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Latest News and Views in Malaysia and Singapore - What's happening in Malaysia and Singapore today from external links. (Readers are adviced to read disclaimer)

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News Headlines 2010

A pick of Headlines and Views across Online News sites, especially in Malaysia

December 2010

Most Malaysians against 100-storey project, poll shows 2010-12-24

Five sued- Who else, Sime Darby- — The Malaysian Insider 24-12-2010

Syed Mokhtar gets Penang Port 24-12-2010

Hishamuddin and ketuanan Malaysia — Joe Wu 23-12-2010

Pua- Soaring prices debunk Najib's claims 23-12-2010

Implement minimum wage policy, urges MTUC 23-12-2010

Filipino gunmen release two Malaysians after 317 days 23-12-2010

27 killed in deadliest crash 21-12-2010

Our MRT project — Sakmongkol AK47 19-12-2010

Construction work on RM36bil project set to start in July 19-12-2010

Naza’s SM Nasarudin marries celebrity TV presenter Caunter 19-12-2010

60% lies turns out to be true after all 18-12-2010

Sarawak CM marries a Lebanese 2010-12-18

Perlis Mufti raps Umno-linked scholars for promoting ‘Taliban’ culture 15-12-2010

MCLM membership now open 15-12-2010

Zaid Ibrahim is now Akim president 15-12-2010

MCLM to reveal 2nd candidate next week 2010-12-14

Wisma Putra summons Singapore envoy over WikiLeaks’ expose 2010-12-14

Anwar’s lawyers say WikiLeaks sex expose is- ‘subjudice’  2010-12-13

Singapore's WikiLeaks Gaffes 2010-12-13

Muhyiddin, you have lost the plot 2010-12-12

Nazri says Namewee ‘grossly misunderstood’ 10-12-2010

Tsu Koon backs Soi Lek in junior partner row 09-12-2010

Malay Supremacy versus Malay Sovereignty 09-12-2010

What APCO did last summer 08-12-2010

Aussie senator calls Dewan rights panel a koala court

Hard to say he is sorry — The Malaysian Insider 08-12-2010

Sarawak: Blacklisted Illegal-Logging Tycoon Involved In Running Malaysian World Heritage Site 08-12-2010

Selangor Water Impasse: Will Tun Dr.Lim Step Up to Resolve It? 08-12-2010

A better place for their children, not Malaysia 07-12-2010

Samy Vellu Resigns as MIC President 06-12-2010

Selangor water protesters tear-gassed 06-12-2010

Ku Li- Kelantan appears to have two sultans 06-12-2010

McKinsey paid RM36 mil to set up Pemandu 03-12-2010

Najib kicks off BN campaign, calls Pakatan ‘evil’ 05-12-2010

Malay supremacy unIslamic, suggests chosen race, says Asri 04-12-2010

Perak constitution amended without two-third majority 04-12-2010

Selangor government to offer discounts on lease extention 04-12-2010

Further fuel and sugar price hikes from tomorrow 04-12-2010

Anwar barred from testifying over APCO accusation 03-12-2010

State gov't bids for Penang port 03-12-2010

Taking back control of Selangor water — Aliran 03-12-2010

Penang houses are just ‘not affordable’ 03-12-2010

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Manorama online


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Kwong Wah

Sin Chew


China Press

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Merdeka Review

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Berita Harian

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(Notes: please note that some news links may have expired. Please also read our disclaimer)

November 2010

Wikileaks dump implicates M'sian firms 30-11-2010

Rais grilled in Parliament over YTL-700MHz saga 30-11-2010

Third Force can stop Pakatan from winning big, says Syed Husin 27-11-2010

Chong Eu a great Penangite, a great Malaysian, and a great patriot — Thomas Lee Seng Hock 26-11-2010

Right to support national-type secondary schools — Lim Sue Goan 25-11-2010

Discontinue the Teoh Beng Hock inquest — P. Ramakrishnan 24-11-2010

Taiwan may introduce visa requirement for Malaysians 23-11-2010

Penang defends heritage work, quibbles with Rais’ criticism 21-11-2010

Zaid Ibrahim - suffers no fool gladly 21-11-2010

Ex-servicemen launch broadside at Zahid Hamidi 2010-11-18

Teoh Beng Hock support group call for Royal commission - The petition can be accessed online

Branson loses the bet, AirAsia prepares for flight with skirt-wearing billionaire 2010-11-16

Fong Ying gives Malaysia its first gold 2010-11-15

It's official- Zaid to quit PKR 15-11-2010

The prime minister, the private investigator, the murder of a Mongolian model, and 114 million euros 15-11-2010

With the stroke of a pen they make RM31 million (part 4) 2010-11-15

The government awards the Sultan’s sister a RM482,600,000 contract (part 3) 2010-11-12

Singapore Seen Overtaking Malaysia 45 Years After Lee's Tears 12-11-2010

Rosmah Mansor’s son-in-law with links to University of Wales resigns 2010-11-11

Military non-Malays- In defence of the indefensible 2010-11-11

Father in sausage row insists not Muslim 2010-11-11

Corrupt politicians are the real unpatriotic 2010-11-11

Calling May 13, 1969 ‘sacred’ is sacrilegious — John Baptist 11-10-2010

What the newspapers did not report and the MACC is hiding (part 1) 2010-11-11

Singapore set to surpass Malaysia as Asean’s third largest economy 10-11-2010

Taking God’s name in vain — Thomas Lee Seng Hock 10-11-2010

Mr. Anwar's Trials 10-11-2010

Utusan calls May 13 a sacred day 10-11-2010

Gani Patail stand accused of fabricating evidence in the Anwar Ibrahim “black eye” investigation in 1998 09-11-2010

Zaid quits No. 2 race, all PKR posts 08-11-2010

Tradewinds (M) Berhad- your rice and sugar daddy 2010-11-08

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The Bumiputra/ Immigrant' Conceptual Trick 2010-11-07

Aidiladha on Nov 17 2010-11-07

Felt like the end of the world, says Malaysian in Jogya 2010-11-07

Keng Yaik tells Koh to not overstay welcome as president 2010-11-06

Bala admits signing false SD, wants AG to charge him 2010-11-06

We should all be Malaysian first, second and last — Kamal Amzan 06-11-2010

MCA demands action against Sarawak school’s halal food policy 06-11-2010

Railway project causing floods, says Kedah government 06-11-2010

Closing the Books on Murder in Malaysia 2010-11-06

Death toll rises to four, almost 50,000 evacuated as floods worsen 05-11-2010

Perfectly legal, but not necessarily good 04-11-2010

BN takes Galas and Batu Sapi 04-11-2010

Altantuya-Scorpenes- Trails that lead to Najib continue to puzzle 04-11-2010


Missive not suicide note, cop clarifies in Teoh’s inquest 04-11-2010

Bala's lawyer- Najib trying to halt probe into brother Nizam, Rosmah over Altantutya SDs 04-11-2010

