-12-25

MACC raids NFC office 2011-12-23

Khir Toyo gets 12 months’ jail for graft 2011-12-23

Perlis Mufti slams NRD for annulling daughter’s citizenship 2011-12-23

Best PMR results in last four years 2011-12-22

MAS probes graft claims in cargo unit, boss put on leave 2011-12-21

Dr M says took, but never sought, World Bank loans 2011-12-21

PKR: NFC spent RM10m for Singapore condo 2011-12-20

An open letter to MPs on Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011-12-20

Convent school gets new head as government seeks to calm Catholic unease 2011-12-20

New contract for teachers 2011-12-20

PKR shows World Bank records, claims proof Dr M received aid 2011-12-18

Politicians demand Putrajaya explain RM9b nod for six patrol ships 2011-12-18

Open letter to Education Minister over CBN — Dr W. Vinita Perera 2011-12-18

Unease grows over Muslim head for top convent school 2011-12-17

The way we were in 1957 — Kua Kia Soong 2011-12-17

Court rules to reinstate Balkis 2011-12-16

Anti-Umno group hits the ground running with ‘people’s platform’ 2011-12-16

Orang Asli protest Iskandar Malaysia encroachments 2011-12-16

Malaysia rises in illegal money chart, RM150b lost in 2009 2011-12-15

NFC scandal: MACC blind to corruption — Kim Quek 2011-12-15


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More News  

(Notes: please note that some news links may have expired. Please also read our disclaimer)

December 2011

The Proton saga continues 2011-12-15

ABU: Movement of the Rakyat for the Rakyat 2011-12-15

Court rules Utusan guilty of defaming Guan Eng 2011-12-14

Top UK paper calls Najib ‘authoritarian’, predicts Anwar conviction 2011-12-14

Why was KLIA2 moved to a soft soil site? 2011-12-14

Verbal spat over proposed Computing Professionals Bill 2011-12-14

Kit Siang: Najib should ask Taib to step down until cleared of graft 2011-12-13

Kedah Sultan sworn in as 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong 2011-12-13

Tuanku Mizan completes term as King 2011-12-12

Pua: IT Bill has Orwellian ‘big brother’ written all over it 2011-12-12

Khazanah to sell Proton stake to DRB-Hicom, paper reports 2011-12-12

Hisham says no but local police say yes to carolling permit requirement 2011-12-11

Tis the season to be jolly, with a police permit 2011-12-09

A haram book? What next? 2011-12-09

Peaceful Assembly Bill comes under UN fire 2011-11-08

Shahrir: MRCB ignoring ‘free alternative’ rule with Causeway toll 2011-12-08

Civil servants to get up to 13% pay rise from Jan 1 2011-12-08

KL property investment ranking slips in new survey 2011-12-07

Is the Deputy IGP whitewashing a misappropriation? — P. Ramakrishnan 2011-12-07

'Najib should just sign death cert for 1Malaysia' 2011-12-07

Kita won’t contest in polls 2011-12-07

Bar Council, Suhakam say A-G glossed over street protest ban 2011-12-05

Penang carpark: Ng Yen Yen ultimately responsible 2011-12-05

Richer Than The Queen! Top TV Coverage In Canada, As Taibs’ Wealth is Exposed 2011-12-05

Umno’s double standards — Tan Teck Huat 2011-12-04

The mother of all electoral abuses 2011-12-04

13 food products withdrawn from KR1M stores 2011-12-03

Understanding our rights 2011-12-03

Pandemonium as floods hit Kajang 2011-12-03

Umno is never wrong, others are 2011-12-02

Pua: Ministry admits some Kedai Rakyat items not up to the mark 2011-12-02

Tony Fernandes’ car is ground zero in airport tax hike spat 2011-12-02

Beneath KL’s icon, daily scenes of commuter misery 2011-12-02

#OCCUPYPARLIMEN: Memorial service for death of Malaysian Parliament 2011-12-01

Fernandes declares war on Malaysia Airports over tax hike 2011-12-01

Mahathir And His 3M Team Are Worried And Here’s Why 2011-12-01

Tuanku Mizan completes term as King 2011-12-12

Pua: IT Bill has Orwellian ‘big brother’ written all over it 2011-12-12

Khazanah to sell Proton stake to DRB-Hicom, paper reports 2011-12-12

Hisham says no but local police say yes to carolling permit requirement 2011-12-11

Tis the season to be jolly, with a police permit 2011-12-09

A haram book? What next? 2011-12-09

Peaceful Assembly Bill comes under UN fire 2011-11-08

Shahrir: MRCB ignoring ‘free alternative’ rule with Causeway toll 2011-12-08

Civil servants to get up to 13% pay rise from Jan 1 2011-12-08

KL property investment ranking slips in new survey 2011-12-07

Is the Deputy IGP whitewashing a misappropriation? — P. Ramakrishnan 2011-12-07

'Najib should just sign death cert for 1Malaysia' 2011-12-07

Kita won’t contest in polls 2011-12-07

Bar Council, Suhakam say A-G glossed over street protest ban 2011-12-05

Penang carpark: Ng Yen Yen ultimately responsible 2011-12-05

Richer Than The Queen! Top TV Coverage In Canada, As Taibs’ Wealth is Exposed 2011-12-05

Umno’s double standards — Tan Teck Huat 2011-12-04

The mother of all electoral abuses 2011-12-04

13 food products withdrawn from KR1M stores 2011-12-03

Understanding our rights 2011-12-03

Pandemonium as floods hit Kajang 2011-12-03

Umno is never wrong, others are 2011-12-02

Pua: Ministry admits some Kedai Rakyat items not up to the mark 2011-12-02

Tony Fernandes’ car is ground zero in airport tax hike spat 2011-12-02

Beneath KL’s icon, daily scenes of commuter misery 2011-12-02

#OCCUPYPARLIMEN: Memorial service for death of Malaysian Parliament 2011-12-01

Fernandes declares war on Malaysia Airports over tax hike 2011-12-01

Mahathir And His 3M Team Are Worried And Here’s Why 2011-12-01


November 2011

RM500 cash aid to be paid in January 2011-11-30

NFC spent RM5m on Mercedes, Putrajaya land and holidays, PKR claims 2011-11-30

Regional law society says assembly law breaches human rights 2011-11-30

Anwar likens assembly law restrictions to Mubarak’s military rule 29-11-2011

Guan Eng says ‘political reality’ to have Malay PM 2011-11-27

Lawyers want BN, Pakatan MPs to reject assembly law 2011-11-28

BREAKING NEWS: Two Black Eyes for AG and MACC! 2011-11-25

KVMRT: Are we being taken for a ride by the Umno/BN government? — Nawawi Mohamad 2011-11-25

Four states hit by floods, thousands in relief centres 2011-11-24

WIKILEAKS: The people with the big cables in Malaysia (UPDATED with Chinese Translation) 2011-11-19

Six in Britain get court nod on absent voter move 2011-11-14

Consulates and EC 'confused' or wilfully ignorant? 2011-11-14

Kit Siang wants Najib to pull RM181m NFC loan 2011-11-13

Singaporeans head north as medical insurance extended to Malaysian hospitals 2011-11-12

