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Johor Darul Takzim

myMalaysiabooks brings you Johor, the southern gateway to Malaysia. If you are in Singapore, just hop on a bus, ferry or train or drive a short distance to the state of Johor.


Johor ...just across the causeway from SingaporeA shopper's paradise for many Singaporean and travellers from Singapore!!

  Capital: Johor Bahru

  Population: about 2.8million

free map of Johore, MalaysiaJohor is located at the southern end of the Malaysian peninsular. Off the  east coast is the South China Sea and to the west is the Straits of Melaka (Malacca). It is separated from Singapore by the Straits of Johor (Johor was formerly called Johore). Learn how to travel from Singapore to Johor

    dataran Johor, Johor Bahru, MalaysiaTo many Malaysians, Johor Bahru (better known as JB; formerly Johore Bahru), the capital, is the most expensive place to live after Kuala Lumpur. Thousands of travellers especially Singaporeans travel to Johor daily and the causeway (crossing) is usually jammed during the weekends and public or school holidays (of either Singapore or Malaysia).

      As Johor Bahru (JB) is the fastest developing town in Malaysia, some may find the place 'messy' - the city centre is certainly not reflective of cleanliness you will find elsewhere in Malaysia. Also be extra cautious of touts and snatch thieves when moving around.  However, shopping in JB, Malaysia is a delight for those who find the Singapore dollar too high, as you pay in Ringgit. Prices at shopping places are reasonable (though in JB, things are slightly more expensive than other parts on Malaysia), but it's still cheap when compared to Singapore. (S$1 is  approx. equal to 2.3 ringgit). Many Singaporeans even do their routine weekend marketing in JB, or go to Malaysia to enjoy cheaper seafood.

  Visitors should venture out of the city to discover what this big state has to offer.   The best of Johor is outside the city! Travel to the outskirt, to the fishing villages, fruit farms and islands off the coast of Johor. You will certainly enjoy cheaper food and fruits. (Malaysian food)

 The state is known for eco-tourism, agro-tourism and sports-tourism. The Endau-Rompin Forest Park is one of the world's oldest tropical rainforests and offers adventurous travellers a fabulous escape from the city. The state has over 30 beautiful tropical islands many untouched, a great place for relaxation.

    As the southern gateway into peninsular Malaysia, you travel from Johor by air, road or rail to the other states.

Free road Map of Johor and other states in Malaysia

How to travel from Singapore to Johor


Johor Bahru

(old name/spelling: Johore Bahru)

here are Currenty many Shopping Malls in Johore

Grand Palace and the Royal Abu Bakar Museum     Set up in 1982, the museum houses various prized collections of the Johor royal family.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque   Built in 1893, this beautiful mosque can accommodate some 2000 worshipers.

Sultan Ibrahim Building    Built in 1940, this imposing structure is a symbol of the state's administration, housing many government departments within.


Shopping in Johor Bahru

      shopping in Johor MalaysiaJB is still a great place to shop with numerous shopping complexes and boasts one of the largest and busiest Pasar Malam or Night Market in Malaysia (held every Tuesday at Taman Johor Jaya - once a week). When you compare prices in JB and Singapore, you will find that you can get the same item for about half the price - especially if you are looking for fashion items or local goods. There are several shopping malls and hypermarkets in Johor. You can travel by bus easily to Johor Bahru from Singapore. There is one at least every 15 minutes crossing the causeway. Shops and Shopping mall in the city is just adjacent to the customs and immigration checkpoint at Johor.


There are Numerous shopping malls and places to eat, shop and enjoy entertainment in Johore:

Malls in Johor

Distance from JB Customs

City Square

Right next to JB Customs

KSL City Mall

10 min drive from JB Customs

Paradigm Mall

20 min drive from JB Customs

Mid Valley Southkey

20 min drive from JB Customs

Tebrau City


30 min drive from JB Customs

Bukit Indah

Shopping mall, spas, hypermart, Legoland, Hello Kitty Town

20 min drive from Tuas Link

Johor Premium Outlets

40 min drive from JB Customs


     Pasar Malam (Night Market) - There are night markets all over Johor but the largest and most popular is the once a week (Tuesday) pasar malam at Johor Jaya. Johor Jaya and the nearby areas is the centre of shopping in Johor these days. This sub-urban area - has also  supermarkets, shopping mall, hypermarket, wholesale warehouses, huge food courts, coffee shops and a wet market.

