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My Kedah

About Langkawi

myMalaysiabooks shares with you the legendary isle and geopark in our home state of Kedah. Discover Langkawi Geopark and the beauty and mystery of the 99 islands of Langkawi in Kedah, Malaysia.


Welcome to the Geological Wonder of Kedah and Isle of myths and legends

sandy beaches of Langkawi

   The Langkawi Islands (Kedah) are located off the north-western coast of mainland Kedah on the Malaysian peninsular, consists of over 100 amazingly beautiful islands. Langkawi on June 1, 2007 was accorded the status of a Geopark by UNESCO, the first in South-east Asia.

    The Langkawi archipelago is a district in Kedah with 99 islands visible normally but 104 islands see at low tide. The main island, Pulau Langkawi or Langkawi island, is about 50 km from the town of Kuala Kedah on the peninsular. The largest town on this island is Kuah. (Free Map of Langkawi)


Langkawi Geopark

      Langkawi islands are beautiful and exotic, and is steeped in myths and legends. Sandy white beaches and clear tropical water surrounding the islands makes it a relaxing and refreshing paradise for sun, nature and sea lovers - a perfect place to escape from the bustle of the city. Only 4 of the islands are inhabited and the rest covered with lush green tropical forest.     

    The island is linked to peninsular Malaysia by ferry - about 2 hours from Penang island (state of Pulau Pinang), one and a half hour from Kuala Kedah (Kedah) and less than 2 hours from Kuala Perlis (state of Perlis). You can also travel by ferry from Satun, Thailand. Malaysia Airline and Air Asia are some of the airlines that fly to the International Airport on Langkawi Island.      

The geology and movement of the earth over 500 million years, have shaped and transformed this land into spectacular formations of mountains, hidden caves, rivers, lakes and isles. These spectacular shapes of hills, valleys, caves and lakes are linked to the myths and folk tales of the land, that has been passed down through the generations.  Langkawi 's spell-binding beauty is a sight not to be missed. Langkawi, in June 2007, was awarded the status of a Geopark by UNESCO. (note: A geopark is a territory covering one or more sites of scientific importance for its geological richness, archaeological value and cultural value. A geopark should have components of conservation, local community is regarded as a central component of interaction between various elements within the environment The geopark management authority should get them actively involved in managing geoheritage conservation and promoting sustainable geotourism.)

     The islands offers visitors many interesting sights. Langkawi is the premier vacation resort in Asia, many will find it more untouched and beautiful than Phuket island. It has some of the best secluded beaches and hotels in Asia. Sun, sea and white sandy beaches coupled with interesting natural attraction of caves, isles and forested mountains offers nature lovers and families on vacation a delightful holiday.

   Visitors should always book ahead before they travel here especially during the holiday season in Malaysia and Singapore. Check Malaysia Singapore holiday seasons and 2007 calendar of public holidays before booking your travel. Langkawi offers various hotel accommodations - from quaint beach budget chalets for backpackers, medium range beach resorts to exclusive 5-star beach hotels.

    Today, Langkawi is also a premier yacht destination. There are some modern marinas on Langkawi island and on Pulau Rebak (yacht marinas listed below)

Eagle - Langkawi Malaysia

Panaroma bridge at Mount Machinchang, Langkawi island Malaysia


Beach at Langkawi island Malaysia



Where to go and what to do in Langkawi


Maps + Brochures Download

Where to Go

Interesting Sites + Legends of Langkawi

99 islands of Langkawi

Road Map of Langkawi

What to do

Langkawi offers the eco-tourist and adventure seekers unimaginable treats - island hopping, jungle trekking, hiking, bird watching, cave exploring and many more. Visitors can also visit the interesting attractions on Pulau Langkawu, Pulau Bunting or Pulau Payar. Some activates to indulge in are

Lake at Pulau Dayang Bunting, Langkai, Kedah A must visit - a cable car ride up Mount Matchinchang and a walk over the top of the hill on the pedestrian bridge.

Island hopping - sunbathing and swimming on a deserted island and uncover the legends that surrounds the spectacular 99 islands of Langkawi

Explore nature sanctuary at Pulau Singa or one of the many uninhabited island of Langkawi

Indulge in many water-based or beach activity to occupy your leisure time.

Diving or snorkelling into the depths of the sea around Pulau Payar.

Travel to Langkawi on a cruise liner or private yacht and dock at the Langkawi's marinas or go for a round island cruise.

Sample local Malaysian food and fresh sea food or visit open markets or the pasar tani and pasar malam.


Shopping in Langkawi

Langkawi is a tax free haven. Goods that many visitors find great buys are (check customs regulations before bringing any of these items into the mainland):

Cigarettes and liquor

Batik local and imported

local handicraft

Chocolates and other imported foodstuff

Electrical and electronic equipments

Imported Kitchen items

Textiles and imported fashion goods

also shop and taste the local food:

noodle dishes (laksa, curry mee, hokkien mee, etc.), curried seafood dishes, tropical fruits and the delightful variety of local Malaysian kueh or cakes.

more at Sights and legends of Langkawi


Maps by myMalaysiabooks


Free Map - Where is Langkawi

Map selection

Maps from Tourism Kedah

Kedah Map Tourism Kedah

Map of Alor Star

Map of Langkawi.pdf

Yan, Song Song, Bunting map.

Free brochures Tourism Kedah

Kedah brochure

Langkawi brochure


Travel advice

Before booking your hotel, check hotel rates with this free tool to compare rates from multiple popular website.