FT: BNM taking ‘major risks’ with inflation, but maintains interest rates 2011-11-12

Najib rules out general election this year 2011-11-11

Mahal Tali Dari Lembu 2011-11-11

PKR claims NFC funded RM10m Shahrizat family condo 2011-11-10

Penang: Opt for rail transport instead of RM8bn on roads 2011-11-10

Anwar: Hudud has no place in Pakatan policy 2011-11-09

Malaysia sending as many ‘officials’ as athletes for SEA Games 2011-11-09

Malaysia’s Ahmadis living dangerously 2011-11-08

Government and golf club in battle over precious land 2011-11-08

Malaysia remains rich but also intolerant, says new study 2011-11-07

VIDEO : PKR leaders, NGO refused entry at Feedlot Project managed by Shahrizat's family? 2011-11-06

DPM: Students who started Science and Maths under PPSMI can continue until Form Five 2011-11-05

Dr M: Najib can overrule DPM on PPSMI issue 2011-11-04

Police move against Seksualiti Merdeka sparks heated debate between groups 2011-11-04

Landowners slam MRT Co, say no U-turn on demands 2011-11-03

Malaysia could still face bankruptcy, Idris Jala warns 2011-11-01


October 2011

End of the line for Klang Bus Stand 2011-10-31

UUCA in violation of Federal Constitution, rules Court of Appeal 2011-10-31

Train, fuel tanker crash triggers explosion in Kota Kinabalu 2011-10-31

Overseas Malaysians file suit against Election Commission 2011-10-31

Kenyataan Akhbar Zairil Khir Johari di Pulau Pinang 2011-10-31

EPF loaned RM55bil without gov't guarantee backing 2011-10-31

UUCA in violation of Federal Constitution, rules Court of Appeal 2011-10-31

AirAsia X boss slams MAHB for budget terminal delay, airport fees hike 2011-10-30

We deserve better services from civil servants: Yeow 2011-10-30

Schools not allowed to opt for Maths, Science in English 2011-10-29

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Paid to shine Najib’s government, UK firm goes under 2011-10-28

Curb ‘fascist’ Perkasa, Rahim Noor, Pakatan MPs tell Najib 2011-10-28

Israeli kickboxer a hit in pro-Palestine Malaysia 2011-10-28

Teoh kin rue Putrajaya’s reluctance to charge MACC trio 2011-10-27


Penang’s state debt has dropped 95pc, says Guan Eng 2011-10-26

Guan Eng under siege 2011-10-26

Audit finds minister’s family made mess of national cattle farming project 2011-10-25

Scientists may have cure for Nipah and Hendra 2011-10-25

Speed killing Singaporeans on Malaysian roads, says daily 2011-10-25

No action against trio behind Teoh’s death 2011-10-25

Nine ministries overspent RM3.73b, says government audit 2011-10-24

Food for pre-schoolers 'stored in toilet' 2011-10-24

Auditor-General: Putrajaya risked lives in delaying Bukit Jalil stadium roof repair 2011-10-24

Property sales slip on economy worries, polls talk 2011-10-24

Of Muslim bigots and Malay zealots 2011-10-24


Najib: Leave families out of politics 2011-10-23

Anti-Christianisation rally fizzles out with poor turnout 2011-10-22

Deputy minister wants Aziz Bari's suspension lifted 2011-10-21


Singapore says nude squat case not closed 2011-10-21

Hundreds of UIA students protest Aziz Bari’s suspension 2011-10-21

Anya Corke: I don’t know Guan Eng’s son 21-10-2011

Don’t send Myanmars back 2011-10-20

Stop unethical reporting — Loh Cheng Kooi 2011-10-20

Penang touted as model for Pakatan to take Putrajaya 2011-10-20

Allegations against Guan Eng’s son ‘completely untrue,’ says school principal 2011-10-19

Khairy defends attacks on Guan Eng’s son 2011-10-19

Umno blogs used chess champion’s picture to attack Guan Eng’s son, says DAP 2011-10-19

Shiite follower sues Utusan and Jais 2011-10-18

Penang reclamation deal off 2011-10-18

Race quotas, politics led to falling UM standards, says World Bank study 2011-10-17

Malaysia’s middle class — The New Poor 2011-10-17

12 items under price control for Deepavali 2011-10-17

In NST, a reflection of Najib’s own dilemma 2011-10-16

Sultan of Kedah to be next Yang di-Pertuan Agong, for second time 2011-10-15

Selangor dances the limbo for JAIS 2011-10-14

Utusan ordered to pay RM60k to Shah Alam MP 2011-10-14

‘Govt holding on to Auditor’s report’ 2011-10-13

Australia abandons ‘Malaysia solution’ 2011-10-12

MyKad scam: PAS corners bus loads of foreigners 2011-10-12

DAP-PAS ‘agree to disagree’ over hudud 2011-10-12

KL land row threatens to derail MRT project 2011-10-12

Najib’s handouts no boon for economy, says WSJ 2011-10-11

Indian police ‘book’ tycoon Ananda Krishnan, Ralph Marshall in telco graft scandal 2011-10-10

US firms leery of Bank Negara’s role, says leaked cable 2011-10-10

Selangor Sultan backs Jais church raid, no one to be charged 2011-10-10

In quest to regain Selangor, Najib uses Budget as soapbox 2011-10-09


Budget 2012 ‘generous’ but lacks long-term solution, say Malaysians 2011-10-08

Budget 2012 fails to live up to PM’s reform pledges — Tony Pua 2011-10-07

Market analysts say government growth projection too high 2011-10-07

With eye on polls government pledges cash all around, no new taxes 2011-10-07

Spinal surgeon: ‘Very unlikely’ Anwar sodomised Saiful 2011-10-07

Nazri says Tajuddin did not disclose interests in MAS deals 2011-10-06

World Watch: Steve Jobs dies: Apple chief created personal computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone 2011-10-06

WIKILEAKS: Penan Tribal Leader's death raises suspicions 2011-10-06

Court strikes out subpoenas on Najib, Rosmah 2011-10-06

Right to question hudud law 2011-10-06

Gov't foots RM1.2bil bill for Indah Water’s losses 2011-10-05

Rakyat mahu bersatu, tetapi bersatu di luar BN 2011-10-04

Police fired tear gas, broke rules in Tung Shin incident 2010-10-04

Pakatan says can add RM15.5b to government revenue 2011-10-04

Despite cheap China loan, local funds underwrite Second Penang Bridge 2011-10-04

Of subliminal indoctrination and inept social media strategies by MCMC 2011-10-04

US$24m ring returned after ‘a few days’, minister tells Parliament 2011-10-04

Customs confirms RM24mil ring exists 2011-10-04

Putrajaya keeps Bersih out in cold despite reforms embrace 2011-10-03

Abolish section 377A and 377B of the penal code 2011-10-03

MCA heading for irrelevance, says Tee Keat 2011-10-01


September 2011

Maximum 40pc pay rise as Putrajaya reverts to single-tier civil service 2011-09-30