Mother demands probe over non-halal food caning at school 04-11-2010

More allegations of vote-buying emerge 04-11-2010

Corruption- The pass mark eludes Malaysia — Tunku Aziz 04-11-2010

A-G closes PI Bala’s case on conflicting SDs 03-11-2010

Floods- Over 36,000 evacuated, Deepavali washed out for some 03-11-2010

Corruption- The pass mark eludes Malaysia — Tunku Aziz 03-11-2010

Anwar- Clinton asked me about Sodomy II 3-11-2010

‘Bleak future’ for Malaysia without Chinese support says Najib 02-11-2010

Ibans sue Raziah Mahmud's logging company 02-11-2010

RON 97 price up 5 sen tomorrow 01-11-2010

Raja Petra is free after Federal Court strikes off Home Minister’s appeal 1-11-2010

Double-billing Syabas Tabung Budi fund ‘insincere’, says Selangor government 1-11-2010

October 2010

Beng Hock’s sister arrested in Galas 1-11-2010

Samy Vellu- 70 Umno seats at risk without non-Malay support 30-10-2010

All Malays except Chinese, Hindus 28-10-2010

Najib’s ETP sparks turf war 28-10-2010

Najib ignores anti-tower protest at his ‘peril’, warn analysts 27-10-2010

Musa Hassan, CID boss escape contempt charge 27-10-2010

3,000 Penans without proper IDs 27-10-2010

MACC begins probe on Audit Report 27-10-2010

Penang hits record high in state revenues 26-10-2010

Stimulus funds used for chandeliers, home theatre, government audit shows 26-10-2010

KTMB recorded RM1.45b in losses up to 2008, says audit report 26-10-2010

School kids served poor food 26-10-2010

Government debt in 2009 more than 50pc of GDP, says audit 25-10-2010

Umno assembly sticks to Malay agenda over 1 Malaysia 24-10-2010

Najib, Muhyiddin hint at snap polls 24-10-2010

‘Ketuanan Melayu’ was not part of the Merdeka deal (part 3 of the series on the Social Contract) 24-10-2010

Anti-Warisan Merdeka Facebook campaign hits 100,000 mark 22-10-2010

You want to know about the Social Contract- Okay, let’s study history 22-10-2010

Umno rep wants Warisan Merdeka in Kg Baru 22-10-2010

Teoh inquest- 'Final note' author still a mystery 22-10-2010

For Chin Peng, a battle for pride and passage 21-10-2010

IPU report says Anwar’s trial should be abandoned 20-10-2010

Selangor says no deficit in its 2011 budget 20-10-2010

Najib declares Malacca developed state 2010-10-2010

Backlash over mega-tower 20-10-2010

Malaysian tops Cambridge, heads to Singapore 20-10-2010

Eng Guan on Toll: Every Malaysian born will be immediately in debt of RM15,118 19-10-2010

Idris' 'new ministry' gets RM12.59 bil to play with 19-10-2010

PM’s Department gets RM18.4b under Budget 2011 19-10-2010

Eng Guan on Toll: Every Malaysian born will be immediately in debt of RM15,118. 19-10-2010

PM, DPM's travel bill balloons 75% from 2008 19-10-2010

In Budget, questions over reform commitment 19-10-2010

Mahathir's brief for dictatorship is ominous 19-10-2010

Mahathir is wrong - Pak Lah saved us 18-10-2010

New palace bill rises to RM935m 18-10-2010

Anwar denied access to witnesses’s statement 18-10-2010

Mahathir- Dictatorships can be good too 18-10-2010

Raziah Mahmud’s RM880,000,000.000 Bank Loan! 18-10-2010

A year on, Malay Bibles still stuck at port 18-10-2010

90 Days to Paralyze the Government 18-10-2010

Part 15- The MACC NFA the case against Khir Toyo (9) 18-10-2010

The Prime Minister shows his true colours when chastising the civil service 17-10-2010

Najib’s 100-storey tower – Teresa Kok 17-10-2010

Taib Handed Rockefeller $100 million - Whistleblower's Letter 16-10-2010

Khazanah in league with EPF- — Sakmongkol AK47 16-10-2010

Budget 2011- Spend baby spend! — Sakmongkol AK47 16-10-2010

PM's residence gets RM65 mil facelift 15-10-2010

2011 Budget- Big Malaysia is back 15-10-2010

Nov 4 polls for Batu Sapi, Galas 15-10-2010

Whistleblower found dead with bag tied around head 14-10-2010

PKR claims ‘dormant’ company building Istana Negara 14-10-2010

Kelantan revokes Ibrahim Ali's datukship 13-11-2010

A deafening silence — The Malaysian Insider 13-11-2010

Public outrage mounts over plan to nab pirated DVD buyers 13-11-2010

Lawyer and three others charged with Sosilawati murder 13-10-2010

Petronas rated 'below par' in transparency study 13-10-2010

Pua demands Najib explain new highway awards 12-10-2010

M'sians have the most digital friends in the world 12-10-2010

No action, talk only — The Malaysian Insider 11-10-2010

Umno tipu warga emas- Wang 'haram' dikutip Umno 11-10-2010

Khalid to run for PKR No 2 ...11-10-2010

12 die in 6 vehicle pile-up near Simpang Ampat Toll 10-10-2010

The true meaning of a constitution (Part 3) — Nurul Izzah Anwar 10-10-10

Najib- Malaysia must transform or risk becoming a Failed State 09-10-2010

Part 10- The MACC NFA the case against Khir Toyo (7) 09-10-2010

Proton recalls Gen2 and Satria Neo manufactured between 2004 and 2008 08-10-2010

Buyers of pirated DVDs to face music, once Copyright Act amended 07-10-2010

Penang moves up to third most popular investment destination 07-10-2010

Billionaire tycoon’s growing strategic assets raise concerns 07-10-2010

Aussie banknote scandal- RM11 million kickback probe almost over 07-10-2010

Home Ministry gets the most complaints 07-10-2010

Part 9- The MACC NFA the case against Khir Toyo (6) 07-10-2010

Buddhists want probe into Chinese ustaz’s ‘King Kong’ remarks 07-10-2010

The last farewell to my wife — Lee Kuan Yew

LKY says wife made sure Malaysia could not cut off water supply 06-10-2010

Part 8- The MACC NFA the case against Khir Toyo (5) 06-10-2010

DAP says UEM, MRT, YTL deals show NEM ‘nothing but rhetoric’ 06-10-2010

Guan Eng- Reveal use of betting revenue 06-10-2010

Take care of your own party, Chua tells Koh 06-10-2010

Angry Keng Yaik to resign as Gerakan adviser 04-10-2010

Developers seek reforms to unsold Bumi units

Samy’s exit sparks Subra-Palani rivalry 04-10-2010

Part 6- The MACC NFA the case against Khir Toyo (3)

