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My Kedah

Langkawi Sights and Legends and Myths of the Isles

myMalaysiabooks shares with you the mystery and secrets of the Langkawi isles, Kedah Malaysia.


Where to go in Langkawi

Pulau Langkawi, Kedah


Langkawi is a land of myths and legends. Learn about the many interesting myths of the land as you move around her mystically beautiful 100 over islands (99 islands usually mentioned). The history of the Langkawi archipelago is intricately entwined with her many local tales handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. Each tale relates to some familiar local landform or inhabitants of the Langkawi islands, giving reality to the stories told.

    Langkawi, in the State of Kedah was accorded the status of a Geopark by UNESCO, on June 1, 2007 - the first in South-east Asia. (note: A geopark is a territory covering one or more sites of scientific importance for its geological richness and also archaeological or cultural value. The point of a geopark is to conserve the area, educate people about the geological heritage and provide sustainable economic development- theStar Malaysia )

Free Map of Kedah  Free Map of Langkawi



Some Attractions of Langkawi

Atma Alam

Book Village

Eagle Square

Galeri Perdana

Langkawi Cable Car and Panaroma Bridge

Legend Park

Oriental Village

Padang Matsirat

Summer Palace

Underwater World

Langkawi Bird Paradise

Mahsuri Mausoleum

Air Hangat Village

(Hot Spring Village )

Durian Perangin Waterfall

Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells)



Gua Cerita ( Cave of Legends )

Gua Kelawar (Cave of Bats)


River and Island Cruise

Kilim River cruise

Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells)

Island Hopping


Cruise along the mangroove river of Sungai Kilim


Best Langkawi Sights and Associated Legends of Langkawi

Langkawi jetty terminal

Pulau Langkawi or Island of Langkawi

The Kedah Annals (Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa) tells the tale of the founding of the Kingdom ofKedah with mentioned of Langkawi island, as a hiding place of the Prince of Rum and Princess of China. Raja Merong Mahawangsa became the first ruler of Kedah.

  Legend of Merong Mahawangsa And The Geruda

The eagle of Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia - Garuda Symbol The annals tell about Merong Mahawangsa, an ambassador of the Kingdom of Rum or Rome (believed to be part of the Byzantine empire). who escorted the Prince of Rum to China to be married to the Princess of China. The geruda (a demigod), who felt that the union should not take place, kidnapped the Chinese princess and her maid and hid them in a cave believed to Gua Cerita, in Langkawi. He then attacked the fleet carrying the prince. In the battle, the prince was swept ashore on Langkawi and united with the Chinese princess. Meanwhile, the Merong Mahawangsa landed with some surviving crew on the shores of Kedah. Believing that the prince had died, he decided to settle there and stared the settlement which grew to become the Kingdom of Kedah. Raja Merong Mahawangsa became the first ruler of Kedah.


Gua Cerita (Cave of Legends) In the legend of Merong Mahawangsa, first Hindu ruler of Kedah, the Princess of China hid from the geruda in these caves. The rock formations are not only beautiful to behold but seems to portray shapes of mythical beings of the island. Stories of the place is also related to the Langkawi Gedemai

- located north-eastern part of Pulau Langkawi.


Mahsuri Mausoleum Langkawi Island

was built in honour of the legendary woman Mahsuri of Langkawi. There are cultural show held daily here. It is located in the heart of Pulau Langkawi

 Legend of Mahsuri, a Langkawi tragedy

The most notable tale of Langkawi is that of Mahsuri, a beautiful maiden executed after being falsely accused of adultery.

       Mahsuri was beautiful and kind-hearted, capturing the heart of many village lads. She soon caught the eye of the local chieftain. Although he wanted to marry Mahsuri, he was unable to do so and decided then to marry Mahsuri to his son Mat Deris. They soon married and lived in harmony for months before Mat Deris was called away on a mission. Meanwhile, Mahsuri also discovered that she was pregnant.

      During Mat Deris’ absence, a travelling troubadour, came to the village. Out of kindness, Mahsuri offered him a place to stay. A few months after this, Mahsuri gave birth to a baby boy. There are several versions of how she came to be accused of adultery. The most common version is that her jealous mother-in-law falsely accused her of adultery because of Mahsuri’s popularity and jealousy of her husband’s feelings for Mahsuri. The presence of the traveller in her house and the baby also preyed heavily on the minds of the villages. Upon hearing his wife’s story and village gossip, the chieftain arrested Mahsuri and sentenced her to death without trail.

      According to legend she could only be killed when her executioner used the spear from her house. It is said that because of her innocence, only white blood flowed from her body. As she lay dying, Mahsuri cast a curse on the island - that Langkawi would not be peaceful nor prosperous for seven generations. After Masuri’s death, her husband and son moved to Phuket Thailand

     As incredible as it may seem, time passed slowly by for six generations and it was only during the end of the 7th generation that the island became a popular travel destination, attracting a wealth of development projects. 

      Makam Mahsuri, a mausoleum, is built on Langkawi island to honour the memory of Mahsuri. The decendents of Mahsuri who lives on Langkawi or Phuket till today keep track of their ancestry.


Langkawi Cable Car and Panaroma Bridge, Mount Machinchang


Mount Machinchang

This cable car project, takes visitors up to Gunong Machinchang (Mount Machinchang) on the north-western part of Langkawi island. The project is an engineering feat that integrates man-made structures with the natural environment. A ‘must visit’ place on Langkawi island - but not recommeded for those afraid of heights.