Have dignity and shed protectionism, Najib tells Malays 2011-09-29

Sodomy II: Anwar tells PM, wife, to explain meeting with Saiful 2011-09-28

Community Chest is a plus but not a substitute 2011-09-28

Explosion rips through Empire Gallery, four hurt 2011-09-28

MRT: Imbi owners offer to trade land for surface rights guarantee 2011-09-27

Vernacular and mission schools to benefit from Community Chest 2011-09-27

Sarbaini kin mulling verdict change, says lawyer 2011-09-26

Low-cost housing being abused, say developers 2011-09-26

Private sector retirement age to go up 2011-09-26

Ambiga conferred France’s top civilian award 2011-09-24

NGO: Dr M's son has stake in Lynas project? 2011-09-23

Undilah video taken off-air over Ku Li speech, opposition figures 2011-09-23

McDonald: Anwar's case the only one such in the world 2011-09-22

Mat Sabu charge violates free speech tenets, says rights groups 2011-09-21

Najib, Rosmah seek to strike out subpoena 2011-09-21

Bumis ‘typically’ sold government contracts for cars, houses, leaked study reveals 2011-09-20

No evidence ‘Male Y’ DNA came from sperm cells, sodomy trial told 2011-09-20

Putrajaya has admitted to a ‘prima facie case’ against A-G 2011-09-19

'More repressive laws will replace ISA' 2011-09-19

Transit: Reveal feasibility reports to end MRT land acquisition debate 2011-09-18

Something is rotten about migrant workers’ entry rules 2011-09-18

Stir over Bangladesh website saying citizens can vote as Malaysians 2011-09-17

Najib tainted by Anwar trial despite new reforms, says WSJ 2011-09-16

Najib announces repeal of ISA, three emergency declarations 15-Sept-2011

Najib to unveil ‘raft of reforms’ to revive drifting administration 2011-09-15

2 mega deals, Nazir Razak and the Umno elite's rush to cash out 2011-09-13

GST after elections, says Najib 2011-09-13

'Evidence fabricated in Anwar's corruption trial' 2011-09-12

Taib Probe Opens In Germany 2011-09-12

Elton John backs push for Malaysia, Commonwealth to repeal anti-gay laws 2011-09-12

Only 1.7mil active taxpayers in the country 2011-09-11

The KLIA2 saga — Rahman Nordin 2011-09-10

Anything But Umno — Ali Kadir 2011-09-10

MRT on wrong track without masterplan, says Transit 2011-09-10

Malaysian procurement system riddled with corruption, says US cable 2011-09-09

6% tax on prepaid lines 2011-09-09

Award-winning filmmaker joins anti-Lynas effort 2011-09-07

No MRT land return guarantee shows bad faith 2011-09-07


The Winter of Chinese Discontent 2011-09-05

Pak Lah’s 2006 Caribbean trip a holiday in disguise, says leaked cable 2011-09-05

The death of Noramfaizul 2011-09-05

Najib Should Admit Putera 1Malaysia Somalia Trip was Reckless 2011-09-04

Prasarana’s buyout of Chinatown lots unusual, says Tee Keat 2011-09-04

Malaysians unhappy with the government, politicians using religion for electoral purposes 2011-09-03

SAMM: Mat Sabu’s Bukit Kepong remarks good for history 2011-09-03

Penang property worries 2011-09-02

The NEP and the downfall of Malays 2011-09-02

MRT project: Chinatown traders slam SPAD for broken promise 2011-09-01

Key political risks to watch in Malaysia 2011-09-01

August 2011

‘Malaysia Solution’ illegal, says Australian court 2011-08-31

Of Patriots and Pretenders: The Unofficial History of our Struggle for Independence 2011-08-31

Festive air as nation celebrates Hari Raya and National Day 2011-08-31

Remove religion from voter registration forms, Pua tells EC 2011-08-26

Pemandu admits land acquisition only way to recoup MRT cost 2011-08-26


New investigation into film maker that took millions from Malaysia 2011-08-26

Aussie DNA expert says local scientist could have ‘killed’ someone 2011-08-25

DAP says Prasarana attempting Chinatown land grab 2011-08-25  (SPAD says working on Chinatown lots settlement, but no guarantee)

Malaysians get priority for 1m jobs, says ministry 2011-08-24

Gov't has backed off from Chinatown land acquisition 2011-08-22

‘Racism and fanaticism’ exploited in Malaysia for politics, Asri tells WSJ 2011-08-23

PM, wife ordered to testify in Sodomy II trial 2011-08-22

Sodomy charge is conspiracy by Najib, says Anwar 2011-08-22

Malaysia trading 4,000 non-Muslims for 800 Muslims in asylum swap, says top Aussie paper 2011-08-22

MRT to grab part of KL’s Bukit Bintang shopping district 2011-08

Selangor forms panel in bid to resolve church raid row 2011-08-22

Teraju: Bumi agenda needed for more and better companies 2011-08-22

Religious leaders say nothing wrong with Muslims receiving Christian aid 2011-08-21

Alarming number of illegals 2011-08-21

Polls panel insincere public relations move, say activists, Malaysians 2011-08-21

11 cops 'molest' case still hanging fire 2011-08-20


Special investigation: TV company takes millions from Malaysian government to make documentaries for BBC... about Malaysia 2011-08-18

CIMB’s unethical brokering 2011-08-18

Attempted arson on Penang DAP Hq 2011-08-18

WikiLeaks cable: Filipinos 'troublesome' in Sabah 2011-08-18

Arrogance has a price — The Malaysian Insider 2011-08-18

Four more ex-soldiers admit to postal vote fraud 2011-08-17

Enough Excuses, Prasarana! 2011-08-16

(also read Chinatown businesses suspicious over MRT acquisition )

Committee made up of all parties to discuss electoral reform before polls 2011-08-16

Nik Aziz backs ban on loudspeaker Quran readings 2011-08-14

Pua threatens to sue Najib, Nazri for Tajuddin Ramli bailout 2011-08-14

GLCs upset with Nazri for misleading explanation in Tajuddin Ramli saga 2011-08-13

British lawyer deported over Hindraf lawsuit 2011-08-13

PM and wife: We don't wish to be your witnesses 2011-08-12

Penang reviving under new leadership, says Economist 2011-08-12

Jais missing the point — Art Harun 2011-08-12

Putrajaya ditches FBC Media as image experts after exposé 2011-08-12

Putrajaya directs GLCs, Danaharta to drop all claims against Tajuddin Ramli 2011-08-11

More 'clone voters' detected in electoral roll 2011-08-11

Cabinet entrusted Rais Yatim to oversee PKFZ land dispute, court told 2011-08-10

Cabinet member, Najib’s aides are ‘non-heterosexual’, says leaked US cable 2011-08-09