Immigration D-G orders transfer of Selangor chief 04-10-2010

Penang CM calls Umno attack an ‘act of pure desperation’ 04-10-2010

Koh- Need to relook action against bigoted civil servants 04-10-2010

Anwar and RPK clash over pace of reform 03-10-2010

DAP calls Umno’s bluff over gambling money 03-10-2010

Ku Li caught between oil royalty and party loyalty 02-10-2010

Zaid unveils manifesto for reforms 02-10-2010

ETP projects all in Idris’ ‘dream’, say analysts and politicians 01-10-2010

Utusan has lost its way, decries NUJ chief 01-10-10

'Umno YBs, return your 'haram' pay cheques'


Dr M’s wealth prescription will bankrupt Malaysia, say analysts, politicians 01-10-2010

Temuan community wins RM6.5m compensation 01-10-2010

September 2010

Samy Vellu to step down as MIC president in January 30-09-2010

Karpal- Listen to Branson, stop Sodomy II trial 30-09-2010

Part 4- The MACC NFA the case against Khir Toyo (1)

'Take bumi discounts from the rich, give it to the poor' 30-09-2010

Part 3- Proof that the MACC is a component member of Barisan Nasional 29-09-2010

Racist speech- Where is Najib's zero tolerance?-

PAGE, politicians tear down Idris Jala’s dismissal of English 30-09-2010

Umno’s fight to stay in power is threat to stability, says report 30-09-2010

Cabinet orders probe into BTN man’s racist remarks 29-09-2010

Proof that the MACC is a component member of Barisan Nasional 29-09-2010

Bahrain tycoon says Bumi policy can scare away investors 29-09-2010

Salahuddin wants PAC to probe MAS scandal 28-09-2010

Branson says Anwar trial ‘damages’ Malaysia 27-09-2010

Chong Wei gains revenge over Lin Dan 26-09-2010

Johns Hopkins University to set up medical school in Malaysia 26-09-2010

Banting murders- Police to dig at two new sites 26-09-2010

Police after Teo Nie Ching now 25-09-2010

Dr M's 'non-Malay PM' warning- Nizar slams, Izzah dares 24-09-2010

Zunar arrested under sedition, upcoming book seized 24-09-2010

UMNO is financing the Burmese Junta 25-09-2050

RRIM rubber estate to make way for development 23-09-2010

How real is the Economic Transformation Programme? 23-09-2010

Analysis of “Teoh Beng Hock’s note” 21-09-2010

Differences over development charges to go before arbitration court (Singapore-Malaysia land swap) 21-09-2010

'See you later' mistaken for 'goodbye'? 21-09-2010

Audit shows misconduct in Sime Darby energy unit 21-09-2010

Nurul Izzah questions KTMB’s Bangsar land sale deal 20-09-2010

Ad server malware woes affect Malaysian media sites 20-09-2010

Malaysia’s religious problems- The way forward — Pak Sako 20-09-2010

1Malaysia not about racial equality, insists Umno sec-gen 19-09-2010

Penan power and a press conference that wasn't 19-09-2010

Umno leaders defend Najib's Perkasa flip-flop 19-09-2010

DAP says Utusan should explain its mosques hypocrisy 18-09-2010

Jungle church in Kelantan faces demolition 17--09-2010

Waiting for promises made three generations ago 17-09-2010

AirAsia X opens tickets to Tokyo from next week 15-Sep-2010

'25 years on, abolish toll on Penang bridge' 15-09-2010

Race relations better if Singapore not ‘turfed out’, says LKY 13-09-2010

MB proclaims Tengku Faris new Kelantan ruler 13-09-2010

Brothers are main suspects in murder of four 13-09-2010

Penang Port adds extra ferry after bridge fire 11-09-2010

Malaysia’s wage structure to be relooked- Najib 11-09-2010

Malaysian Website Blocked to Cover Up a Scandal 10-09-2010

Readers shun newspapers for Internet and scandal sheets 10-09-2010

MCA howler over RM30 million donation 09-09-2010

Hari Raya Aidilfitri on Friday 09-09-2010

Malaysia Today at the centre of the MAS-Tajudin scuffle (part 1) 08-09-2010

Radio 988FM- 'Brutal' axe begins to fall 08-09-2010

Three families sue over Bukit Antarabangsa landslide 08-09-2010

Malaysia or Malaysaja? - Part 2 06-09-2010

Pornthip-Razak verbal joust video a hit online 06-09-2010

Selangor says MB cannot accept bonus from GLCs 05-09-2010

Seeing the back of Musa- An answer to a prayer — Tunku Abdul Aziz 04-09-2010

Get home safely 04-09-2010

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em 04-09-2010

RM90m for defective primary school e-books? 04-09-2010

Dr Ling wants PKFZ Cabinet papers declassified 03-09-2010

Umno’s hands in every pie 03-09-2010

Muslim group says non-Muslims can enter mosques, make speeches 03-09-2010

Malay corporate chiefs acted under instruction from PM, court told 03-09

NEP policies keeping Malays ‘poor’ and ‘weak’, say analysts, politicians 02-09-2010

August 2010

Let Penang be a beacon of hope for Merdeka — Lim Guan Eng 31-08-2010

Merdeka! — Tunku Abdul Rahman 31-08-2010

Beyond the Rituals of Ramadan 31-08-2010

PM launches mega low-cost terminal project 31-08-2010

Kelantan sues Petronas over oil royalty 30-08-2010

Nurul Izzah wants Malay rights debate with Perkasa 31-08-2010

Pakatan seeks probe on Umno-corporate nexus 29-08-2010

LDP Supports Its Deputy's Stand 29-08-2010

Asri says non-Muslims can enter mosques 29-08-2010

Isu bukan Islam masuk masjid — Dr Muhd Nur Manuty 29-08-2010

Umno race-religious card to deflect Malays from RM52bil scandal 28-08-2010

Racism is a sin 28-08-2010

Malaysia's New Journey 28-08-2010

Reader's Digest: Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunan to be the most trusted individual in all of Thailand

