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Malaysia News Headlines 2009

(Notes: please note that some news links may have expired. Please also read our disclaimer)

December 2009

The forgotten Malaysians 31-Dec-2009

Herald free to use ‘Allah’ 31-Dec-2009

MACC is the Malaysian of the Year

Malaysian Insider on 2009

Entrepreneur of the decade- The man who let everyone fly

Tease of the decade- The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the VK Lingam video 30-Dec-2009

Shame of the decade- The Perak power grab 30-Dec-2009

Disappointment of the decade- Pak Lah as fifth prime minister 30-Dec-2009

Lowly-paid and exhausted drivers behind most accidents

Soaring focus on the RMAF

Cigarette prices go up on Jan 1

Sodomy laws- Progress with the times! — Kua Kia Soong ( 27-Dec

A case of he/she and not much help (24-Dec)

Sin Chew Daily- Best-seller at 80

Obama for Putrajaya 27-Dec-2009

Penang demands more funds from Putrajaya 26-Dec-2009

Foreign Ministry says Arshad will not resume UN post in Vienna

Ten killed, two injured in bus tragedy 26-Dec-2009

China student cries foul over 8 days in lockup (malaysiakini TV) 26-Dec-2009

Stolen jet engines found in Argentina 26-Dec-2009


Jet engine theft mystery deepens — The Malaysian Insider 25-Dec

Dr M defends himself 25-Dec

Cops to probe Guan Eng for saying Beng Hock was murdered 24-Dec-2009

21,188 student got A in all subjects in PMR 2009

A year on, and cops hustle in missing engines case

Is the AG serious- — The Malaysian Insider 24-Dec-2009

Stolen engines, missing truths 23-Dec-2009

Malaysia IS Zimbabwe, says Zaid 23-Dec

Five more babies rescued from 'infant factory' 23-Dec-2009

Apcet II participants get RM30k each

Policy in place, next stop Putrajaya - part 1 (Youtube Video) 22-Dec

Missing engines a blow to Najib’s GTP, says Kit Siang 22-Dec-2009

Stolen engines case was covered up from the start — The Malaysian Insider

Roof disaster II in Terengganu

Chinese independent secondary schools issue- Slew of criticisms against Najib — Lim Hong Siang

Lawyer for former top cop in the dock 22-Dec-2009   (Related: What the case is really all about)

Where's fiat to nail Lingam- Karpal to AG

Taking a stand — P. Ramakrishnan

Make all law breakers accountable

All riled up over cabbies’ fare play 21-Dec

'M'sia is Zimbabwe by another name' 20-Dec-2009

Penang needs federal nod for local vote, says Guan Eng 20-Dec

DAP rep wants Pakatan to restore local election

Zaid: The era of Pakatan Rakyat 19-Dec

The Pakatan Rakyat surprise – The

Malaysian Insider 19-Dec-2009

Umno seeks Penang Barisan chairmanship 19-Dec-2009

Sell down sparks concern of return to Mahathir era 18-Dec-2009

In hard times, extravagant signs in Ipoh 18-Dec-2009

Court of Appeal- MACC can question witnesses after office hours 17-Dec

Rising prices, stagnant incomes put squeeze on middle class 17-Dec-2009

Understanding the Karpal Singh sedition trial 16-Dec-2009

Utusan Malaysia- Messenger of hate and spite on religion and race — Dr Lim Teck Ghee 16-Dec

4% GST expected to come into effect in middle of 2011

Parliament- GST Bill tabled for first reading 16-Dec-2009

SIA quits Penang-Singapore route after 30 years 16-Dec-2009

Dr M- Don’t snub English, it is language of success 15 Nov-2009

Najib’s budget passed by a narrow 66-63 vote

Some bloggers are unethical, claims Hishammuddin - 15-Dec-2009

DAP demands full disclosure of Khazanah selldown

Karpal wants 'fiat' in 7 days to prosecute Lingam 13-Nov 2009

Ku Li speaks of Malaysia as cursed by oil

Shah Alam Hospital contract- Why no open tender- 12-Dec

How racist are we all really- 11-Dec

List of charges against OC Phang, two others 10-Dec

Former PKA general manager, two others arrested 10-Dec

The force behind BTN 10-Dec-2009

Johor to take over Singapore’s PUB assets when water deal ends 10-Dec-2009

Dr M transformed BTN to a super-racist agency, says former director 9-Dec-2009

Special Rights of Malays 9-Dec

Inner details of BTN reveal past transgressions 9-Dec-2009

Pornthip maintains 80% homicide in Teoh’s death 8-Dec-2009

No point defending BTN courses, says Gerakan Youth

The hawks and doves in UMNO - 8-Dec-2009

‘Cow heads’ launch racist rant 8-Dec

Nazri: Mahathir is racist - The Sun 8-Dec-2009

Chin Peng, sympathy, injustice and sanctity of contract 8-Dec-2009

Increase productivity instead of GST (Video) 7-Dec-2009

Putrajaya to cut holdings in GLCs 7-Dec-2009

Muslims urged to accept minorities

Did he jump or was he pushed- — Mariam Mokhtar 6-Dec-2009

A stagnant decade – for how much longer- — Dr Dzukefly Ahmad

MACC chief quits 5-Dec-2009

Moneychangers or launderers? 4-Dec

Negri MB’s RM10m tip of hot money iceberg 4-Dec-2009

Wake-up call 04-Dec-2009

Let he who has not sinned…..