Malaysia has ‘very high’ religious restrictions, says report 2011-08-09

Half-month Raya bonus for civil servants, RM500 for pensioners 2011-08-08

Australia’s top court to rule on Malaysia asylum seeker swap 2011-08-08


MAS, AirAsia in share swap to rescue ailing flag carrier 2011-08-07

Let’s fight to keep Malaysia moderate 2011-08-07

Ex-deputy minister fears gov't 'scorched earth' policy 2011-08-05

Selangor regrets church raid, asks Jais for report 2011-08-05

FBC Media Scandal – Growing Questions For CNN’s John Defterios 20--008-05

Hackers set Oct 24 for fresh attacks 2011-08-05

BBC Suspends All FBC Media Programmes Pending Enquiry 2011-08-04

CNBC drops flagship show over paid- Malaysian interviews 2011-08-04

Jais, cops raid church over multi-racial dinner 2011-08-04

PSM 6 in high spirits in court 2011-08-03

Kua: France will unlock Scorpene truths 2011-08-02

PR becomes citizen ... in four hours 2011-08-02

Mindef says RM 493.3m additional budget necessary to ‘maintain’ Scorpene sub 2011-08-02

Taib Paid Out $5 Million To Attack Sarawak Report! – International Expose 2011-08-02


Government double-billed RM720m in PKFZ land buy 2011-08-01

Food stamps not the right way, dear Mr. DPM 2011-08-01

No need for food stamps

Dead Bersih marcher’s kin demand inquest 2011-08-01


July 2011

Jeyakumar: Too ‘politically costly’ for BN to continue holding us 2011-07-31

Singapore Lions tame Malaysia’s Tigers in cagey match 2011-07-30


Company makes audacious US$100b announcement, claims PM’s blessings 2011-07-29

AG must go if MACC trio not charged, says DAP 2011-07-27

Gov't compensates 2005 nude squat victim

Find out more about the Common Bar Course 2011-07-27

Malaysian graduates struggle to get good jobs, says Straits Times 2011-07-26

Barbican’s beer is halal, says National Fatwa Council 2011-07-26

News portals excluded from govt's media council 2011-07-25

BN could bear brunt of voter anger over rising costs 2011-07-25

Malaysia signs refugee swap with Australia 2011-07-25

CNN survey: Assam laksa is worth going the extra mile for 2011-07-24

Stumped and Stupefied 2011-07-24

Of Angry Birds and angry Malaysians 2011-07-24

French lawyer in submarine probe deported from Malaysia 2011-07-23

Public sees Najib as guilty in Scorpene deal, says Pakatan 2011-07-23

(Due to Internet link down, we were unable to post news links between 20th to 24 Jul.)

Malaysia, the Vatican establish diplomatic ties 2011-07-19

Titiwangsa MP Dr Lo’ Lo’ dies 2011-07-18

Talk less, listen harder 2011-07-17

Bersih 2.0: 'I walked barefoot to Istana' 2011-07-16

Lawful to sue Sultan but seditious to say it, court told ???? 2011-07-15

Doctors say cops fired tear gas into Tung Shin compound 2011-07-14

Najib’s ‘botched’ handling of Bersih shows timid reforms, says Bloomberg columnist 2011-07-13.....[Source: Investing 101 Means Looking Out the Windows More: William Pesek]

KL now pricier than San Francisco for expatriates 2011-07-13

PM Najib's tyranny draws focus on bribes, murder 2011-07-13

Fernandes to host "The Apprentice Asia" 2011-07-13

UN says Bersih clampdown undermines democracy 2011-07-12

Malaysia: Police use brutal tactics against peaceful protesters - Amnesty International 2011-07-12

Pua: Liow ‘lying through his teeth’ on hospital attack 2011-07-12

Zunar accepts US award, vows to soldier on 2011-07-12

Anti-Bersih group holds Najib to ransom 2011-07-11

On Facebook, more than 100,000 want Najib to quit 2011-07-11

‘Lady of Liberty’ at Bersih march draws online support 2011-07-11

Bersih's legacy - the eradication of fear 2011-07-11

Family says police responsible for Bersih death 2011-07-10

In Bersih, an elusive Malaysian unity appears 2011-07-10

Bersih says 50,000 protested, declares rally ‘great success’ 2011-07-09

Bersih 2.0 : Tear gas and water cannons fired (Video) 2011-07-09

More cities hold Bersih rallies 2011-07-09

In Bersih row, BN risks electoral fallout 2011-07-08

Ambiga, Ibrahim Ali, Khairy among 91 locked-out from KL this Saturday 2011-07-07

Kit Siang accuses Najib of being insincere in Bersih row 2011-07-07

Wanita PKR accuses Hisham of treason in Bersih clampdown 2011-07-06

Despite royal audience, Hisham says Bersih still illegal 2011-07-06

CCTV footage 'tampered with' at KL MACC 2011-07-06

WIKILEAKS: Malaysia loses game of "chicken' with Singapore over bridge 2011-07-06

Online, Bersih marches on 2011-07-06

Ex-Bukit Merah owner takes RM1b Lynas stake 2011-07-05

Fascist Threats - The Same UMNO Modus Operandi 2011-07-05

Missing teenage girl found killed, hacked and charred 2011-07-04

Bersih to seek audience with King, willing to cancel rally 2011-07-04

Sungai Siput MP, five PSM members held under emergency law 2011-07-02

Banknote graft dragnet arrests ex-BNM assistant governor, 7 others 2011-07-01

Permits for assembly unconstitutional, says lawyer 2011-07-01

June 2011

Design problems, hazardous construction plague Lynas plant, reports NYT 2011-06-30

Tian Chua remains Batu MP 2011-06-30

Cops raid Bersih office 2011-06-29

Middle class homes 2011-06-29

Detained MP rushed to hospital 2011-06-28

An invasion of Parliament 2011-06-28

WIKILEAKS: Update on the F-5 engine scandal 2011-06-28

Myanmar deports ‘blacklisted’ Michelle Yeoh 2011-06-28

Umno Youth threatens to torch PKR HQ 2011-06-28

Penang’s FDI currently highest in Malaysia, says CM 2011-06-27

PM, DPM, wives spent RM25.1m on trips since 2008 2011-06-27

Emergency motion proposed to free Sg Siput MP 2011-06-27

US envoy did not believe Putrajaya’s jet engine explanation 2011-06-27

Hisham says cannot rule out ISA for July 9 rallies 2011-06-26

Malaysia No. 2 in Asia-Pacific for cargo theft 2011-06-25

WIKILEAKS- Update on the use of 'Allah' and the church attacks 2011-06-24

World Watch: Rowling unveils New Harry Potter website, e-books 24-06-2011

Putrajaya says RM8.6m was ‘compensation’ to Utusan 2011-06-23

WIKILEAKS: What is going on in Malaysia?