What is cheaper than Singapore?

Fruits and foodstuff    Between JB and Singapore, Johor Bahru is certainly the best place to get tropical fruits during the fruit season (Jul-Aug), local food and shop for all sorts of bargains. Most Singaporean may complain about JB but they venture into JB to enjoy cheap shopping - for groceries (cooking oil, spices, flour, instant noodles, etc) and anything made in Malaysia. If you are looking to enjoy a great dinner at half of what you spend in Singapore, restaurants here cater to Singaporeans - that's why Malaysian visitors here find food rather expensive.

Clothes and fashion goods   You can get an average priced tee-shirt and jeans in Singapore ----at half the price in Malaysia. PVC Fashion bags also costs about half the price. Costume jewellery are also cheaper. The best time to shop is the mid-year sales and holiday sales in Malaysia.



shopping for bags


Attractions of Johor

Outside Johor Bahru

Endau Rompin National Park encompasses the watershed of the rivers Endau in Johor and Rompin in Pahang. It covers some 488 sq. kilometres of forest and is gazetted as the country's second national park. The park is the perfect haven for adventure seekers. The park is closed during the rainy season i.e. from November to March. No fishing is allowed during the spawning season from September to October. Salt licks around Gunung Tiong offer a worthwhile look at wild animals such as deers, elephants, boars, leopards, etc. Get entry permits to visits the park from: National Parks (Johor) Corporation, JKR 475 Bukit Timbalan, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor. The easiest way to explore the place is to book through a local travel agency.

Kota Tinggi waterfall , well-liked locals as well as visitors, is located 15km north of Kota Tinggi (south eastern part of the state).  The 34km high waterfalls is a popular picnic spot. Nearby is the famous beach resort of Desaru .

Desaru encompasses Kota Tinggi Waterfall and the stretch of sandy beaches on the south eastern part of Johor. The beach areas are Balau Beach, Batu Layar Beach and the Desaru Beach. The 17km long shoreline of Desaru Beach is breathtaking and is a popular place for swimming, surfing and other sea sports.

Wet World of Batu Pahat     This water park covers an area of 44 acres is just right for the kids. There are water rides, swirling pools, paddle pools and even fishing. website:
Mangoes, Malaysian fruit Malaysian fruit - pineapple

Kampongs and Fruit farms

Travel to the district of Kluang to visit the country's largest pineapple plantation, of to the fishing villages along the west coast such as Kukup or Mersing. Or visit the fruit farms during the fruit season - try the Ayer Papan plantation near Mersing during the durian season.

Check out also Malaysian food

Other towns

Air Hitam - a place to go if you are hunting for ceramic wares.

Mersing - access to the many islands of Johor. Mersing Tourist Information Centre (METIC) is at Tel: 6 07-7995212.

Venture further to.........Other Nearby destinations in West Malaysia



How to get to Johor

By air

There is an airport at Senai, near Johor Bahru. Daily flights are available from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and other domestic airports to Johor Bahru.

Airlines that flies daily to Johor are Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and firefly. You can also travel from Johor daily on Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia to other Malaysian states.

Taxis are the best option from the airport to the city or to Singapore. Airport coaches also takes you to the city but you may have to wait.

   There are buses that takes you from the Senai airport, linking you also to buses that goes right into Singapore. For details, check - exclusive Sky Shuttle from Singapore to Senai Airport.