BTN and poor political culture

'Land for poor gobbled up by Umno cronies'

Scandal riddled Eurocopter deal is on

About Bala & murdered Mongolian

Who is frivolous- PI Bala or PM Najib-

Najib ignores PI Bala’s claims 5-Dec-2009

The Bala Interview Part 3 of 3

The Bala Interview Part 2 of 3 - VIDEO 25-Nov-2009

The Bala Interview Part 1 of 3 on Video, 22-Nov-2009

Bala interview: 'Why the deafening silence?' - Malaysiakini 22-Nov-2009

Kit Siang demands Najib guarantee PI Bala’s safety 20 Nov 2009

Part 5- I just want the harassment to end

Part 4- Bala finds his life turned upside down - 19Nov 2009

Part 3- The Malaysian police catch up with Bala 18-Nov-2009

PI Bala claims second SD made under

Part 2- Bala’s prison without bars; 17 Nov-2009

Part 1- The mystery unveiled - Malaysia Today 16 Nov 2009


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November 2009

Government getting the MATRADE Convention & Exhibition Centre for “free” leaves Malaysians “flabbergasted” 26Nov

Investors put off by Malaysia’s high-cost, low-speed broadband

GST may be fixed at 4pc 26-Nov-2009

Nationwide alert for dengue(26Nov)

The Bala Interview Part 2 of 3 25-Nov-2009

DAP lashes out over Kuala Dimensi ‘bailout’ 25-Nov-2009

'Penans will die if jungle is destroyed' 25-Nov-2009

MACC shuts its doors at 5.30pm

Opposition questions sale of Bernas to Syed Mokhtar - 24-Nov-2009

Ku Li to head Parliamentary caucus on oil royalty - 24 Nov-2009

Amendment to let converts seek divorce in civil courts

The Bala Interview Part 1 of 3 ...22-Nov-2009

High Court orders EC to hold by-election in Kota Siputeh

Teoh’s second autopsy done, findings not revealed, 23-Nov-2009

Court ruling takes bite out of local council summonses 22-Nov-2009

KL patriotism camps ‘racist and political’

Another index, another drubbing for Malaysia Today Online

Teoh exhumation begins - 20 Nov 2009

MACC can’t quiz witnesses beyond office hours, High Court rules - 19-Nov-2009

Opposition states and KL in money tussle - 19-Nov-2009

Report into Bukit Antarabangsa landslide declassified 18-Nov-2009

Karpal says willing to prosecute Lingam

Malaysia seen as more corrupt than ever

threat to family - The Malaysian Insider 17Nov 2009

Rep absent without leave, so court declares Kota Siputeh state seat vacant

Graft is most serious problem country faces, new poll shows 16-Nov-2009

MACC should follow the stink

The clock is ticking on the NEAC 16-Nov-2009

Declassified Selangor papers reveal more lopsided deals - 14 Nov 2009

Apartheid- Clear and present in Malaysia - 14 Nov 2009

Christians here called God “Allah” four centuries ago

Apartheid- Clear and present in Malaysia - 14 Nov 2009

PI Bala drops Bombshell 3- Update

Declassified Selangor papers reveal more lopsided deals

Zaid is Pakatan’s reality check — The Malaysian Insider

Heavy rain, floods, strong winds, high waves forecast

PI Bala claims offered RM5m to retract statement

Zaid picks Nik Aziz to chair Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia

PI Bala reiterates his first SD and says he was offered RM5 million to retract it - 13 Nov 2009.

A Bridge Too Far 13 Nov 2009

PI Bala surfaces to drop Bombshell 3

Utusan Malaysia is the stupidest newspaper in the world - the proof

Freedom to agree or disagree - 12 Nov 2009

Raja Petra gets discharge not amounting to acquittal

Selangor to bare all on projects benefiting cronies

Hu Jintao visits Malaysia - 11 Nov 2009

Pakatan presents key witness for Lingam-Eusoff NZ trip

My people first, performance for my people now- — Richard Wee ( - 10 Nov 2009

Pua wants 'selective memory loss' Ling to be probed - 9 nov 2009

Voters unconvinced with PAS leadership, favours Nik Aziz to Hadi

NOTICE! Please go to the new site - NEW Malaysia Today website

Malaysia in the company of world-class travel destinations - 6 Nov 2009

US slaps sanctions on Malaysian branch of Iran's Bank Mellat

Malaysia’s oldest nomads struggle to find a home

Former sec-gen says government aware of PKFZ land buy

Sweet era of cheap sugar may end with Kuok’s exit - 6 November 2009

DAP questions RM394m reserved for toll payments

A(H1N1)- Malaysia prepped for second wave - 5 November 2009

Coroner allows Teoh exhumation for fresh autopsy

Kit Siang calls for Attorney-General’s resignation

10 implicated in PAC's probe of PKFZ
Pakatan finally applies to be formal coalition 4 November 2009

Status Bumiputera Sarawak tak berlandaskan 1 Malaysia — Dr Jeniri Amir


Soi Lek reinstated, Tee Keat sacks four in pre-emptive strike

Controversy follows ex-mufti - 3 November 2009

A liberal separation between state and religion

Be careful when visiting waterfalls now, says Weather Dept

How you become a racist ...