Stand up and be counted, Malaysia 26-08-2010

Felda settlers get RM11m in damages 26-08-2010

Malaysian news websites popular, but many in the red 26-08-2010

Cut-price sale of Kuching land to Taib’s children 26-08-2010

Parents of teens apologise over surau incident 26-08-2010

'Malay by heritage' Zaid slams Dr M 25-08-2010

BN Youth wants ‘racist’ school principal punished 25-08-2010

The struggle to become colour-blind 25-08-2010

Can SPAD take off, let alone deliver? 24-08-2010

The AG and IGP should resign – Stephen Ng 19-08-2010

RM400 Aidilfitri bonus for Penang civil servants 19-08-2010

Employers must contribute to EPF, Socso for part-time workers

Pornthip rules out suicide 18-08-2010

BN yet to impress the Chinese, poll reveals 17-08-2010

Umno-MCA war escalates as Soi Lek slams Hishammuddin 16-08-2010

Guan Eng raps BN for RM52b bumi share loss 16-08-2010

Two charged over Pempena scandal for payment to Ummi Hafilda Ali 16-08-2010

NEP and the Chinese 16-08-2010

Race politics hampering economic progress, says Chinese chamber 15-08-2010

Utusan columnist tells critics to ‘go home’ 15-08-2010

Some 60pc distrust mainstream media, poll shows 14-08-2010

Abandon Teoh inquest, set up royal commission of inquiry — P. Ramakrishnan

Spying on the MB — Lim Sue Goan 13-08-2010

Taib’s billions- Will MACC’s Abu Kassim walk the talk?- 13-08-2010

Court finds siblings guilty of church arson 13-08-2010

Racially incorrect even if it is for the love of the country?- 13-08-2010

Scorpene maintenance cost- RM1.3 bil for 5 years 13-08-2010

Kelantan launches Islamic currency 12-08-2010

Teoh's family outraged over mystery note 12-08-2010

Tony Pua gets M16 bullet in the mail 12-08-2010

Ten questions about ‘Teoh’s note’ 10-08-2010

Settlers sue Felda for RM200m 09-08-2010

Gobind says AG kept proof from Teoh inquest 09-08-2010

Guan Eng defends Muslim countries, calls Soi Lek ignorant 08-08-2010

The Ramli Yusuff story- the real reason why he was brought down 08-08-2010

Who is at the Root of the PKFZ Scandal- Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik or Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed? 07-08-2010

Wither the Malaysian Economy? 06-08-2010

Sime Darby GM charged with graft 06-08-2010

A third of workers below poverty line 06-08-2010

Selangor MB- Put the difference into fund for poor 06-08-2010

Sime Darby to report biggest ever loss 05-08-2010

KL on hardcore poor 'list of shame' 05-08-2010

Female Syariah judges get full powers 05-08-2010

Court throws out Zaid's election petition 05-08-2010

Marriage is not for the kids — Dina Zaman 05-08-2010

Nizar- BN murdering democracy 04-08-2010

Elections- BN no longer has the upper hand! 03-08-2010

MCA, stand firm or close shop 03-08-2010

Penang open tender spree shows up Putrajaya 03-08-2010

An English lesson for Ibrahim Ali 03-08-2010

Cabinet as guilty as Ling, says Zaid 02-08-2010

Police break up anti-ISA vigils, arrest 30 in PJ, 3 in Penang 01-08-2010

July 2010

Minister target of two-sided attack at student summit 31-07-2010

We were once 'Malaysians' 31-07-2010

Restore Lim Lian Geok's citizenship 31-07-2010

When Parliament killed our democracy 31-07-2010

Ong cries double standards in PKFZ bond payment 30-07-2010

Malaysia- Trial of Opposition Leader Proceeding Unfairly - Human Rights Watch 30-07-2010

Did Liong Sik cheat the Cabinet or did the Cabinet cheat Malaysians? Malaysia Today 30-07-2010

Ling on trial 30-07-2010

No ordinary Jho 29-07-2010

A millionaire before graduating 29-07-2010

Ling charged with cheating over PKFZ 29-07-200

Khalid calls Khir Toyo a ‘retired sand-miner’ 28-07-2010

When the hunter becomes the hunted

PKA ordered to pay PKFZ bondholders 28-07-2010

PM splurges RM50k in attempt for US coverage 22-07-2010

Saiful's alleged 'zina' with prosecutor makes judiciary a joke 23-07-2010

"Efforts to de-stabilise & sabotage Penang intensified" 23-07-2010 (Video)

Didn't they accuse Anwar of paying CNN? 23-07-2010

The civil service must be impartial — The Malaysian Insider 22-Jul-2010

Karpal threatens legal action against 'rabid' Nik Ali 22-07-2010

A President, a Queen and two PMs 22-07-2010

The Colour of Scholarships 19-07-2010

HRW reprimands Malaysia over media oppression 18-07-2010

'MACC, don't fight us, fight graft instead' 18-07-2010

'Forgotten' tribes left behind by development 18-07-2010

Malaysian Civil Society’s Memorandum on Electoral Reforms in Malaysia 2010 17-07-2010

Karpal – Giant in Malaysian law and politics 17-07-2010

Guan Eng- Umno’s struggle is catching thieves of RM52b equity 17-07-2010

DAP asks why subsidies not cut for ‘fat cat’ industries 16-07-2010

Fuel, sugar prices up as subsidy cuts start 15-07-2010

French show interest in Razak Baginda during Bala interview 15-07-2010

DAP demands Muhyiddin explain RM240m tuna port default 15-07-2010

Putrajaya says RM4b set aside this year for PM’s Department 15-07-2010

Hong Kong TVB Special Programme on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (Video) 14-07-2010

Jokers Without Any Sense of Humor 13-07-2010

Growing Scandal – The London Connection! 12-07-2010

Sidelined top scorers can now apply for scholarships 11-07-2010

Malaysia can’t ask UK to extradite RPK, says Zaid 06-07-2010

Pampering the nepotists 09-07-2010

PI Bala- Razak Baginda is innocent 08-07-2010

Debate on Rosmah rejected, MP resubmits motion 08-07-2010

Penan rape victims- Authorities play denial game 07-07-2010

Umno scores own goal with racial sob story 07-07-2010

Karpal points out constitutional glitch by top judges 06-07-2010

Zaid says RPK, Bala free due to Najib’s fear 05-07-2010

Tee Keat- PKA must not pay bondholders 1-07-2010

June 2010

'Probe Taib over RM3bil family fortune' 30-06-2010

Mongolia to fund Altantuya family’s compensation suit 30-06-2010

Malaysia forecast to be ‘young and poor’ by 2030 29-06-2010

Azmin replaces Khalid as PKR Selangor chief 27-06-2010

Memories of Pudu prison 25-06-2010

Documentary Series On Bakun (Banned by RTM)