Diesel subsidy cuts felt by housewives, restaurateurs 2011-06-23

Minimum wage bill tabled in Parliament 2011-06-21

Wed-Fri water cut to hit one million in Klang Valley 2011-06-21

A reply to the EC — Ambiga Sreenevasan 2011-06-21

Najib defends invite to Mugabe, Al-Bashir for economic forum 2011-06-19

Ku Li- Putrajaya should rethink economic policies as income gap widens 2011-06-19

WIKILEAKS- US concerns regarding Malaysian companies suspected of illegal transshipment activities 2011-06-18

Illegal entry 2011-06-17

Health Ministry: Carcinogens found in Taiwan syrup, products 2011-06-17

Two immigration officers suspended over nude squat 2011-06-17

Putrajaya overrules Prasarana, takes pricier LRT extension deal 2011-06-17

Government portal brought down, 51 sites attacked 2011-06-16

Orang Asli reps: 'Lain-lain' race an insult 2011-06-14

Tourism Ministry: RM1.8m spent on Facebook pages 2011-06-14

No more free downloads as MCMC blocks 10 file sharing sites 2011-06-11

Price watch portal hacked 2011-06-11

Anak Malaysia 2011-06-10

Key resignation, resentment hits new national innovation initiative 2011-06-10

One Malaysia, but three sets of registration rules 2011-06-10

Three ‘executed’ while kneeling before cops, says lawyer 2011-06-09

KL 33rd costliest city in Asia, expat survey finds 2011-06-09

Khir Toyo got hefty discount for bungalow, land 2011-06-08

WIKILEAKS- Perak episode sets a dangerous precedent 2011-06-08

Envoys said court’s Perak decision sanction of undemocratic takeover 2011-06-08

Check prices at 1,255 retail outlets online 2011-06-08

PM's use of public funds for wedding trip morally wrong 2011-06-07

Kampar-born Hyflux chief wins entrepreneur award 2011-06-07

Price hikes senseless without IPP gas subsidies cut, says Guan Eng 2011-06-07

As Malaysia’s assets wane, Umno scrambles for wealth control 2011-06-06

Aussie firm paid Najib’s cousin to secure banknote deal 2011-06-06

WIKILEAKS- Malaysia's New Economic Model 2011-06-06

Mat Sabu wins PAS No 2, professionals sweep exco 2011-06-04

Australia's Malaysia refugee deal close - report 2011-06-02

Mixed race- Where do we draw the line?- 2011-06-02

An insult to Islam?- 2011-06-01

M'sia-Indonesia MOU- No joy for domestic workers 2011-06-01

May 2011

Stick to agreed fees and conditions, maid agencies told 2011-06-31

PKR goes to court to challenge RoS decision to deregister party 2011-06-30

Power rates up 7pc June 1, gas prices also hiked 2011-05-30

Methodists to open private schools as public standards fall 2011-05-29

Najib: Sendayan to replace Sungei Besi air base 2011-05-28

Pua- Water bonds premium price abuse of public funds 2011-05-27

Bersih chief sues Taib over deportation from S'wak 2011-05-26

World Watch: Scotty McCreery wins 2011 ‘American Idol’ contest 2011-05-26

Lynas Corp taking advantage of lax environmental laws, says Fuziah 2011-05-25

Top UN official says ‘Malaysia solution’ illegal 2011-05-24

SOS from crew stranded on a “hell ship” 2011-05-24

Eskay close to Thai insurgents, leaked US cable shows 2011-05-23

MCA rounds on Nazri in PSD scholarship row 2011-05-23

Najib vs. Anwar: Epic Battle 2011-05-23

‘Malaysians have lost their purchasing power’ 2011-05-22

Orphanage landslide death toll now 16 2011-05-22

Australia-Malaysia deal endangers asylum seekers — Aliran 2011-05-21

Landslide hits orphanage, five children dead 2011-05-21

Rape at all time high, gov't looks the other way 2011-05-21

Lynas says paid Putrajaya for toxic waste cover 2011-05-21

200 protest Lynas plant at Australian embassy 2011-05-20

PKR faces de-registration threat 2011-05-19

As Indonesia booms, AirAsia to move regional office to Jakarta 2011-05-19

Malaysiakini is No 1 news website 2011-05-19

Malaysia slips in economic competitiveness 2011-05-18

Najib’s ‘moderation’ speech a mockery, says Kok 2011-05-18

Nazri- No action against Ibrahim Ali 2011-05-17

The celebration of Buddhist life Kit 2011-05-17

As subsidies balloon, BN eyes cuts but foes expect snap polls 2011-05-17

Returning wealth to the people 2011-05-17

Sodomy II- Evidence, testimony and Anwar’s defence 2011-05-17

Raja Petra teams up with WikiLeaks' Assange 2011-05-17

A very dirty and very dangerous game! — Ahmad Mustapha Hassan 2011-05-16

Cheras-PJ toll abolished tonight 2011-05-16

DPM signals price hikes 2011-05-16

DAP revealed Razali is UMNO's member 2011-05-16

Getting Malaysia Out Of The Middle Income Trap 20 2011-05-16

Sodomy II- Anwar ordered to enter defence 2011-05-16

Gerakan wants Ibrahim’s ‘crusade’ threat against Christians investigated 2011-05-15

Ibrahim Ali is Umno — Shamsuddin Ghani 2011-05-15

JPA scholarship: A bond-free scholarship for young Malaysians — Lim Ern Sheong 2011-05-14

World Watch: Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong retire from Cabinet 2011-05 05-15

Christian conspiracy- Special branch link suspected 2011-05-14

Bar Council says unconstitutional for Islamic laws to skip legislative approval 2011-05-14

What I have said about Christians and Muslims worshipping the same God/Allah is confirmed by the Quran! — N.H. Chan 2011-05-14

Affordable homes need more than just land 2011-05-13

Lynas waste plans unclear, says Australian mining expert 2011-05-13

Swiss President Orders an Investigation into Taib’s Assets! – Exclusive. 2011-05-13

Nurul Izzah gets threat to kidnap daughter 2011-05-13

Pakatan- No reforms unless Najib snuffs out ‘extremist’ demands 2011-05-13

House buyers group says developers’ greed behind high prices 2011-05-12

Why Pakatan Rakyat is NOT going to form the next federal government 2011-05-12

Penganalisis- Umno kena buang agenda lama jika mahu kekal kuasa (Malay) 2011-05-12

CM- Hisham must compel Utusan to retract report 2011-05-11

Utusan’s unsubstantiated report irresponsible — Media groups 2011-05-11

Hulu Selangor Umno denies using foreigners for votes 2011-05-11

Beng Hock not suicidal, psychiatrist tells RCI 2011-05-10

Anwar’s driver claims murder attempt on boss 2011-05-10

Hisham, Rais must apologise for backing Utusan’s report, says PAS veep 2011-05-10

PAS says mandatory Muslim PM unconstitutional 2011-05-10

Umno fiddles while Malaysia burns! — Damian Denis 2011-05-10

‘Christian Malaysia’ a distraction from BN policy failures, says Lim 2011-05-10

Penang increases funds for Islamic projects 2011-05-10

Putrajaya permitting Utusan provocation, says Bar Council 2011-05-10

BN to blame for any attack against Christians, says DAP 2011-05-09

MCA Youth files police report against Utusan 2011-05-09

Take action against irresponsible, baseless and provocative reporting — Archbishop Murphy Nicholas Pakiam 2011-05-08