It's the same old story again - 02 Nov 2009

Wanted: Pornthip's head! 

(related: Mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock )


October 2009

No end in sight for Perak PR

Perak Turned Into a Barbaric State

The chaotic Perak State Assembly - Aliran 29 Oct, 2009

Unemployed graduates: Who prospers?

The Perak farce redux — The Malaysian Insider

Perak assembly- Pakatan reps 'assaulted', sitting adjourned

More than 30,000 workers retrenched after economic downturn began

Teoh’s family wants body exhumed, second post-mortem - 27 October 2009

Overpaying by the billions - The Star, 26 October 2009

Getting Away with Murder in Malaysia

Teoh’s family wants body exhumed for second autopsy

Don’t think like politicians, judges told

Iskandar rocked by CEO’s resignation

Budget 2010 proposals at a glance
Bar Council revives call for RCI into Teoh's death

Death at MACC: My CSI XVI – Making sense of the 80% probability

Outcry over result of VK Lingam case

Weak reasons for dropping Lingam case

Pressure mounts to exhume Teoh for second autopsy, 22 Oct. 2009

Case against Lingam closed

The Auditor-General's Report 2009:

  - RM42,320 for a laptop

  - Johor charges inconsistent rates for raw water

  - Auditor general's report highlights Penang's financial prudence

Teoh inquest- 80pc chance of homicide, says Thai expert - 21 Oct 2009, theStar

Web surfing boosts older people’s brain function

Teaching of Science and Maths in BM for Year One could possibly begin in 2011

Malaysia Day to be public holiday from next year

One in every six persons a foreigner in Sabah

Malaysian ute's crash-test score sparks Consumer NZ safety warning

Orders came from Putrajaya, says MACC intelligence man - Oct 16, 2009

101 East - KL land scam - 15 Oct 09 - Part 2

101 East AlJareeza- KL land scam - 15 Oct 09 - Part 1 (Video)

Tee Keat hangs on, Liow made No 2

Teoh was not allowed to leave, MACC man admits

Chin Peng’s last fight — to be buried in Sitiawan

Proposed dam threatens to submerge 11 villages

Malaysia Today editor claims allegations were made in good faith (see related video here) - 14 October 2009

Express coach firm cuts Singapore-KL fares - 13 October, 2009

Umno snaps PR’s by-election win streak - 12 Oct, 2009

What the BN victory means

With Makkal Sakti, it’s advantage Najib

MCA vote leaves media in a spin

MCA EGM: Delegates make dramatic decisions

What is wrong with BN component parties

The Malay dilemma Edisi XYZ

PKFZ probe- Tiong’s assets frozen

Malaysia 66th most attractive country globally, third best in Asean - 6 Oct 2009

Growing list of don’ts - 5 Oct, 2009

Bagan Pinang is Umno's to lose

Where's the money gone?

Malaysia’s broadband quality is below par, says Oxford study

BN sending message that it stands for corruption 02 Oct 2009

Tempest in the Cape of Flowers - the Sun 2 Oct 2009

Mystery DNA on Teoh belonged to another dead man

PM invites public to give ideas for budget 2010 - 2 Oct 2009

Thousands shaken by tremors following earthquake in Sumatra

Typhoon Ketsana wreaks havoc across South-East Asia


September 2009

Same Old UMNO, Same Old Ethics

Former Negri MB picked as Barisan Nasional's candidate

Teoh family asked to go for ‘mental test’