Dr. Mahathir - The Destroyer of Malays and Malaysia  24-06-2010

Book ban- Malaysiakini to take Home Ministry to court 24-06-2010

Musa Hitam- Chartered private jet and RM1 million travel bill

Pudu Prison's main entrance to be preserved 23-06-2010

True transparency 22-06-2010

Finance Ministry denies giving betting licence to Ascot

How Umno stripped the Rulers naked (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

New minister, six new deputy ministers sworn in 04-06-2010

It takes more than just subsidy cuts 03-06-2010

May 2010

They were paid RM2mil, claims Wan Azizah 29-05-2010

Vote BN for bankruptcy, warns Pakatan 29-05-2010

Penang bans sports betting 28-05-2010

Idris- RM103b can be saved, Government debt growing by 12% yearly 28-05-2010

KL agrees to vacate historic Singapore train station 26-05-2010

KL agrees to vacate historic Singapore train station 25-05-2010

RPK dares Malaysia to fight him in UK 23-05-2010

Seventy-seven per cent nation's workforce only attain SPM 23-05-2010

Orang Asli NGO submits protest memo over land rights 21-05-2010

Wain- Dr M caused country’s woes 21-05-2010

Samy Vellu flexes muscles, expels Mugilan 20-05-2010

Selangor insists lawyers present at MACC interrogations 20-05-2010

Chinese to BN- We are not concubines 19-05-2010

Watchdog- Why sudden surge in voter turnout?- 18-05-2010

Soi Lek says Chinese drawn to fair policies, not largesse 18-05-2010

Redeem yourself, Zaid tells PM 18-05-2010

Sibu vote shows difficulties for BN, Pakatan 17-05-2010

Sibu churches given federal cash ahead of vote 16-05-2010

Sarawak - Poverty Midst of Plenty 15-05-2010

No. 10 Downing Street — Tay Tian Yan 15-05-2010

What more do we want from the Chinese? 14-05-2010

13 Mei- Perspektif Pakatan, BN — Zaid Zakaria

We, the non-Malays — Eunice Ong ( 13-05-2010

Saiful claims sodomised many times 13-05-2010

PAS slams May 13 Malay gathering 11-05-2010

Police declare 'Allah' issue off limits in by-election 11-05-2010

Hisham in crosshairs for Mother’s Day insult 09-05-2010

The Sibu campaign begins 08-04-2010

Kedah BN prepares for takeover or state polls

DAP questions need for nuke power 05-05-2010

Speech by Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang, during the launch of the Speakers’ Corner today 04-05-2010

Ministry- Two oil-rich blocks claimed by Malaysia now Brunei’s 04-05-2010

Lawyers on warpath with cops over boy’s shooting 04-05-2010

Anwar fails in last bid to strike out sodomy charge 04-05-2010

Democratic values under threat 01-05-2010

Najib says Umno must be leader of the pack 02-05-2010

'A tale of two protests' 02-05-2010

M'sia may be the next Greece, warns economist 01-05-2010

Long wait for truth in submarine scandal expected (Video) 30-05-2010

Pak Lah gets flak over RM320b oil giveaway 30-05-2010

'Tun Samy' strikes sweet deal with Najib 2-05-2010

April 2010

Press Statement of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim 28-04-2010

Chinese Electorate and Khir Toyo 28-04-2010

Zaid wants Hulu Selangor result made invalid 28-04-2010

Vanezis can’t rule out Teoh injured before death fall 28-04-2010

 A glimpse of Sarawak’s political future 28-04-2010

I quit after complaints from Rosmah, PM's Dept 27-04-2010

Past, present and future — Tay Tian Yan 27-04-2010

Educational absurdity in Hulu Selangor 27-04-2010

Zaid scores six-fold increase in KKB 27-04-2010

Royal contractor spat adds to botched Shah Alam hospital woes 27-04-2010

Vanezis unsure why Beng Hock fell to death 26-04-2010

PKR’s loss a step forward for PR, says Kit Siang 26-04-2010

BN wins but slips up on Chinese support 26-04-2010

Genuine obsessions with fake qualifications — M.Bakri Musa 26-04-2010

Orang Asli being bullied into not voting 25-04-2010

Pilih pemimpin yang berprinsip — Nurul Izzah Anwar 24-04-2010

Pakatan says vote for change, not money 24-04-2010

Nik Aziz- Undilah calon PR Zaid Ibrahim 23-04-2010 (in Malay)

Gerakan- Rosmah should explain alleged interference 23-04-2010

The Bastardisation of the ‘Social Contract’ (Part 2) 23-04-2010

Perak frogs freed 23-04-2010

Kamalanathan’s action speaks louder — The Malaysian Insider 23-04-2010

Dr M defends son’s stake in brewing alcohol controversy 23-04-2010

Siapa itu Kamalanathan L P. Panchanathan? 23-04-2010

RM8 bil armoured vehicle poser 23-04-2010

BN throws party, money to woo Orang Asli 22-04-2010

Make way for Scorpene investigations, Najib told 22-04-2010

Campaign thugs of Hulu Selangor 22-04-2010

Kit Siang claims beer-bashing is Umno ploy to implicate Najib, Hisham 21-04-2010

PKR queries voting station change for 13,000 18-04-2010

Pakatan’s reminder to non-Malays- Perkasa, cow head protest 18-04-2010

Kamalanathan defends Malay rights group Perkasa 17-04-2010

Barisan Rakyat Bloggers Back Into Action... 16-04-2010

BN, PR, 2 independents fight for Hulu Selangor 17-04-2010

Malaysia's submarine scandal erupts in France 16-04-2010

Najib’s words are pretty, but where’s the real commitment to 1 Malaysia — The Malaysian Insider