Interfaith chief says Utusan report fans religious divide 2011-05-08

Utusan wants to set 1M'sia on fire, decries Lim 2011-05-07

Umno is ‘Public Enemy No. 1’, says Mahfuz 2011-05-07

World Watch: Polls open in Singapore's hotly contested election 2011-05-07

Pakatan asks why public funds used to defend Tricubes 2011-05-06

PSD scholarships for SPM top scorers 2011-05-06

Rare earth rage 2011-05-06

Najib wants Umno to recapture Selangor at any cost 2011-05-06

Lack of debate on private housing — Colin Tan 2011-05-05

RON97 to be raised to RM2.90 2011-05-04

'Irregularities in purchase of RM86mil jet for Taib' 2011-05-04

House buyers group warns youth losing out on property deals 2011-05-04

‘Unholy alliances’ to blame for exorbitant property prices, says HBA 2011-05-04

Teoh did not squat on ledge to jump, RCI told 2011-05-04

No need for Chinese in BN government, say community leaders 2011-05-03

Utusan sacks journalist union chief 2011-05-03

World watch: Obama- Osama bin Laden killed in shootout 2011-05-02

World Watch: The soft-spoken millionaire 'mass murderer' 2011-05-02

PKR VP tells Najib to withdraw threat to Chinese voters 2011-05-01

Sekarang BN terpaksa menggunakan ugutan pula — Aspan Alias 2011-05-01


April 2011

Choose MCA or be left out of government, Najib tells Chinese 2011-04-30

PAS shoots down Najib’s invitation 2011-04-30

What offence has Anwar committed- — P. Ramakrishnan 2011-04-30

Illegals greasing palms of Immigration officers to gain entry into country 2011-04-30

World Watch: Prince William marries Kate in glittering ceremony 2011-04-29

Bersih wants heads to roll in EC 2011-04-29

New rare earth mining proposal in Bukit Merah- Double jeopardy for residents! — S M Mohamed Idris 2011-04-29

Anwar- Umno stoking ‘culture of fear’ to win over Malays 2011-04-29

Social injustice main cause of country’s brain drain, says World Bank 2011-04-28

Malaysian kids trail Asian powerhouses in science, maths 2011-04-28

Malay poverty share falls, other Bumis still lagging 2011-04-28

Lynas says too soon to discuss Malawi ore 2011-04-28

Senior MACC man gave order to cover up role, RCI told 2011-04-27

Officer- Teoh’s boss did not misuse funds 2011-04-27

Gov't must explain soaring inflation rate 2011-04-26

Teraju is just NEP in a new guise 2011-04-26

Household debt in Malaysia – Is it sustainable- — S.M.Mohamed Idris 2011-04-26

Language barrier to racial interaction, study reveals 2011-04-26

Utusan speaks for Umno, not the Malays 2011-04-26

Deputy IGP- No more ‘hiding behind bushes’ for speed traps 2011-04-24

Racist game over, Mahathir 2011-04-24


Way to go, BN — Ali Kadir 2011-04-23

1Melayu fiasco shows Najib is 'another Pak Lah' 2011-04-23

Lynas plant on hold as government forms review panel 2011-04-22

Reveal 1 Malaysia email deal with Tricubes, Pua tells Pemandu 2011-04-21

Pemandu- Government agencies to pay for 1 Malaysia email database 2011-04-21

A disgraced legend 2011-04-21

1Malaysia Email not entirely free 2011-04-20

BN gave us RM10,000, claims 'tuai rumah' 2011-04-20

Cop- MACC refused cooperation until Teoh died 2011-04-20

Troubled firm to spearhead email project 2011-04-19

On Twitter, Malaysians say no to 1 Malaysia email a/c 2011-04-19

Dr M’s DAP outburst foments racial tension, says Zairil 2011-04-19

All Malaysians to get official 1 Malaysia email a/c 2011-04-19

The myths of S'wak polls results 2011-04-19

Malaysians struggle to cope as food prices soar 2011-04-19

M'sia shines in violating Internet users' rights

Lynas cannot store waste onsite, says AELB 2011-04-18

The new face of Sarawak politics 2011-04-18

Seven women make it to the Sarawak assembly 2011-04-17

Corruption galore — Othman Wahab 2011-04-17

BN retains two-thirds majority but Sarawak’s fixed deposit shattered 2011-04-17

Utusan tells BN to ignore Chinese vote after Sarawak polls 2011-04-17

Sarawak goes to the polls 2011-04-16

WikiLeaks- Malaysia didn’t inform US of missing jet engines 2011-04-15

The fight for Sarawak - ABC News (Video) 2011-04-15

MCLM backs RPK, says TV3 interview was ‘spin doctored’ 2011

Pakatan will go ‘far beyond’ two-thirds, Anwar predicts 2011-04-15

Saving Malaysia 2011-04-15

65-year-old who ‘died’ comes back to life two hours later 2011-04-15

The unending haunt of Altantuya – Kim Quek 2011-04-14

Malaysiakini journalist harassed at SUPP ceramah 2011-04-14

MRT’s first contract runs into controversy 2011-04-14

Sarawak Report at Wordpress 14April2011

IGP says man in sex video identified 2011-04-14

Federal government contesting Sarawak polls, not BN — P. Ramakrishnan 2011-04-14

PM accused of pulling wool over public’s eyes 2011-04-14

Taib loses cool, now says to quit in 2 yrs 2011-04-14

The baffling prices of houses 2011-04-14

RPK says TV3 interview to renew focus on Altantuya murder 2011-04-14

‘Form RCI to probe Taib family wealth’ 2011-04-13

Alternative Channels for Malaysiakini 2011-04-13

BN faltering on Taib factor 2011-04-13

Of ‘suicides’ and ‘sex tapes’ 2011-04-13

Sg Siput MP, 11 protestors arrested in Ipoh Apr 13, 2011

Malaysiakini Knocked down on 12April - Malaysiakini accessible on Facebook, blog sites 2011-04-12

‘Umno does not represent all Malays or Islam’ 2011-04-12

Sarawak Report ‘on the run’ after cyber-attacks 2011-04-12

Taib says to only quit in a few years 2011-04-12

BN troubled as Pakatan rally draws more support 2011-04-11

Why blame Taib Mahmud alone- — Othman Wahab 2011-04-11

Christian anger causes ripples in Tasik Biru 2011-04-10

It’s necessary to be vocal — Lim Guan Eng 2011-04-10

Corruption, cost of living, and the need for good governance — John Inbaraj 2011-04-10

Dry taps in the shadows of a dam 2011-04-10

Dialysis patients in a dilemma 2011-04-10

‘Biased’ emphasis on Malays, Islam in history syllabus, says historian 2011-04-09

MPs dispute PM's view on TBH and Sarbani 2011-04-08

Death knows no colour — Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani 2011-04-07

RM1.76m to maintain Seri Perdana 2011-04-07

Show us the real dirty stuff 2011-04-07

No reason for Sarbani to return to MACC, says union chief 2011-04-07

What if MACC had followed its own advice?- 2011-04-07

Contests in all Sarawak seats tougher for opposition 2011-04-07

'Carpet man' concedes taking RM600 mil loan 2011-04-07

Carpet dealer Deepak dusts off sex, money allegations to PM and wife 2011-04-07

Samy Vellu pockets over RM27,000 monthly as special envoy 2011-04-07

Angry forwarding agents call MACC ‘murderers’ 2011-04-06

Customs officer falls to death during MACC probe 2011-04-06

The Deputy Minister of Defence lied to the Malaysian Parliament when he said the commission was paid by the French 2011-04-06