Government to pump in RM1b monthly till 2010 - 29 Sept. 2009

Agencies must act on TI’s findings

The attacks on Malaysia Today

Behind the attack on Malaysia Today

The 'conspiracy' against MIC

Ops Sikap- 16 more dead, fatalities up to 238

Machines humming again at Malaysian factories - 27 September 2009

Let the show go on, Rais tells Beyonce critics

‘Big Brother’ is watching

Kesian Isa Samad — Zaid Ibrahim

PKA files another suit over PKFZ

Kinta Nature Park to be gazetted as wildlife sanctuary

Malaysia rated 47th least corrupt, Penang praised - 25 September 2009

Seasonal flu shot increases A(H1N1) risk- Canadian study

M'sia among corrupt nations where bribes total US$40bil

RM65mil for the poor must also go to Penans: Minister

Light at end of tunnel over KTM’s Singapore land

Ops Sikap XX- Death toll now at 164

A (H1N1)- 219 news cases with flu-like symptoms

Muslims celebrate Aidilfitri

How to access Malaysia Today by proxy to beat the block

PM appeals for unity, asks Malaysians to discard suspicions

Asthmatic teen’s case raises H1N1 death toll to 77

Govt admits RPK revealed secrets

North-South Expressway packed in balik kampung rush -18 Sept 2009

Police to probe Net posting of classified PKFZ documents

Cops look for source of PKFZ paper leak

Malaysia Today blocked over leaked PKFZ documents

Noordin Top gunned down in ambush

Lust in return for rides in Penan country

MACC and gang sued for RM50 million - Malaysia today; 16 Sept

More Penan woes- 1,000 to be uprooted by dam project

1Malaysia F1 team will notch up billion ringgit bill

Selamat Hari Malaysia - 16 Sept 2009

Dams a curse from hell, say Orang Ulu

Indonesia- Anti-Malaysia feeling still strong

Altantuya’s father drops bid to review Razak’s acquittal

Infrequent travellers can opt for cheaper passports

MIC polls- Samy Vellu's men win all four top posts

Kit Siang wants PM to explain Home Minister’s cow-head action

MCA to MCMC- Back off on Malaysiakini

Suhakam- Cops must cooperate, we have the power

The rape of young Penan girls


Indonesia acts to mend rift with Malaysia

Teoh inquest- Torture testimony ruled relevant - TheStar 10Sept09

RPK renews attacks over Altantuya allegations on Youtube 

(or Video - Altantuya Statutory Declaration)

Teoh inquest: Mystery man talks of torture

Gov't report confirms Penan girls were raped

Six charged with sedition over cow-head protest

Teng: Reps siphoned money even after dissolution - Shah Alam; The Star

Why 09/09/09 Is So Special

Tomyam toll - 9Sept 2009

Respect other religions and races, Muslims urged

Cow head protestors face sedition, illegal assembly charges - 8 Sept 2009

New site for Hindu temple in Shah Alam

A (H1N1)- No death for four days running - 7 Sept 2009

Unicef- Trafficking of minors in Malaysia remains rampant

‘Muslim sensitivities’ an excuse for blatant racism-

Temple move plan shelved, Selangor to look for other agreeable site - 6 Sept. 2009

MCMC tells Malaysiakini: Take down videos

Home Minister tells cops to charge cow head protesters - TheStar 4 August 2009

(Hisham defends cow-head protestors - 2nd Sept ; Hisham: Don't blame cow-head protestors)

IGP Musa’s tenure extended another year

A(H1N1)- Death toll now at 73 - 3 Sept. 2009

Syabas Tok Guru dan Khalid Samad — Zaid Ibrahim - 3 Sept 2009

High drama at Kg Buah Pala

Dalang Kepala Lembu Didedah (Video)

Second food aid for Penans

Pakatan wants Hishammuddin sacked

Indonesian maids get a rest day a week

Let’s stamp out racism

Suhakam needs more power

Hishammuddin needs a reality check – The Malaysian Insider

A(H1N1)- No new deaths, 87 new cases 2nd Sept, 2009

Hisham defends cow-head protestors

Six months after tree assembly, Pakatan assembles in hotel

Pakatan reps arrested, state secretariat blocked

In pursuit of 1 Malaysia, Rais reviews Astro’s licence

PM's promise- Target Selangor

Make coexistence our guiding light

Former Lord President Tun Hamid Omar dies

August 2009

‘Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!’ … from what? 31 August

Ong calls for EGM

Pump price rises with RON97 at RM2.05 tomorrow - 31 August 2009

The Myth Of A Moderate Malaysia

One more A(H1N1) death reported

Hip-hop concert with a catch

Friday's protest to be investigated under Sedition Act, Selangor CPO says - 29 August, 2009

Untouchables Of The Klang Valley

Can’t hold a candle to cop’s excuse - The Malaysian Insider

H1N1- No deaths reported, 365 tested positive - 29 Aug

Are the cow-head protesters real ?

It’s a Long Road   

RM100mil in Amanah Saham units to ease hardcore poverty

PM orders action against cow-head protesters

Allegations of torture surface against MACC

391 people admitted for influenza-like illness; no A (H1N1) deaths

Jawapan Saya - Zaid Ibrahim

Borneo timber firm dismantles bridge, stalls food aid to Penans

MCA in turmoil- Why it matters

A (H1N1)- No new deaths; 259 new cases; 27 August 2009

The Legality of Caning Kartika

Race card proves dicey - 27 Aug

Soi Lek sacked - 27 August 2009

Court omits MACC allegations of graft against DAP men

PAS maintains Chinese support, Umno race tactics a flop

Syariah court of appeal to revise Kartika’s sentence

PAS wins by big margin 25 Aug. 2009

A (H1N1): Latest victim is 3-yr-old; death toll rises to 70 - 25 Aug, 2009

MACC officer admits top officials gave orders

Rohaizat's disbarment- DPM sullies his office - 24 Aug 2009; Aliran

More Malaysians turn to international schools

Time for politics to have principles: Zaid

Many still complacent about anti-H1N1 measures

310 discharged from hospitals; no deaths recorded - 22 Aug, 2009

Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 may have spread in Singapore - 22 Aug, 2009

Not one but three charges against Rohaizat

Insurance firms to cover claims

King's ransom for a guardhouse (video)

Penan task force report "not available"