Khalid- Zaid stronger candidate than Kamalanathan -16-04-2010

Compulsory services for doctors reduced to two years 16-04-2010

Bakar Arang assemblyman quits PKR 16-04-2010

Nationwide Streamyx outage draws ire 15-04-2010

Government paid APCO RM76m

Treat us with respect — MCCBCHST 13-04-2010

Zaid to contest Hulu Selangor 13-04-2010

Inter-faith panel’s talks postponed ...indefinitely 13-04-2010

PM hails new dawn in KL-Washington relations 13-04-2010

Chinese organisations and MCA Presidential Council Meetings — Lim Sue Goan

Selangor MB cautions law minister on ‘liar’ remarks 12-04-2010

Who Shall We Try for Treason? Special Branch, Home Minister or Khairy? 11-04-2010

Selangor confirms Dr Pornthip no-show for Teoh inquest 11-04-2010

RM28 million contract awarded to a RM2 company called APCO Worldwide Sdn Bhd 10-04-2010

Parliament in Disarray 10-04-2010

Selfish Musa only after his own interests, says SAPP 09-04-2010

Cyber attack cripples Free Malaysia Today 08-04-2010

The APCO affair — The Malaysian Insider 08-04-2010

MP Pua digs up more 'dirt' on gov't contracts 08-04-2010

PR bagi RM100 setahun, BN pula RM100 lima tahun — Khalil Idham Lim (Malay)

Finding a home: Being Burmese in Malaysia 06-04-2010

DAP wants EPF, MRCB probed for insider trading 06-04-2010

MP to raise more doubts on tender website 06-April-2010

Last M'sian adult witness to British massacre dies 04-04-2010

H1N1 News: Pregnant woman dies but docs save baby 04-04-2010

No sorry for Perkasa, BN Chinese leaders say 04-04-2010

Staggering omissions in NEM 03-04-2010

Najib- Views from afar 03-04-2010

By-election- Polling day is April 25, nomination April 17 03 April 2010

Najib's 1Malaysia phony, cries Kit Siang 02-04-2010

Why are Malays poor? Blame it on Umno! — P. Ramakrishnan 03-04-2010

Kartika starts her 3-week community service 02-04-2010

Malaysian first, last, and only 02-04-2010

What ‘social contract’ entails 01-04-2010

March 2010

Zambry’s ‘revelation’ to hide Umno’s problems, says Nizar 31-03-2010

NEM needs a professional touch 31-03-2010

The legal flesh trade 31-03-2010

NEM- A market-friendly affirmative action 31-03-2010

A tale of twin addictions- ‘Cheap stuff and foreign workers’ 30.03-2010

APCO did work for Israel in the 90s 31-03-2010

Malaysia’s losing talent, says NEAC 30-03-2010

Gerakan slams Dr M's 'disgusting' speech at Perkasa AGM 29-03-2010

'Trace the missing RM52 bil in bumi shares' 29-03-2010

Soi Lek wins, Liow is MCA No 2 -28-03-2010

State rep wants voter registration made automatic 29-03-2010

DAP-PAS team up to quell ‘chauvinist’ tag 28-03-2010

Dr M launches Perkasa, group marches to police station 27-03-2010

Where have MCA’s young gone? 27-03-2010

Perkasa claims Malays deserve 67pc wealth 27-03-2010

Another twist to royal rumble 27-03-2010

Reinvest in Penang, federal government told 25-03-2010

Malaysiakini wins top media brand award 25-03-2010

The one-eyed shall be king in MCA 24-03-2010

MCA’s Yip quits Titi Tinggistate seat in Perlis 23-03-2010

Utusan must apologize to Selangor Sultan, says lawmakers 23-03-2010

Ibrahim Ali, PERKASA dan Ku Klux Klan 22-03-2010

PKR challenges BN to cancel APCO contract 22-03-2010

Pandemonium in the house over ‘One Israel’ 22-02-2010

The monarch has no power to sack any member of the Cabinet exco — NH Chan ( 22-03-2010