Beaches of Langkawi - myMalaysiabooks




Where to eat and what to eat in Langkawi

From top: Fruits, sambal fish and bubur chacha

Enjoy authentic Malaysian (Malay, Chinese or Indian) food and Thai food in Langkawi. Though you will not find hot sleazy bars such as in Phuket but drinker find a nice pub or hotel lounges that serve good and cheap alcoholic drinks and beer (since the island is a tax free destination). There are bars and pubs in Kuah and at Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah.  Experience the exotic setting at some of these exclusive restaurants:

Barn Thai - the world’s first ‘mangrove’ restaurant located within a rich mangrove forest. The restaurant sits on stilts on the banks of Sungai Belanga Pechah, near the mouth of Sungai Kisap.

Nam Restaurant, Bon Ton Restaurant & Resort, Pantai Cenang. The Bon Ton is a classy resort com restaurant set in a kampong surroundings.

Shrimpz Farm and Restaurant - offers dinners the opportunity to eat what they catch from the shrimp and fish ponds.

Orkid Restuarant, Pantai Cenang - Sea food and various dishes cooked in Chinese / Malaysian styles.

    However, if you are looking for good but less pricier places to eat, just walk around Kuah, where you will find Malay, Chinese and Thai or seafood stalls and restaurants everywhere. Besides these restaurants, there are numerous smaller eateries, open air restaurants or diners and street stalls, that serve cheap local food - Penang food or Kedah food, in Kuah or a the beach. 

  In Kedah be sure to enjoy local fruits - tropical fruits of Malaysia.

What to eat in Langkawi

.Kedah food at Malaysian food here .


How to get there


You can get to Langkawi by road or rail followed by ferry, or fly to Pulau Langkawi. By road, get to the nearest jetty in Kedah, Perlis or Penang; or Satun, south Thailand.

By air     Malaysia airlines and AirAsia flies to Langkawi daily from Kuala Lumpur and Penang island. You can also fly direct from Singapore or even London. Air Asia will soon start flying you from Bangkok to Langkawi. Firefly, a low-cost airline under Malaysia airlines, based in Penang, flies from Penang to Langkawi and to Thailand. SilkAir also flies from Singapore to Langkawi

Nearest airports: Langkawi International Airport (Langkawi island), Alor Star (via KLIA), Penang International Airport.

(Details on Asian airports and Asian Airlines, air asia malaysia here).

By rail     If you travel by rail from Haadyai (or Hat Yai, Thailand), KL or Singapore, stop at Alor Setar or Arau and travel by road to the ferry terminal at Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis.  If the train stops at Arau, travel to Kuala Perlis to take the ferry. Take a taxi to the ferry terminals.

By road and ferry      Travellers to Langkawi island can travel by passenger ferry from Penang island, Kuala Kedah (Kedah) or Kuala Perlis (Perlis). At Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis, ferries are available half hourly to hourly (or two hourly) interval depending on the terminal and time of day. There are more ferries departing from in the morning. If you intend to travel from Penang, you have to book early.

     If you travel by the North-South expressway (toll highway), exit the expressway at Alor Setar to go to Kuala Kedah. If you are on the trunk road from Padang Besar or Kangar (Perlis), go to Kuala Perlis. Trunk roads in Kedah also leads you to these ferry terminals. There is also a highway that links you directly from Changlun to Kuala Perlis.

     You can also travel by ferry from Satun, Thailand. Penang Island is linked by ferry and road to the North-South expressway (from Johor to the Malaysia-Thai border). Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis is also linked to the expressway by trunk roads. There are special overnight parking facilities in Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis near the terminal (not in Penang).

Important note: Langkawi is a free port so some items are taxable and you are required to show proof of your stay (ferry tickets/flight/hotel - 2nights stay) to take some items out tax free (Check with the Malaysian Customs)

Ferry terminals and journey by normal ferry to Langkawi island:



nearest major town and services

Kuala Kedah (Kedah)

1hr 45mins   

Alor Star (Kedah)

ferry -  many services1/2hourly, hourly

(more services to the island in the morning)

Kuala Perlis (Perlis)

1hr 30mins

Kangar (Perlis); Alor Star (Kedah)

ferry - 1/2hourly, hourly, 2 hourly

(more services to the island in the morning)


2hrs 30mins

George Town (Pulau Pinang)

ferry - one to two services only

Satun (Thailand)

1hr 30 mins

Satun (South Thailand)

ferry - four times a day

Car ferry or cargo ferry only depart from Kuala Kedah. You have to contact the ferry services 48 hours ahead and have the appropriate documents for the customs. Visitor seldom take their vehicle across unless they need the vehicle for a week or so.Yacht anchorage, Langkawi

By private yacht

The port of Langkawi is an administrative stop for immigration, customs and harbour clearance, for yachts crossing the Malaysian-Thai maritime border.


For transportation details also check out

Travel from Thailand into Malaysia

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Travel from Indonesia to Malaysia

Transport options to and in Malaysia



Where to stay

Langkawi is the premier holiday destination in Asia. Be sure to book your hotel accommodations or lodgings early during the Malaysia and Singapore holidays (check our 2007 calendar of holidays)

     In Langkawi you can stay in quaint kampong houses, chalets, beach motels, boutique resorts or in a 5 star hotel.

Search compare best offer online:

FREE SEARCH for Hotels on Langkawi island

Free search for best hotel rates in Malaysia


Hotel in Langkawi island, Kedah, Malaysia


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