Federal court rules Buah Pala villagers must vacate

A(H1N1): 380 new cases, no deaths

Umno plays race card, and unsettles many

Influenza A (H1N1) hits record high with 569 cases

Mystery letter about death of Teoh Beng Hoct unfold - details here

Rohaizat’s partner denies Umno’s accusation

Mystery letter fingers senior MACC officer over Teoh’s death

ISA, Police Act amendments to include freedom of assembly

Snatch thieves now targeting lady drivers

'Umno has different moral code?' Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah unhappy

Three more H1N1 deaths bring toll to 67 - 18 Aug 2009

Clarification regarding UMNO Candidate for Permatang Pasir By-election, Rohaizat Othman - 18 Aug 2009

Pakatan attacks Rohaizat over disbarment

Umno represented by disbarred lawyer - 18 August 2009

By-election marred by cries of police brutality - 17 August 2009

Teoh Inquest Day 9- 'Facial injuries may be due to beating'

Pathologist admits facts do not support suicide theory

A (H1N1)- 2 more deaths; toll rises to 64 - 17 August 2009

Lambs under the throne — Aliran

A(H1N1)- Three more deaths reported - 16, August, 2009

The bride wore black

A(H1N1)- Three new deaths bringing total to 59

A(H1N1)- Two Tamiflu-resistant flu cases in US

Suhakam inquiry into lawyers' arrest begins (Youtube Video)

Web filter debacle has KL red-faced - 15 Aug, 2009

Gobind tears into suicide theory

Really? Really?

RTM reporter claims she does not know which party Karpal belongs to

MACC arrests Ronnie Liu’s aide

Ong, Tiong in limelight over RM10m ‘gift’, use of private planes

Doc- Not homicide or accident, more a suicide

‘He may have been dragged’

A(H1N1)- Seven more deaths reported - 13August, 2009

A(H1N1)- 6 more deaths, total fatalities at 44 - 12 Aug, 2009.

Clearing confusion over Maths and Science - 12 August 2009

Utusan reporter says he thought ultra vires means ‘to insult’

DNA tests confirm it’s not Noordin

A(H1N1): Death toll now 38 with six more deaths - 11 August, 2009

12 Malacca PTAs appeal for option to use English

Teoh had multiple fractures on his body, court told

Lee Hwa Beng lodges report against Kuala Dimensi and BTA Architect

Malaysia: Drop Sedition Charges Against Parliamentarian

Family doubts slain terror suspect is Noordin Top

PKFZ task force finds RM500m in questionable claims

A (H1N1): 6 more deaths, taking total to 32 - 10 Aug., 2009

An apology to parents

DPM- Those who started Maths, Science in English can continue

PM- Barisan wants Selangor back

Race- Time for a new beginning — Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

A(H1N1): Eight more deaths reported

Umno media paints DAP anti-Islam, Anwar a traitor

Guan Eng washes his hands off Buah Pala after residents reject homes

Language switch: Gov't bars parents-teachers meet (Video) - 8 Aug, 2009

(read: Reliving the myth of the lazy native: the PPSMI issue and the denying of success to the poor)

A (H1N1): 3 more deaths, taking total to 18 - 8 August, 2009

Inquest of Teoh Beng Hock in Video

(Attorney-General’s Chambers Malaysia)

Noordin Mat Top believed shot dead in shootout with Indonesian police

PM says no plan to censor the Internet

91pc in Home Ministry web poll want ISA abolished

PM: Influenza A (H1N1) now a serious threat - 6 August, 2009

New Tamil Tiger leader arrested in Malaysia

Rais confirms ‘green dam’, says to shut out ‘blue sites’

Cops told to investigate ‘new details’ in Teoh case

Penang govt files police report against ministry adviser

Updates on Teoh Inquest at: insider_latest on Twitter

Malaysia mulls ‘Green Dam’ despite China’s failure

Demonstrations- A fundamental right of citizens

AirAsia announces Bangkok-Taipei route

Five more deaths bring H1N1 toll to 13

A(H1N1): Three more deaths, total at 12

Teoh inquest- No match to unknown DNA found

Teoh's inquest - 5 August, 2009

Anwar’s lawyers accuse prosecution of trial by ambush

Trouble brewing over beer seizures

Every Malaysian a traitor- — The Malaysian Insider

Kg Buah Pala: State to file application to invoke Section 116 on Tuesday

A(H1N1): New mum dies, baby is safe

ISA protest: One 16-year-old remanded for 4 days

LGE: We will revoke DO (Video)

A (H1N1): Tests confirm 11-year-old boy is sixth A (H1N1)

Brothers, be just to your sisters

Kg Buah Pala: A new hope

Police arrest 589 supporters in ISA street demo - 2 Aug, 2009

Malaysiakini photos of the anti-ISA march

Helter skelter as police crush protest

ISA protests: Water cannons, tear gas fired at crowds - The Star; 1 Jul.2009

10,000 in city centre, tear gas fired - 1 August, 2009, Malaysiakini


July 2009

Bernama Bhd sues Bernama TV for debts

10yr-old with flu symptoms dies, post-mortem on

Penan Starvation: People First, Performance Now?