Badminton's defining moment 21 Mac 2010

Rising social inequality in Malaysia — Toh Kin Woon 21-03-2010

Getting to know Apco and its Israeli links 20-03-2010

Zahrain Pembohong Besar (in Malay) 20-03-2010

2014 date to switch off traditional light bulb 19-03-2010

Orang Asli don't have 'special rights'- experts 18-03-2010

Chong Wei an All England champ at last 15-Mar-2010

GST delay delights opposition, baffles analysts 14-03-2010

China Press hauled up over IGP quit story 14-03-2010

No wisdom in our judiciary – not even common sense 13-03-2010

Penang bumi contractors secure 100% tender projects 13-03-2010

Police come under the spotlight — Martin Jalleh 12-03-2010

Ex-top cop Ramli acquitted of graft 12-03-2010

Almost 8,000 SPM candidates get straight As 11-03-2010

Liew- Govt lied about 1968 third vote report 11-03-2010

The lost third ballot — Lim Sue Goan 11-03-2010

Najib to announce NEM in two stages 11.03.2010

Man armed with hammer assaults pre-school children in class 11-03-2010

Puduraya bus terminal to be closed 4 months from March 19 10-03-2010

Pathologist changes mind, says Beng Hock not strangled 10-03-2010

Kedah Gerakan asks Najib to allow local elections 09-03-2010

Restore democracy to Perak: Appeal to Sultan Azlan Shah

Highest legal adviser sinks low 09-03-2010

 Reply to emails promptly, civil servants urged 09-03-2010

Make way for local elections 09-03-2010

Putrajaya not keen to restore third vote 09-03-2010

Suaram condemns police disruption of rally 08-03-2010

08-March 2010 New revelation at Bujang Valley

Stepping forward to be of service to the public 08-03-2010

Who stands for 1 Malaysia- — The Malaysian Insider 08-03-2010

Police stop Pakatan’s March 8 rally 08-03-2010

Now Selangor wants local council vote too 07-03-2010

PKR sacks Zul Noordin 06-03-2010

Penang restores local council vote 06-03-2010

PM, wife told to come clean on RM50m defection fund  06-03-2010

Al-Islam apologises to Christians 06-03-2010

EC says two-thirds majority needed to redraw constituencies 06-March-2010

Q&A- Anwar Ibrahim discusses trial, Muslim issues 05-03-2010

The AG is ‘not in the interest of justice’ — The Malaysian Insider 05-03-2010

Of sodomy, caning and potato chips 05-03-2010

Survey- Women still kept away from seats of power 034-03-2010

Selangor introduces community service to pay off arrears 03-03-2010

PKR renegades met Najib, Rosmah before quitting 03-03-2010

Gag orders – Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah 03-03-2010

‘The most corrupt institution in the country’ — Martin Jalleh 3-Mar-2010

22-year-old woman latest H1N1 death 02-03-2010

Socso windfall for 206,000 next month 02-03-2010

Towards A Developed Malaysia (Part 4 of 6) 02-03-2010

Beng Hock might have been strangled prior to death 01-03-2010

February 2010

An insult to our intelligence 28-02-2010

Penang senior citizens to get RM100 annually 28-02-2010

Tsunami Alert - Stay away from beaches, Sabahans warned 28-02-2010

Najib’s 1 Malaysia means total acceptance of diversity 28-02-2010

Five reasons why graduates are unemployed 28-02-2010

Federalism going down the toilet – Ooi Kee Beng 28-Feb-2010

Groups form consultative body to defend Malay rights, Islam 27-2-2010

Judiciary has changed the monarchy 27-Feb-2010

Cuepacs insists female majority bad for civil service 27-Feb-2010

Businessman’s dream wins him RM11mil 26-02-2010

Malaysia threatens action over paper's caning comments 26-02-2010

Ku Li- Even Malays leaving Tanah Melayu 26-02-2010

Kit Siang mocks KL bid to shape US view of Sodomy II 26-02-2010

Puduraya congestion remains 23-02-2010

No whipping for girl rescued by Umno Youth- — Mariam Mokhtar 24-Feb-2010

Power tariff decision may be put off 24-02-2010

200-year-old temple destroyed in night blaze 24-02-2010

When the court interprets a will, not the constitution 24-02-2010

Outdated political thuggery embarrasses Malaysia — Peter Hartcher 23-Feb-2010

Ku Li responds to full-page ads on royalty issue 23-02-2010

Oil royalty fight puts BN in a fix over Terengganu payments 22-Feb-2010

Pandamaran folk ask for real changes, not empty promises 21-Feb-2010

NO Justice in Malaysia, ONLY Divine Retribution 21-02-2010

Kit Siang- Umno is the enemy of 1 Malaysia 21-02-2010

Race-based quota employment policies- Can they be justified? — Lim Teck Ghee 20-02-2010

Penang Hill’s funicular train to stop for 7 months 20Feb-2010

PR is now Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia 20-02-2010

Dzulkefly warns PAS against taking caning bait 20-02-2010

Pathologist says no evidence Beng Hock was strangled 19-Feb-2010

Councillors strike back at Penang Malay chamber president 19-02-2010

STPM results out on Feb 25 19Feb-2010

An Unhappy Chinese New Year? 19-Feb-2010

Karpal accuses PM and wife of being Sodomy II masterminds 18-02-2010

Outrage over women’s caning 18-02-2010

3 women caned for having illicit sex 18-02-2010

Najib’s embarrassing Pandamaran welcome — Neville Spykerman 18-02-2010

Road to political change 18-02-2010

AirAsia offers 20% CNY fare discount 18-Feb 2010

BN, Perkasa protest at Australian mission 18-02-2010

Scions of ruling elites in Billionaire Club 17-02-2010

Dr Mahathir's son and Najib's brother among richest Malaysians 17-Feb-2010

Towards A Developed Malaysia (Part Two of Six) 16-02-2010

Asri urges review of Islamic laws on banned words 16Feb-2010

Lim invites DPM and Pak Lah to procession 16Feb-2010

A Simple Fact 15-02-2010

Singapore's first casino opens at Resorts World Sentosa 15 Feb 2010

City folks head home 2010-02-13

Pos Malaysia seeks to stay relevant in cyber age 13-02-2010

Hishammuddin denies RPK son tortured 12-Feb-2010

Anwar poses a question of penetration 2010-02-12

Umno’s Chinese whispers — The Malaysian Insider 2010-02-13

Police probe Raja Petra’s son attempted suicide 2010-02-13

Zambry is the lawful MB, Federal Court agrees 2010-02-09

Lim- Malay contractors receive more than 60% projects 2010-02-09

Ku Li says Malaysia is a sham democracy 09-02-2010

Time for protection over, get used to it, says Najib 09 Feb 2010

Whatever court decides, Perak crisis will continue 2010-02-09

Death of democracy in Perak — Boon Kia Meng 2010-02-08

In Temerloh, a curious struggle to power a village church

‘The people know when a judge has done wrong’ 06-02-2010

Why hasn’t the PM taken Nasir to task?  06-02-2010

FLASHBACK- Scandal sodomy & murder (Video)

Public confidence and the trial of Anwar Ibrahim 05-2-2010

Majority of Perak voters want fresh elections, poll shows 05-02-2010

How, yet again, they are trying to fabricate evidence against Anwar 04-2-2010

Defence Ministry reveals leaks to foreign embassy 04-02-2010

Beggars, Prostitutes, Secret Societies, Capitalists, Colonialists and Ali Babas 04-02-2010

12 police reports lodged against PM’s aide 3-02-2010

Anwar Ibrahim – Konspirasi nombor dua (In Malay) 03-02-2010

Malaysia itself is in the dock — Wall Street Journal 03-2-2010

The Star to launch BM weekly this month 03-02-2010

And so the silliness continues - Marina Mahathir 03-02-2010

Anwar to subpoena Najib and Rosmah as witnesses 03-02-2010

Racism hinders Najib’s 1 Malaysia 03-Feb-2010

Penang govt declassifies minutes of country club 03-02-2010

Anwar and Najib — up close and very revealing — M Bakri Musa 1-2-2010

January 2010

Malays winning majority of Penang open tender jobs 31-1-2010

KPI failure pushing PKR MPs to jump ship 31-1-2010

The typical Malaysian problem 31-1-2010

One million devotees throng Batu Caves 30-1-2010

Guan Eng dictator? Good for Guan Eng, 30-1-2010

Amnesty wants charges against Anwar dropped 30-1-2010

Middle Malaysia vs 1 Malaysia — Ooi Kee Beng 30-1-2010

Khalid slams shoddy Thaipusam treatment 30-Jan-2010

Police disrupt S'gor gov't Thaipusam function - 29Jan-2010

Three charged over church arson 29-Jan

honouring our agreements - 29-Jan-2010

Malaysia terror suspects linked to Nigeria bomber- report 28-Jan-2010

Najib gets down to brass tacks 28-Jan

ISA arrests- '4 Syrians, 1 Yemeni, 1 Jordanian' 28-Jan-2010

AirAsia expands flights to five Indian cities 27-Jan-2010

The tragic tale of Malaysian education — Lee Wei Lian 27-Jan-2010

Hisham says incidents meant to provoke clashes 27-Jan-2010

Ten international terror plot suspects arrested under ISA 27-Jan-2010

FACEBOOK Site attacked 26 Jan-2010

Articles by Najib and Anwar in the Wall Street Journal:-

Muslims Have No Monopoly over 'Allah'