For other details check:

Malaysia transport page

Johor to Singapore Buses

Causeway link

Singapore to Malaysia

Senai Airport (external site)

By roads

Johor is linked by roads to Singapore and the rest of Peninsular Malaysia. The North-south expressway cuts the length of the state (refer to Map of Johor) and goes into Singapore through the 2nd link and to the city of Johor Baru to Singapore. The causeway at Johor Bahru city centre that goes into Singapore is the busiest crossing. Buses or coach services ply between Malaysia from Singapore daily. You can catch a bus almost every fifteen minutes from Karanji or Jurong East (Singapore) to Johor Bahru. Bus travel is the cheapest transport between Malaysia and Singapore. Passengers have to disembark on both sides of the causeway.

    Express buses and tour buses take you daily from Johor to many major towns in Malaysia. Express buses from major towns in West Malaysia, stops at Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru. From here you can catch local buses (Malaysia yellow bus or Singapore SBS bus) to other parts of Johor or into Singapore. (Details in our page on From Singapore to Malaysia).

  Driving round the state is easy as the network of roads in the state linking towns and villages are well-paved. However, take care when driving through villages (travel tips).

     You can call for a Singapore cab to take you into Johore Bahru and taxis from Johor going into Singapore are available at Sentral Bus terminal or Kotaraya Terminal, JB city or at the Senai airport. However, it is cheaper to take the taxi to the customs checkpoint on both sides of the causeway and take the bus through the causeway (from checkpoint to checkpoint of Malaysia Singapore)

Johor Malaysia Singapore links

Johor-Singapore Causeway, built in 1923, is a 1,056 metre causeway that links Johor Bahru (Johor), Malaysia to Woodlands, Singapore. This link across the Strait of Johor serves as a road, rail and pedestrian link, and also carries water piping line into Singapore. Over 60,000 vehicles  crosses the causeway daily. This link goes into the heart of Johor Bahru and joins the Federal highway.

Malaysia-Singapore Second Link (Laluan Kedua Malaysia-Singapura or Tuas Second Link), of 1,920 m length, opened in January 1998. This bridge from Johor to Singapore was built to reduce traffic congestion at the causeway. It is a dual-three lane carriageway linking Kampong Ladang, Tanjung Kupang in Johor to Tuas, Singapore. (Second link website: Second Link) The link takes you into the North-south expressway.

By rail

Trains on the Malayan Railways takes you from Tanjong Pagar, Singapore into Malaysia. Singaporeans even travel by this train to shop in Johor Bahru. The railway line is linked right up to the Thai railways. the railway station in JB is in the city centre, just next to the Customs and Immigration checkpoint in Malaysia.

By sea

You can travel by sea from Singapore and Indonesia to Johor  The Johor Bahru International Ferry Terminal, located in the Zon duty free complex is about 2 km east of the JB-Singapore causeway. Ferries in Johor go to Batam and Bintan,  Indonesia and Tanah Merah ferry checkpoint in Singapore. For information on these services, contact Tenggara Senandung.

Ferries from Singapore:

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore) to JB International Ferry Terminal/ZON Ferry Terminal (Johor Bahru)

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore)to & Sebana Cove (Johor);

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore)to Stulang Ferry Terminal in Johor Baru

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore) to Tanjung Pengelih, Johor

Harbourfront terminal to Sebana Cove (Johor);

Changi Ferry Terminal (near hawker centre) to Tanjung Belungkor or Desaru (Johor);

Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Penggerang (south east Johor).

Ferries to islands of Johor

Mersing Jetty provides access to the Rawa, Pemanggil, Dayang, Aur, and Besar Islands. Pulau Tinggi, Apil, Sibu Besar and Sibu Tengah is accessible from Tanjung Leman jetty (60km south of Mersing).

Ferries to Indonesia

- hourly ferry from JB International Ferry Terminal/ ZON Ferry Terminal to Batam or Bintan islands

More on how to travel and transport options at

Transport in Malaysia

How to travel from Johor to Singapore


Where to Stay

Stay in Johor, JB or in Singapore. There are numerous hotel accommodations in Johor - from 5-star to budget or youth hostels. Before you book hotel, compare hotel rates from multiple sites to get the lowest rates, from any one of the following hotel links:

 Free hotel search in Johor Bahru  Johor

Hotel in Malaysia by cities and states

Free search for airline fare offers in Asia



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