3,000 Penans in Belaga on verge of starving

(Video on Penans at Youtube)

Pakatan committee finds Perak Speaker guilty of contempt

WiMAX licence holders warned to use or lose it

DNA of two males found on Teoh's clothes

PKFZ and PKA board under fire at two hearings

H1N1 situation getting worse

In unusual step, criminal lawyer appointed for Teoh’s inquest

Teoh inquest postponed to Aug 5

Teoh inquest: Ongoing Updates - the Star, 29 July, 2009

Schools, colleges and NS camp closed

Shelter for the homeless

A (H1N1): Malaysia reports third death

Former ACA official says Teoh held unlawfully

Konspirasi BN (Youtube Video)

Khalid orders audit to clear Pakatan Selangor government

Second H1N1 death in Malaysia

(Health and Medical websites links here)

Cops, officials block Pakatan Perak assembly inquiry

Guan Eng’s situation liken to Chong Eu’s struggle

Heritage Site party ends with a big bang - 27 July 2009; the Star

Travellers to Malaysia ditch buses for planes

Should Anwar have Access to the Prosecution’s Evidence?

A(H1N1): More than 1,000 cases now

Abandoned by their kids; 26 July, 2009 - The Star

Yasmin Ahmad dies

Kampung Buah Pala- Guan Eng orders stop to project nod

Malaysia debates caning of woman

Pakatan wants more from royal commission

Zaid- Cabinet decision moves reforms back to square one

Transforming sorrow and anger into People’s Power

First A(H1N1) related death in Malaysia

Many find it hard to cope with increase in food prices

The damaged brain system

In MACC mess lies Pak Lah’s legacy of visionary ideas and half-baked execution

Understanding reached with Kg Buah Pala villagers, says CM

Kit Siang shocked over MACC advisory panel’s lack of concern

(Website: Panel/lembaga SPRM/ MACC)

Cabinet orders suspension of MACC officers

Tan Boon Wah sues MACC for false imprisonment

S’pore air link good for Ipoh

Arresting the Slide in Our Public Institutions

Letter to the Distinguished Advisory Members of the MACC

'You stupid China man'

Partial solar eclipse can be observed in Msia tomorrow - July 21, 2009

Teoh’s handphone with MACC officer, died bet 8.30-9.30am

Macdeth Act II — an open letter to Berita Harian — Art Harun

14th floor MACC office window parts found near Teoh's body

Teoh’s death probe: No CCTV footage of him leaving building

Baying for answers

First H1N1-related death in Singapore

Roti canai and teh tarik for RM1

Teoh looked "tired" says man who saw him last

Let Us Clean Up The Police Force And MACC To Make Malaysia Safe For Our Children

Malaysia’s Noordin Mohd Top may be behind Jakarta blasts

Exco's aide falls to death from MACC HQ

'It's double standards we can't stomach'

MACC’s investigation procedures, says Ramon

MACC must bear full responsibility for death of Teoh Beng Hock 

No more interrogations outside state secretariat, says MB Khalid

DEATH OF TEOH BENG HOCK: A mystery waiting to be solved

THE DEATH OF TEOH BENG HOCK: Lawyers say highly unusual manner of interrogating witness - Malay Mail

How did he die?

The Last Seven Hours in Teo Beng Hock’s Life

Ean Yong’s political secretary dead at MACC HQ

MACC — old whine in new bottle — The Malaysian Insider

Empathy and myopia- How Malaysians no longer understand one another

The next GE is for Pakatan Rakyat to lose — Hussein Hamid

Malaysia: Politics Drive Upcoming Anwar Trial

Poll shows high approval ratings for Selangor government

Permanent Residence Status: A red card to Malaysia

Minyak dan politik — Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

The Two-Sided Implications of Manek Urai

Malays are second biggest group of clients for ‘Ah Long’

Politics of language

New education policy disastrous - Kit Siang

AirAsia launches two new routes to Singapore - 14 July 2009

Perak native folk call for amendments to land laws

A(H1N1): Daily local transmissions overtake imports 13 July, 2009 - The Star

Perak aborigines want greater rights to their land

High Chaparral: Penang lodges report with MACC

Gov't gambles on our children's future

The Unexpected - 11 July 2009

Association drops bombshell over cars with natural gas

The Preservation of Democracy and the Rule of Law in Malaysia

High Chaparral: State documents declassified

Relegated to a Pekan Rabu economy?

Voters back fresh Perak polls in new survey

Najib at 100 days: Strong Job Approval Rating on Economic Measures

Liow: Pandemic at critical stage

Khir in a pickle over palatial mansion

More than 300 infected with Influenza A (H1N1) - The Star 6 July 2009

(Health and Medical websites links here)

Bar Council: Treatment of residents violates international laws

Penang leads the way

Call for public inquiry on Petronas

AirAsia eyes routes to Asia-Pacific, Mid-East

Firefly buzzing with new routes from Malaysia to Singapore

I stood up for human rights, says Abu Talib

Procurement- A call for transparency

NS: Trouble flares in Camp Cini (Youtube)

Singapore- Subang air link on again

New Website on H1N1 by Healt Ministry, Malaysia -

18 people die on the road each day

June 2009

Karpal: It's an insult to MPs' intelligence (video)