Releasing sex video is haram, say Muslim scholars 2011-04-06

Cabinet sending out mixed signals on Alkitab, says Sarawak importer 2011-04-05

Sex video teaser posted on YouTube, blogs 2011-04-05

No one believes it, says Razaleigh on porn clip 2011-04-04

Watch out for the Angel of Light — Shanker 2011-04-04

No one believes it, says Razaleigh on porn clip 2011-04-04

Hisham says Alkitab decision ‘not finalised’ 2011-04-04

Predictions of doom 2011-04-04

Bishop denounces 'divide and rule' policy 2011-04-03

Public blames Umno, BN for sex video, poll shows 2011-04-03

Green light to import and print the Bible locally in all languages 2011-04-03

Dr Pornthip- Teoh alive when he fell 2011-04-03

EC- No plan for automatic registration of voters 2011-04-03

Sex video- Anwar a victim of character assassination, reveals poll 2011-04-02

Pornthip- 'Teoh Beng Hock strangled before fall' 2011-04-02

RON97 petrol up 20 sen from tomorrow 2011-04-01


March 2011

Hishammuddin- No arrests related to sex video 2011-03-31

Panel- MACC man watched porn after quizzing Teoh 2011-03-31

Now Chinese claim ‘Interlok’ racist 2011-03-30

A new low for Malaysian politics 2011-03-29

MACC man says altered investigation diary to match colleague’s story 2011-03-28

Alkitab row shows wider check on non-Muslims, says Pakatan 2011-03-27

RM21 million Cash – New Land Grab Profit for Taib Brother! 2011-03-27

Bible desecration shows puerile insensitivity — NH Chan ( 27-03-2011

All for nought - the Star 2011-03-26

Najib accused of endorsing political blackmail 2011-03-26

For revenge?- 2011-03-25

Who next after Christians, questions non-Muslim interfaith council 2011-03-25

Sex video- Rahim, Shazryl Eskay out on police bail 2011-03-25

From sex video, a galvanised Pakatan 2011-03-25

MACC man says put words in Teoh’s mouth 2011-03-25

Press statement on Joseph Salang's statement that Sarawak Christians “should not make fools of themselves" 2011-03-24

Why are sex video trio not charged?- 2011-03-24

Film legend Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79 2011-03-23

Rahim, Shazryl behind sex video 2011-03-23

Shazryl aka Datuk T offered to get crooked bridge deal, says contractor 2011-03-23

Sarawak votes on April 16 2011-03-23

Was it a big fat lie, Mr PM?- 2011-03-23

In sex video case, journalists truthfully left the truth behind 2011-03-23

Sarawak State Assembly Dissolved 2011-03-21

Sex tape hits Parliament lounge 2011-03-21

Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #57 2011-03-21

A handicap we must overcome 2011-03-20

Musa Hitam, 21 other directors now in Sime lawsuit 2011-03-19

Nazri- McKinsey gets RM8.2m for MRT study 2011-03-18

WE RELEASE THE LAND GRAB DATA ! (on CM of Sarawak) 2011-03-19

Blogger ‘arrested’ at midnight under Sedition Act 2011-03-19

£148 million- Shocking to Say The Least! 2011-03-19

PAS backs Alkitab release, usage 2011-03-18

Internet Enemies 2011: Countries under surveillance - Malaysia 2011-03-17

CFM- Christians 'hurt and offended' over Bible stamps 2011-03-18

Ad agency says was asked for bribes to win tourism contract 2011-03-17

Ad agency says was asked for bribes to win tourism contract 2011-03-17

Apologise to Christians, MCA tells Home Ministry 2011-03-17

Malaysia near bottom in bank’s fund manager survey 2011-03-17

Mahathir admits he got some details wrong 2011-03-17

Alkitab defaced, says Bible Society 2011-03-16

Indian members quit 'Interlok' review panel 2011-03-16

Lowering cost of houses is the way to go

Malaysian households faced with mounting debt 2011-03-16

Orang Asli tell Najib- Take stand against Mahathir 2011-03-15

Kuantan MP pledges to send mining firm back Down Under 2011-03-15

Government orders release of Malay bibles 201103-15

Federal government must not proceed with nuclear power plans — Elizabeth Wong 2011-03-15

Rising anger in Kampung Baru against Raja Nong Chik 2011-03-15

Arab Christians express concern about Malaysian Bible row 2011-03-14

Japan gives Asia pause in its nuclear ambitions — Simon Tay 2011-03-14

Berita Harian apologises for ‘tasteless’ tsunami cartoon 2011-03-13

Bishop slams bible seizure denial as lies 2011-03-13

Mitsubishi Chemical – Come clean with the Thorium waste issue! 2011-03-12

Killer Tohoku temblor tops scale Hundreds killed as tsunami submerges towns following massive earthquake - 2011-02-12

Dr M- Malay claim to country stronger than Orang Asli’s 2011-03-11

Christians say fed up with Najib administration 2011-03-10

Kok Takes Najib To Task For Excessive Spending On "Salam 1Malaysia" 2011-03-06

Kuantan MP to fight rare earth plant in two parliaments 2011-03-10

Megat Junid secured ‘crooked bridge’ deal for businessman, says former bodyguard 2011-03-09

MACC men had no power to question Teoh, RCI told 2011-03-09

Twenty years on, Malaysia makes another rare earth bet 2011-03-09

In Bukit Merah, Mitsubishi seeks to undo old harms 2011-03-09

Anwar- Dr M a ‘blatant liar’ with ‘selective amnesia’ 2011-03-09

SIS’ Zainah rocks the world 2011-03-09

Scheme launched for young adults to get 100% financing for new home 2011-03-09

MACC officer- I didn’t bother about Teoh 2011-03-09

International Women's Day 2011-03-08

KL’s Kampung Baru villagers take protest to Facebook 2011-03-08

MACC officers’ phone info lost for good, RCI told 2011-03-07

BN wins Merlimau, Kerdau with higher majority 2011-03-07

It’s a show; it’s a shame; it’s our economy! — Martin Jalleh 2011-03-06

A tale of two Malaysian aristocrats 2011-03-05

'Teoh did not squat on window sill' 2011-03-03

Malaysia’s merry ‘buy-elections’ —  Kim Quek ( 2011-03-03

Tony Pua warns of MRT cost overruns and failed targets 2011-03-03

Malaysia’s rich get richer, says Forbes 2011-03-03

Awards — Art Harun 2011-03-03

Utusan’s role is to back Umno, says editor 2011-03-02

Making sense of campus politics — Ivy Kwek 2011-03-01

FBI's Seattle office to see embarrassing anti-corruption protest 2011-03-01


February 2011

Pak Lah to play key role in Kong Choy’s PKFZ trial 2011-02-28

PKFZ- Chan Kong Choy charged with cheating 2011-02-28

Investigations must be proper and professional 2011-02-27

The Mahathir package 2011-02-25

Malaysia, preaching to the world — Ahmed Boestamam 2011-02-25

Judicial review for MP allocation clears first hurdle 2011-02-25

Utusan rejected for being too racist, harmful for Chinese students 2011-02-24

Commission must be neutral 2011-02-24

Chaos reigns as 10 winners in UPM polls are disqualified 2011-02-24

Religious pluralism isn't about superiority 2011-02-24

DAP appoints first Malay aide to sec-gen 2011-02-24

Gordon Brown’s sis-in-law behind anti-Taib campaign, says report 2011-02-23

Electoral principles and paradoxes 2011-02-23

Police Gagged Baru Bian – Exclusive video! 2011-02-23

Open letter to the Cabinet on Interlok as school text 2011-02-23

Mahathir whitewashing his past actions?- 2011-02-23

Guan Eng calls BN hypocrites in non-Muslim portfolio flap

BMF names 49 Taib-linked companies worldwide – Kudos Malay-BN leaders! 2011-02-21