Finding Unity in Malaysia's Diversity

Choose your Rapist 26-Jan-2010

Ban on SIS book lifted 26-Jan-2010

About Allah usage + Give Zulkifli the boot, says Zaid 26Jan-2010 (Video)

Najib- Be extra-ordinary or be left behind  26-Jan-2010

Dr Mahathir – a Creation of the US! 26-Jan-2010

Oh dear, you can’t be serious — David D. Mathew 25-Jan-2010

Malaysia faces its own credibility crisis 23-Jan-2010

Four nabbed over arson in Muar 23-Jan

Seven arrested for Taiping church, convent school attacks 23-Jan-2010

Johoreans pay last respects to Almarhum Sultan Iskandar 23-Jan

Rights group slams KL for ‘more rhetoric than reality’ 22-Jan-2010

Federal Court closes loophole on land fraud 22-Jan-2010

A 10-year legal wrong finally righted — Business Times Singapore 22-Jan-2010

You are the problem, Dr M 22-Jan-2010

Dr M panned over statement 22-Jan

Arson suspected in two Muar surau fires 21-Jan-2010

Publicity-hungry Dr M accuses US of staging 9/11 ....21-Jan

We must never allow the mob to rule

MICCI- Malaysia must fix three areas to get FDI -21 jan

MACC nabs 34 in major swoop on illegal sand-mining 21-Jan

Mercy Malaysia now accepting donations for Haiti 20-Jan-2010

Two brothers, six others remanded over Metro church attack 20-Jan-2010

Eight detained over church arson attack 20-jan-2010

Sharia laws have become a weapon 20Jan

Rais - the twittering man's burden 20-Jan-2010

Khairy delivers Twitter smackdown on Rais 19-Jan-2010

Anwar hosts roundtable on 'Allah' 19Jan

A letter to a Muslim friend 19-Jan-2010

Attacks on churches- the broader implications — Dr Syed Husin Ali 18-Jan

Unicef Malaysia raising funds for Haiti kids 18-Jan-2010

Four reasons for controversial ‘Allah’ ruling 17-Jan-2010

Do unto others as you would have done unto you 17-Jan2010

Boat capsizes, one student drowns, four missing

Law to be amended to nab pirated VCD buyers 16-Jan-2010

Khairy- Umno straying from middle ground 16-Jan

Bottles thrown at Sarawak mosque

Jakim says ‘Allah’ ban must include Sabah and Sarawak 16-Jan-2010

Tenth church hit, attack in Seremban 16-Jan-2010

Minister- It’s okay to allow ‘Allah’ use in Sabah and Sarawak

Church arson attacks- Youth charged over Facebook posting 15-Jan 2010

101 East - Malaysia- Whose God? (Video) - 15-Jan 2010

Najib wants 1 in 3 RMC spots for non-Malays - 15 Jan 2010

AG clears Dr Pornthip over alleged leaked report 15-Jan-2010

Nik Aziz to host inter-faith meeting 15-Jan-2010

Taking God’s name in vain 14-Jan

Prepare to pay higher prices for grocery and food 14-Jan 2010

Lawyer wants PI Bala’s safety guaranteed 14-Jan-2010

Break-in at Herald lawyers’ office 14-Jan

Malaysia’s political parties take new hues 13-Jan-2010

Stones hurled at Sentul Sikh temple 13-Jan-2010

Inside Story - Religious violence in Malaysia (Video) 12-Jan-2010

‘Don’t tell us how to pray,’ Borneo states say 12-jan-2010

Suit by Altantuya’s family- March 30 to hear undertaking of costs 12-Jan

Confident People Do Not Get Confused 12-Jan-2010

Cops have identified suspects for church attacks, says Hishammuddin 11-Jan-2010

It Happened Under Your Watch, Najib! 11-Jan-2010

Zaid calls for inter-faith council in wake of church attacks 11-Jan-2010

Eighth church attack in Seremban 11-Jan-2010

Country’s image takes a beating — Leslie Lopez

MAS flies into new year with low fares 11-Jan-2010

Situation under control, says Hisham 11-Jan-2010

Cops- Don’t speculate on surau attack 10-Jan-20110

Miri church attack takes tally to seven 10-Jan-2010

Churches attacked in S'wak, Perak and Melaka 10-Jan 2010

Two arson bids in Taiping, black paint hurled at Malacca church 10-jan 2010

More churches come under attack 10-Jan-2010

Fourth church hit by arson attack

Bigotry in the name of Allah 9-Jan

Cartoonkini on Allah 09-Jan-2010

Video News :

Herald issue protest at Masjid Negara

Three churches fire-bombed 09-Jan-2010

Church attacks a setback for Najib’s 1 Malaysia 09-jan-2010

What’s next after church attacks in Malaysia? 09-Jan-2010

Malay angst over pro-Malay policy 09Jan

Pakatan wants Umno to take responsibility for church attacks 08-Jan-2010

A sad day for Malaysian… 08-Jan-2010

Churches attacked in Kuala Lumpur (BBC) 08-Jan-2010

IGP confirms three churches hit

Lagi gereja diserang, Naib Presiden PAS kutuk 08-Jan-2010

Malaysia church torched amid Allah row 08-Jan

KL church torched -08-2010

Three churches fire-bombed 08-Jan-2010

Judiciary website hacked over ‘Allah’ issue 08-Jan

Teoh inquest- Contempt application to be heard first (Updated)

Two price structures for petrol from May 1, new subsidy scheme..07-Jan-2010

Ku Li says an intolerant Umno is fanning racial sentiments 07-Jan-2010

RMAF sergeant, director to be charged with jet engines theft 6-Jan-2010

Students can now get 50% discount on rail tickets 5-Jan-2010

Home Ministry files for stay of court order on use of ‘Allah’ 5-Jan-2010

High Court rules against Orang Asli Christians over village church 5-Jan-2010

PAS backs use of Allah by Christians 5-Jan-2010

New MACC chief sworn in 4-Jan-10

The MACC has committed a criminal act 4-Jan-2010

Nik Aziz- Non-Muslims can use ‘Allah’ 3 Jan-2010

Khir Toyo says in mourning over Allah ruling 2-Jan-2010

Eight NS camps shut down for violations

MACC lodges report against Pornthip

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!!!

Sugar costs 20sen more per kg; Subsidy on white bread removed - 1 Jan-2009


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