PM announces slew of liberalisation measures

PKA stops RM660 million payout to KDSB

World Bank says Malaysia’s governance worsened in last five years - 30 June2009

Singapore-KL route- Sky’s the limit, say airlines

One million ringgit is nothing

Lessons on race relations

Who's qualified to interpret? - FARISH A NOOR; mySinChew

Influenza A(H1N1) terminology stays – Health Ministry

The Sultan’s Constitutional Powers — Kevin YL Tan (

Malaysians remember Michael and Farrah -26 June 2009

Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett both die

Jakarta stops export of maids immediately

How race and religion are part of the Malaysian political scene

‘Useless’ Chinese dailies need direction from Malay publishing group- – Tay Tian Yan

Petronas profit falls

Singapore-Malaysia air route soaring

(How to fly from Singapore to Malaysia)

Firefly to link Singapore to Alor Setar and Kota Baru

Air Asia removes admin charges to make fares cheaper

PM: 'A religious duty to have unity talks'

Return to the ballot box in Perak and BN regains credibility, says Ambiga

Hadi's (temporary) promise

MACC chief plays coy, frustrates PAC probe into PKFZ

Just how serious are we about A(H1N1)- — Paul Si

Seven new H1N1 cases, schools prime breeding grounds

14 refugees still held for celebrating Suu Kyi's birthday

The Myanmar question – Khairy Jamaluddin

The gobbledegook of Augustine Paul FCJ in the Federal Court’s decision in Zambry v Sivakumar


Visiting the Malay ‘Rights’

Kerajaan Malaysia harus menghormati Perjanjian Perdamaian 1989 (in Malay)

What makes Malaysia tick theStar

Malaysia, six African states listed for human trafficking

‘We fought the British, too’ - The Malay Mail; 16 June 2009

Influenza A (H1N1) FAQ

A (H1N1)- Malaysia confirms 5 more, taking total to 17 (Update)

Zaid slams Pahang MB

Several Pakatan MPs ordered to leave Dewan Rakyat - the Star 15 June 2009

The public voice of Sisters in Islam

Abuse in land of milk and honey

Zaid joins PKR

DAP wants PAC chief disqualified for refusing to summon Ling

Stricter H1N1 measures as WHO declares pandemic

MACC to charge company directors with taking RM3mil in bribes

Avoid these four traditional products, says health ministry

Penang government wants to run ferry services

Veiled view of equal rights - the Star 10 June 2009

Another Lesson in PAS History: The Malaysian Public Doesnt Like Extremists

Self-destruction; Sin Chew Daily, 9 June 2009

PAS to abandon DAP and PKR - Greed or Stupidity? - 8 June 2009

Party should not impose its will on others, says Lo’ Lo’
No home sweet home - The Star 07 June 2009

To cut waste, Penang makes shoppers pay for plastic bags - 5 June 2009

Future of Malaysia is Pakatan, says Saifuddin - The Malaysian Insider

PKR Turning Into Another Multiracial UMNO? - 05 June 2009

Invoke Judges' Code of Ethics: Investigate These Judges - Aliran

So when has fasting become an offence?

Cops arrest 19 over planned hunger strike - The Sun; 26 May 2009

Malaysia set to announce recession

Police abusing its role in going after BN critics - The Centre for Independent Journalism

PDRM- A tale of the tail wagging the dog

JobsMalaysia to open 22 centres nationwide

Khalid slams police for roughing up Jenice, other Perak dissenters

Police raid DAP HQ without warrant

Malaysian Appeals Court Deals Setback to the Opposition - The Wall Street Journal

Court rules Zambry is valid MB - theStar; 22 May, 2009

Malaysia proposes third bridge to S'pore - 22 May 2009

Is scholarship frustration over missed ‘opportunities’ or ‘privileges’-

TVSelangor launched

Selangorkini launch

6As get PSD scholarship for engineering but 13, 14As no scholarships – whole Cabinet should be sacked for allowing such nonsense year in year out

Nizar is only answerable to state assembly – High Court judge

Ganesan’s presence caused and contributed to State Assembly ruckus - Aliran

Only 20pc of PSD scholarships given on merit - the Malaysian Insider

A (H1N1): Second confirmed case in Malaysia - the Star

Return of the king...

Quit now, lawyers tell IGP, home minister (Malaysiakini TV)

Also Read: Right to legal representation

Influential scholar urges Muslims to shed victim role - The Malaysian Insider

Do the honourable thing, Najib

Malaysia confirms first case of A(H1N1)flue - the Star; 15 May 2009

Iban Student deprived of her rights

'No review of PSD scholarship selection criteria' - NST

Literally paying to own a car - TheStar

A serious crisis of confidence

Plots given to five-year-olds and grassroots politicians - the Star 14 May 2009

'Gun brought into May 7 sitting' (Video)

Judge Ramli’s stay order puzzling, disturbing

Zambry resumes duty, but as what?

The Perak Debacle - Malaysia Today

Perak crisis: Stay of execution granted; Zambry to resume duties

Unprofessional police conduct forces Nizar to pray by roadside

The impact of Nizar Vs Zambry

Nizar is MB - The Malaysian Insider

Nizar is rightful MB: High Court - the Star; 11 May 2009

Famous last words — The Malaysian Insider

Malaysia government wrests control of state, 65 arrested - Reuters

How could it come to this?