 The cable car takes you on a captivating journey from the Oriental Village (a shopping centre) to Mount Machinchang, 708 metres above sea level. This cable car service has the longest free-span line in Malaysia and the world’s longest rope cable of 950 metres.  At 700 metres above sea level is the Panaroma Bridge.

This 125 metres long curved suspended walkway is one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges. It is impressive and aesthetically beautiful showcase the ingenuity of an engineering masterpiece of eco-design. It was awarded the Swiss Steel Prize 2005 for its design in the use of steel and excellence in project planning and execution. At the foothills of Gunung Machinchang (Macincang) is the Oriental village, a place for visitors to shop. Visitors afraid of height can shop here for duty free item and local handicrafts.

The two most prominent mountains in Langkawi Gunong Machinchang and Gunong Raya tell the tale of a feud between two families of giants.


Pulau Dayang Bunting (Isle of the Pregnant Maiden)

Pulau Dayang Bunting is the biggest island just south of Pulau Langkawi. Its a place to visit for nature lovers and for some water sports.

Legend of Pulau Dayang Bunting ....


Other Attractions of Langkawi

Other Sites

Bird Park, LangkawiBatik Art Village   (Atma Alam) is a privately owned batik showroom and art gallery. You can see how a batik piece is created and buy batik paintings or garments. It is located at Padang Mat Sirat, near the airport.

Beras Terakar   (Field of Burnt Rice) Remnants of the burnt rice can be seen on the sandy ground usually after rain. Location: Padang Matsirat.

Book Village  (Kampung Buku Malaysia) is part of the International Book Villages and Book Towns movements and is the only one in South-east Asia. Located at the foothills of Gunung Raya.   Location: Central part of Pulau Langkawi, about 7 km from Kuah.

Dataran Lang   (Eagle Square) Located the Kuah jetty. According  to local folklore, the name Langkawi is derived from the Malay word helang or eagle.

Galeri Perdana   houses the archives of state gifts presented to Tun Dr Mahathir. Location: Eastern   Pulau Langkawi,   at Kilim.

Kompleks Budaya Kraf Langkawi  (Langkawi Crafts Complex) is located near the hillside on the northern coastal area of Pulau Langkawi, around Teluk Yu. A place to buy handicrafts from all over Malaysia.

Legend Park located at Kuah near the ferry terminal. Learn about the legend of Langkawia s you walk here.

Underwater World is a large marine and freshwater aquarium, located at Pantai Cenang.

Durian Perangin Waterfall and Forest Park   is drained by Sungai Perangin (Perangin River), cascading down the slopes of Gunung Raya in 14 levels of falls.  The forest is also filled with a variety of flora and fauna. A 5km track leads you to the peak of Gunung Raya, the highest hill on Pulau Langkawi.

Gunung Raya   (Mount Raya) iAt about 881 m above sea level, this is the highest mountain in Langkawi and is a favourite haunt for adventure and nature lovers.

Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) - is good for hikers. It is a beautiful waterfall that cascades down the slopes of the Matchinchang range in seven pools. Hikers can have to hike to the first pool and can also hike to the panorama bridge at the cable car second station.

Other Interesting Sites in Langkawi Taman Legenda (Legend Park Oriental Village, Summer Palace Langkawi Langkawi Bird Paradise, Langkawi Crocodile Farm, Air Hangat Village (Hot Spring Village), Gua Kelawar (Cave of Bats), Kilim River cruise, etc


Beaches and Islands

Langkawi hoteBeaches on Langkawi

Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah - most popular beach where many hotels, motels, budget chalets, pubs and small shops are located. A long stretch on the south-western part of Pulau Langkawi, ideal for swimming, water sports, island hopping (boat jetty nearby), etc The cruise liner stops at the southern tip of Pantai tengah.

Pantai Kok - hotels, shops and marina located, ideal for swimming and water sports

Pantai Pasir Hitam - black sand beach, a beach with a history of black sand, a place for the curious tourist.

Pantai Tanjung Rhu - Where you can walk to the nearby island at low tide. A beach and a place to visit nearby island and Gua Cerita

Teluk Datai (Datai Bay) - 5 hotels and beach area on the north-western part of Pulau Langkawi.

Teluk Burau - hotels and beach area on the western part of the island near Mount Matchinchang.


Islands of Langkawi


There are a total of 104 islands in the Langkawi district: Pulau Singa Besar, Pulau Payar Marine Park, Pulau Dayang Bunting (Isle of the Pregnant Maiden), Pulau Beras Basah (Isle of Wet Rice), Pulau Rebak, Pulau Bumbon, Pulau Tuba, etc. (see map of Langkawi). The largest island Pulau Langkawi is the main and most populated. Only 4 islands are inhabited.

Details on the Langkawi islands

99 Langkawi islands

Langkawi, Kedah



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Tourist Information Centres

- Main Office: Kompleks Pelancongan Negeri Kedah, Seksyen 20, Jalan Raja, Alor Setar, Kedah

- Langkawi International Airport, Langkawi

- Langkawi Tourist Information Centre, Jalan Persiaran Putra, Kuah, Langkawi

- Bukit Kayu Hitam Tourist Information Centre, Bukit Kayu Hitam


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