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My Kedah

Bujang Valley - Kingdom of Buddha

myMalaysiabooks shares with you the history of the ancient wonders of Kedah at the Bujang Valley


Bujang Valley Archaeological Site

Artefacts found at Bujang

Historians will know of this ancient settlement and kingdom in Malaysia. The Bujang Valley or Lembab Bujang,  sometimes referred to as the Ancient Wonder of Kedah, is a rich historical site covering an area of about 400sq. km in the Merbok basin, bounded by Bukit Coras (Choras Hill) and Gunung Jerai. To the west is the Malacca (Melaka) Strait and south Sungai Muda (Muda River). 

   This archaeological area was the site of an ancient Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that ruled the region from the 4th century AD.

     Over 50 Hindu and Buddhist temples or chandis (or candi) have been excavated from various sites in the valley. Artefacts and relics found at various sites, dating back to the 4th century, includes pottery shards, stone statues of Hindu icons, inscribed stone tablets, metal tools, Song and Ming Dynasties ceramic wares, ornaments, beads and semi precious stones. The artefacts and relics are on display at the archaeological museum located here.

Learn about the Kingdom of Bujang, at History of Kedah here



Remains of the Chandi, Bujang Valley

Kingdom of Bujang



Ancient Kingdom of Bujang

The kingdom at Bujang is believed to have evolved earlier than Srivijaya Empire (centered at Palembang) but came under Srivijaya’s influence in the 7th century.

     Kedah was the transit port for traders (awaiting the monsoon winds) travelling through the Melaka (Malacca) straits.  Kedah Peak was used as a navigational becon for these traders. The settlement grew into a kingdom from this trade route.

    With the decline of Srivijaya in the 11th century, the Bujang kingdom became powerful again but waned in importance with the rise of Melaka (Malacca) as an entrepot.

The chandies (candis)        

From over 50 Hindu and Buddhist temples or chandi (candis in Malay) excavated in the valley, about 16 chandis have been dated to be built before 1000 CE. The chandis was a sacred place where religious activities were conducted. Most structures are believed to be of wooden pillars, thus the remains found here are mainly foundations of the chandi structures.

     Unlike temples found in Jawa and Sumatra, temples here were constructed with less masonry. The remains found here are either bases for Buddhist stupa or Hindu shrines. Physical evidence of Hinduism and Buddhism were also partly destroyed in the 12th century CE when the ninth ruler of Kedah (first Sultan) converted to Islam.

      The sites where chandis were found includes: Bukit Batu Pahat (Batu Pahat Hill), Kampung Sungai Mas, Kampung Matang Pasir, Bukit Coras (Choras) and Kampung Pendiat. Some chandis have been excavated and brought to the grounds of the archaeological museum.

Artefacts on display at archaeological museum, Merbok, Kedah


Fondation of the Chandi/ candi found at Bujang Valley


artefacts at Bujang Valley Museum


Display at Bujang Valley museum

Artifacts found at the Bujang Valley

For more information on the Bujang Valley, contact:-
Lembah Bujang Archaeological Museum,
08400 Merbok, Kedah


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Archaeological Museum Bujang Valley


Serenity at the foothills of Gunong Jerai - the Chandi (Candi) of the Bujang Valley




How to get there


Where to Stay

 To get to the Bujang Valley from the North-South expressway, you can exit at Sungai Petani (South exit) or from the north at Gurun (or travel to Bedong). At Sungai Petani (south exit) a straight road that bypasses the town centre takes you there. Look out for signboards indicating 'Lembab Bujang'. From Bedong or Sungei Petani, travel by the trunk road to small town of Merbok, which is about 15km from Sungai Petani. At Merbok, just turn to a narrow road beside the Merbok Police Station.

You can travel by taxi from Butterworth, Sungai Petani or Alor Star. Be sure to book the taxi for your return journey. There are buses from Sungai Petani to the town of Merbok, but they are few and far apart. You would have to hike a short distance from the town to the site.

Location Map of Bujang

Location Map of Bujang Valley, Kedah, Malaysia



The nearest large town with good hotel is Sungai Petani, Kedah.

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Sungai Petani Inn, Jalan Kolam Air

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 Old News on the Bujang Valley

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