Know your rights

Guan Eng: Democracy is dead

More question legality of yesterday's Perak Assembly decisions

'Rape of democracy' at Perak assembly

Nizar claims today's sitting 'null and void'

Najib must clear his own mess - the  Malaysia Insider

'Bisikan diraja' untuk Pakatan

Sixty-nine arrests made by Perak police

Power Grab in Perak - The Wall Street Journal

A House in tatters - The Star

Influenza A (H1N1) FAQ - the Star

To Reach First World, Malaysia has to pass Gabon - the Malaysia Insider

Why con a stupid Chinaman

A (H1N1) FLU & YOU - the Star

N.H. Chan: An inconvenient judge - The Malaysia Insider

They will all go to hell, but you might end up joining them - 30 April 2009

Can one convert a child to Islam Mohamad Hafiz Hassan

Much more needs to be done

Bumi proviso removed to rope in more investments, says Najib - the Star

Rulers must not lord over us


The day the Constitution died? - The Malaysia Insider, 19 April 2009

An affront to human rights - theStar

Nizar tries to contact palace to seek dissolution of assembly - the Malaysia Insider

Call for ICT Ministry goes unheeded - The Star

Malaysia leader's racial unity campaign hits snag - AP

New Malaysian premier snubs ICT body

RM18m failed taxi venture

Kit Siang shocked by DPM’s ‘ungrateful Chinese’ comment

Najib names 28-member Cabinet - the Star -9 April 2009

Altantuya murder: Motive remains unclear, says Karpal

BN takes Batang Ai and Pakatan retains Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang - The Star

Polls loss puts pressure on Perak government and Najib

Mixed results show BN yet to turn tide - The Straits Times

Opposition win a clear signal - NST

Taking the Mickey out of our money - The Sun, April 2009

RM1.9m for ‘technical’ visits - The Malay Mail

Opposition braced for hard time from Malaysia's new PM - the Telegraph

Najib sworn in as Malaysia's sixth Prime Minister

Pak Lah submits resignation to King

Pak Lah is ready to move on

Khir's RM1.7m Disney trips

Permit Nation - the Malaysia insider

A power transition tainted by fear, suppression and corruption - Malaysia Today

Scandals Cloud Succession in Newly Unsure Malaysia - New York Times

Suara Keadilan and Harakah banned over ‘sensational and wrong’ articles - theStar

Embrace civil society in urban governance - The Sun

Father’s Racial Policy May Be Najib’s Undoing at Malaysian Helm - Bloomberg

Only the truth hurts -Malaysiatoday

11 summoned to testify in Balkis probe - the Sun
Karpal charged with sedition for saying Sultan can be sued

Perak Speaker’s case: Declare a mistrial

Govt studying DAP proposal to buy back North-South Expressway and end toll collection in six years

Consistency Of Purpose, Duty And Responsibility      

Are the Malay linguistic nationalists betraying our children?

Second Stimulus Plan  - Mini Budget


Still suffering from growing pains

Outdoing Abu Gharib

The truth that refuses to surface

Who's Behind All This Mess?

Restraining order against Speaker to be challenged

Cascading illegality -

Under a tree, assembly votes for fresh polls

Perak State Assembly under a rain-tree – history made today

We are All Immigrants

Saudi apartments deal riddled with discrepancies (Video)

Perks given to Khir Toyo and PNSB staff were never declared to IRB

This is the darkest episode in my life

Arrogant Barisan has to earn voters’ respect if it wants respect

Dr Khir believes non-Muslims should not enjoy the  same status as Muslims. !!! He Still Does Not Understand?

Perak MB and exco ‘suspended’

Sex, privacy and newspapers

For the love of the sultan

It’s MB vs MB, Nizar files suit against Zambry - the Star

Zahid Hamidi and UMNOs Racist Politics

Treading the Dark Alley of a Constitutional Crisis?

The amazing Malaysian hopping frog - the Star

Eye on Pakatan to step up legal battle, Suhakam advises snap election

Zaid says governments should not be overturned in private

Perak must not fail

Voters, The Biggest Losers

Lesson learned from the Perak political fiasco

Perak Update: Dr Zambry is new Perak MB; the Star

PERAK IN CRISIS: today's chronology of events

Video clips on Perak Crisis - Anwar Appeals for Calm (Video)

THE PERAK PLAGUE or, Should I too cross over for those millions of Ringgit?

Perak: A test on the wisdom of the people... and the Sultan's

Barisan Nasional said it commands the majority to form the government in Perak - the Star

Umno’s road to perdition — The Malaysian Insider

10,000 jobless so far since Jan 1

Is there a doctor in the house?

Text of President Barack Obama's inaugural address

Tengku Razaleigh's speech at ASLI Conference Jan 15, 2009

PAS wins KT - TheStar

Pakatan proving to be a viable and capable alternative

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's speech at Regional Outlook Forum, Singapore - Malaysia Today, 7 Jan 2009

Fatwas 101 - Exclusive with imam Feisal Abdul Rauf; the Nut Graph

A Germ Warfare Guru Goes Free

The Dayak dilemma (Part 1) - Malaysiakini, 20 Dec2008




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