BMF names 49 Taib-linked companies worldwide 2011-02-21

Bruno Manser Fund releases black list of Taib's secret foreign assets - Access list and READ at Stop Timber corruption org. 2011-02-21

All religions are not equal, says non-Muslim faith council chief 2011-02-21

Siapa akan tinggalkan negara 2011-02-20

Ops Lalang was Dr M’s diversion tactic, says Kit Siang 2011-02-20

TQ to you all for the 70th birthday well-wishes 2011-02-20

Kit Siang, the unreluctant politician 2011-02-20

Razaleigh's open letter to Kit Siang 2011-02-20

Race Relations Worsen Under Najib 2011-02-19

Simultaneous polls for Kerdau and Merlimau on March 6 2011-02-19

Malaysia’s GDP up 7.2pc, now equal to Singapore 2011-02-18

Are the police more powerful than the PM? — E. Nalini 2011-02-18

Eyebrows raised over MRT integration, locations 2011-02-18

People’s call for regime change (Part 2) — NH Chan ( 2011-02-18

Living at the bottom of a well — Dr Hsu Dar Ren 2011-02-18

RCI- Fingerprints dusted, but not lifted 2011-02-18

Dr M- Police stopped me from scrapping ISA 2011-02-17

Teoh's family boycotts RCI 2011-02-16

Teraju dilutes NEM, could frighten foreign investors, says Chinese group 2011-02-15

Happy Sin Day — Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani 2011-02-14

Pornthip not a witness in Teoh RCI 2011-02-14

Emotional plea to RCI by Teoh's sister shot down 2011-02-14

Malaysia following after Myanmar’s ‘bad politics’, says new PKR veep 2011-02-14

Commuters will spend more with KL MRT, says research group 2011-02-13

One law for the Taibs and another for everyone else? 2011-02-12

Anti-mega tower Facebook group grows beyond buildings 2011-02-12

A day Egypt will long remember 2011-02-12

A blackly comic whodunit 2011-02-12

The MAS and Robert Phang Story continues- Charge the KSU for not reporting a bribery attempt 2011-02-12

Ask AirAsia and get real time answers online 2011-02-11

Church group seeks Muslim preacher’s apology over vice link 2011-02-11

Retailers and consumers unable to buy rice 2011-02-11

Ministry- Not enough subsidised rice to go around Sarawak 2011-02-11

RM1 billion per patrol boat is the way to make money 2011-02-09

Federal Constitution 'silent' on tribal claim to country 2011-02-07

Shuhaimi charged with sedition 2011-02-07

93 motorcyclists killed since Jan 27 2011-02-07

AirAsia boss gets award from British queen 2011-02-07

Egypt a lesson for all Malaysians 2011-02-06

Direct flight for M’sians from Jeddah 2011-02-06

Malik is in it for the long haul 2011-02-06

Kita goes to ground to sniff out likely leaders 2011-02-06

Diversity on the silver screen 2011-02-06

RM6bil approved for six patrol vessels 2011-02-05

Cost of living going up and up — Yew Lee Kim 2011-02-04

Thank you, Jia-wei, for making us proud and happy — Tay Tian Yan 2011-02-02

I wish I could come home for CNY 2011-02-02

Post-Tenang washout 2011-02-02


January 2011

Hisham orders probe on Anwar 2011-01-29

"AG has failed Kugan's case" 2011-01-28

Nurul Izzah scoffs at CNN report 2011-01-29

The story of the four Tan Sris 2011-01-28

Commission of Inquiry to look into Teoh’s death 2011-01-27

Malaysia Ignites an Internet Firestorm 2011-01-27

LKY says he never undermined successors like Dr M 2011-01-27

Malaysia all talk and no action, says Human Rights Watch 2011-01-25

Somali pirates to be handed over to our police 2011-01-25

Zairil Khir Johari- Why I joined DAP 2011-01-25

Strong message to pirates 2011-01-22

Kelantan to challenge oil suit shuffle 2011-01-22

Heated Tenang campaign begins 2011-01-22

Malaysia is fifth in illegal money chart 2011-01-21

Stand Up for and Defend Robert Phang 2011-01-20

Bakun- Empty promises, damned lives 2011-01-17

The insidious pattern — The Malaysian Insider 2011-01-16

Stewardess death still mystery, MAS swaps Dutch hotels 2011-01-16

Pejabat ‘First Lady’ di Jabatan Perdana Menteri untuk Rosmah 2011-01-15

Raziah Raids Reserve Forest Lands and Taib Profits - Major Exclusive! 2011-01-15

Ummi Hafilda 'a new low for BN' 2011-01-15

CM tells Tsu Koon Pulau Jerejak problems are of his own doing 2011-01-13

Khalid challenges BN reps to attend emergency sitting 2011-01-13

Games politicians play — Lim Mun Fah 2011-01-12

Penang is proof that Pakatan can deliver, says Guan Eng 2011-01-11

Perlembagaan Negeri Selangor- Isu Perlantikan Setiausaha Kerajaan 2011-01-12

Citizens to pendatangs — frogs on a slow boil — Ice-Cream Seller 2011-01-10

Umno committed treason in 1993, says Khalid 2011-01-09

Marathon meeting between PM and MPs sparks talks of snap poll 2011-01-09

Pro-English parents group goes national 2011-01-09

The Selangor SUK confusion 2011-01-08

Bar Council, Suhakam back RCI with wider scope 2011-01-08

No need for RCI to probe Teoh’s death, says Soi Lek 2011-01-08

K-point- Whose Servant Is He, Anyway?- 2011-01-08

Maid denies rape by Malaysian minister 2011-01-08

9,000 who skipped NS to do community service 2011-01-07

Cabinet to set up RCI on Teoh’s death 06-01-2011

Rais denies rape claims 06-01-2011

Sultan has no executive powers, say law experts 2011-01-06

CNY foodstuff to cost more 06-01-2011

Ex-cop claims DNA evidence faked in Anwar’s 1998 case 05-01-2011

Teoh Inquest- Coroner rules out homicide and suicide 05-01-2011

Teoh inquest- Winners and losers 05-01-2011

Be careful, Selangor 2011-01-03


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